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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fryeburg Fair 2012

It was yesterday or not at all. The weather has not been stellar for a fair week. No fair? No fair! I think that the weather pattern for this particular week in October is highly suspect as it happens year after year. 

So we struck out despite the fact that things didn't especially look promising.

Past the lake...

Over hill and dale...

to be welcomed at the fair!

Such a pretty picture and, if I had noticed the toppled mum, I'd have straightened it.

First things first—breakfast!

Yes, it really was good.

Perhaps we should have had celery...

Always love to see the quilts...

Those gals in the 1800s sure were dainty. The waists on these dresses are so tiny. The magazines above? Vintage copies of The Ladies' World.

A sweet tribute to E.B. White's Charlotte's Web... I've shared this before and will share it again. This delightful book's chapter about a county fair is based on the Fryeburg Fair. Mr. White, a resident of Brooklin, Maine entered his own livestock in the fair. One can read about this in a number of his essays. Say, do you like essays? I adore them and I especially adore any written by Mr. White. 

♪in the little red school house with my book and slate...♪

Recognize the colors on the John Deere wagon?

Wild cranberries have grown in Maine for centuries; although, raising cultivated cranberries is a relatively new business in Maine having first begun in 1991.

Wonder if they'd let me take this crock home because I like the number 3...

Love seeing beautiful embroidery...

For Judy...I cheated just a little, Judy. ☺

We were simply shocked, shocked, to learn that the wildfire danger was low! =)

 Then upon one knee uprising, Hiawatha aimed an arrow

This reminds me of a picture, also framed in birch bark and showing a scene from the same poem, that hung in my great-grandmother's home.

More quilting...table runners and quilts

I added this seed display box again because I love it so and because *last year's* photo didn't come out very well.

Yup. The fair has been around a long time.

Who is that handsome man?

Pretty autumn colors...

~American Arrow~

This seat is so interesting, though I'm pretty certain I'd be marked for life if I sat in it long. Ha!

Should I quit this post now? No. I'll just plug along to the bitter end.

Translation: We've got to find us something to eat (or something like that). You can tell from my response that I thought he was kidding. He wasn't.

Do you think we should be insulted having to eat hand cut fries from a dog bowl? John flavored them just right with kosher sea salt and vinegar. Yummo.

Christmas Tree Lane and the People's Choice Winner

My favorites! The Vardos! 

That's a fun tea set covered wagons, cowboys, and all...

Time to roll... The sun was out and we're not used to hot anymore. Besides, the fairgrounds were very crowded and I get kind of skitzy in crowds. I don't know how many times I'd tell John that I was going in this or that building only to turn around and head right back out. God love him, he's understanding. Then, too, Molly the poodle had been alone for five hours. Six is about her limit. We do hate to come home to surprises.

The race track minus the horses...

Following John back to the car...

Past all those who parked closer and those waiting to get in...

Maybe we should try the helicopter ride next year...

The foliage is popping! I'll save the journey home for another day. This post is much too long.

When I was leaving my hairdresser's, I asked if she would be going to the fair. She said that she wasn't really a fair kind of gal. How about you? Do you like going to the fair?

Wishing all my Canadian readers a wonderful holiday weekend and a richly blessed Thanksgiving. Show us all your holiday secrets now, too, won't you?!


  1. Oh what a delightful day!!! I'm so glad you went, even though the weather looked un-sure. It turned out wonderfully. Going-home-time, when it got hot. :-)

    I'm not a fair person. I don't think of Fairs around here, as being this pretty. I think of them as more "junky." But then, haven't been to a Fall Fair, in ages.

    We probably haven't done something like this, since I will not eat the usual Fair Food, not even once a year. :-)

    Looking forward to the coming foliage photos. And no fun post like this, is too long. "Auntie" sezzzzzz...!!! :-)


  2. Loved tagging along with you to the fair. I do like fairs, especially at this time of the year.
    Such a pretty welcome to the Fryeburg Fair. The wreath with the tractor in the center is charming. I'm glad you showed the seed box. It is fabulous especially with the seed packets still in it.
    Hope you and John didn't find any surprises when you returned home.

  3. Hi Vee, I love fairs. I'm happy you took a chance with the weather. Your photos are great; I especially loved seeing the embroidered items. So much tedious work! Wishing you both a nice Autumn weekend.

  4. Were you stalking that handsome man? ;)

    Your view of the fair is delightful, especially when I think of it as Fern and Wilbur's fair! Oh, the quilts! Oh, the food! Oh, the autumnal splendor!

    And thanks for my laugh of the day as I pondered being "marked for life"...with the words "American arrow"! Hoot!! =D

  5. Aren't you glad you went to the fair? I would love to got to your fair as it looks lovely. I've even heard of the Fryeburg Fair before. Not sure where though. Wonderful photos of the beautiful quilts and home made goods. And fried food? I might just eat some fresh cut fries minus the vinegar. Never got onto that flavour on my fries at all. I'm glad the sun shone for you on your fair day. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. The turkey is in the oven already. ;)

  6. Oh Vee - I loved this post and I too laughed out loud at the tractor seat comment - so funny! I just loved the quilt pictures - so beautiful. How ever are you able to upload so many pictures - mine always take so long to upload! The "fried dough" reminds me of Ottawa's "Beaver Tails" or Newfoundland's "Toutons". What a fun day - thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Good morning! Soo glad you risked the weather and went to the fair so that I could come along too. I love fairs but these knees of mine have kept me home the last 3 years! The food, the colors, the QUILTS, the company ; ), all looked delightful. Have a great week-end!

  8. Those rows and rows of quilts were amazing! Your fall colors are quite beautiful now. Ours still are just beginning, which is good, because my sister is coming up in 10 days for the fall color and if it was really colorful now, it would probably be gone by then..lol.

    I like small country fairs but not big state fairs.

  9. Hello Vee, what a delightful day, so many wonderful things to see, and eat, making me hungrey. Loooove that old seed box, always wanted one but rather costly. Enjoyed the quilts to, I`m a quilt nut. Thanks for sharing, was so much fun, also thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes, much to be thankful for. Blessings Francine.

  10. I dream (not literally) about going to fairs like that. You are helping me get through this time. Truly, though, I long for autumn festivals such as this. It just doesn't happen here. Well, they do have a wonderful craft fair the last weekend of September, but we were out in the 5th wheel. So, I'm very thankful that you attended this fair and shared it with us. I'll be back later today to look again. Just lovely...all of it, the quilts, the displays, the food...

  11. Vee, I would have battled the elements to get to that faire--dreary day and all! You've just given me someone else I want to visit on my Bucket List:-D
    Fried dough, yum and the quilts, spectacular, but I had a little chuckle over the crock. I have one with a #2 on it (for my two daughters!) My grandparents use to make pickles in their crocks and I have three that were left in their attic. XOXO

  12. What a lovely day you had. Everything looks so inviting. The quilt displays were magnificent!

  13. Looks like my kind of fun! I love autumn and fairs!

  14. That is the most charming fair and wares I've seen. I wouldn't hesitate to visit that kind of fair. I go to fairs if the stars align just right and someone wants to go with me. Love your photos. I want that charming fat Christmas tree! The Vardos are amazing. I'm going to have to look up that word...
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing your view of the fair! It looks like an amazingly homey fair to attend.

    I've always loved fair exhibits, but with the knees/legs/ankles in the state they are, walking for very long is completely out of the question. Our local fair is held the end of July, so we don't get to see quite as much of the beautiful Fall colors, but there are LOTS of animals being shown.

  16. We went to 2 fairs this year, but yours had the best displays. Quilts, those vintage dresses, the flowers....the tractors, wagons. Wonderful!

  17. I loved going to the fair with you and John!!! My favorite part of this post?? HEARING y'all's VOICES!! I LOVED that!!

    And your fall foliage!! None down here in Texas as yet. Not that we EVER have anything like y'all do!!

    Thank you for this fun fair post! We have the Texas State Fair but it is HUGE and I don't always go. Perhaps next year. I've already BEEN to the fair with you guys now - although I didn't get any of those delicious looking fried potatoes!!

  18. Vee, I love fairs, especially harvest ones, but my knees tell me otherwise. Great photos, I would have enjoyed this one. I am chuckling at the foliage by you compared to the foliage by me. I am having 2nd thoughts about posting. lol xo

  19. what a lovely day after all! i love that you
    would have righted the mum, if you had
    seen it had toppled over!

    you and i have a love affair with mr. white.

  20. I love E.B. White too.
    And you would have never gotten me away from those quilts. My husband would have just had to be hungry!

  21. Oh I sooooooooo enjoyed this post..thanks so much for letting us enjoy through your eyes. I am letting Benjamin see...we just finished Charlotte's Web..he will love this.

    Our state fair just started here...a little different from yours, but now I am ready to go!

    So enjoyed..thanks for taking the time to post

  22. I love this!! I just sat down and took my sweet time enjoying it. I loved the little red schoolhouse the best of all, but really how could you choose? E.B. White is an all time favorite of mine. I love that the fair in C.W. is actually that fair.

  23. Hi Vee,
    What a great fair,country towns have them around here and Sydney has The Royal Easter Show every year which is like a big country fair that is held in the city, to many people for me now but I loved it when I was younger.
    The quilts were so lovely and what is fried dough, it looked pretty good.

  24. That is some kind of fair Vee, a little bit of everything. I love looking at the competitions and depending on fair location, am happy to sit in the bleachers and watch the sheep herding.
    Out buying some supplies for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, I browsed through a huge antique barn that I don't get in to often. What's with finding the same bowls, casserole dishes etc. that are in my cupboards? At what age exactly are we considered antique? :-)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend....fried dough...was there at least something tasty inside?

  25. I love this kind of fair! I am not a big fan of the kind with rides...

    It looks like you had such a great time, and that the weather held out. Your color up there is better than last year! Can't wait to see that post about your ride home.

    Hope Molly didn't leave you any surprises....


  26. This is the first year we have missed our fair here in Lubbock. It is always a large one..lots of rides, displays...all kinds of wonderful stuff. We always eat a foot long hot dog...then fried cheese...then apricot fried pie. Oh and handmade lemonade...yum..

    Glad you had a great time. :))
    Love all your great photos.

  27. Hi Vee!

    Oh, it looks like so much fun! I just adore those beautiful quilts, I can't even imagine how much time went into just one of them!

    all the photos were just stunning! I would have tucked that pretty crock under my arm and ran - it is so pretty!


  28. Hi sweet Vee! Looks like you two had such a wonderful time together!!! I'm so in love with that seed box...I'm glad you took a photo of it again. I love to go to fairs but at this stage in the game, I want their to be stuff there that I love and I want the weather to be very cool...I'm picky like that! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  29. I love the idea of fairs, but somehow never go. Too much of a homebody, I guess. I think we'd rather go hiking. Yikes, that makes us sound really unsociable. Next year, I'm going to a fair! You make it look wonderful!

    E.B. White - love the few of his essays I've read - especially Once More to the Lake. I should look up more of them.

    Turkey tomorrow!

  30. Thank you for sharing your day at the fair.

  31. The Fryeburg Fair looks so charming compared to our Tulsa State Fair. It's too commercial & crowded for me. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the quilts and of course that beautiful display of pumpkins and hay bales!


  32. What a wonderful post! I was thrilled to see all the photos from the fair! Gosh, I felt like I was tagging along with you. I adore fall fairs. They are one of my favorites. And with the cool, crisp air, the food tastes better too. I see that you and John are fans of what I call the "brown food group!" My favorite food group, LOL. Thank you for this wonderful visual journey.

    And I also adore your Sunday post photo with caption. Dear Miz Vee, please keep that camera in your hands!

    One last thing - your new wallpaper look on your blog is lovely!

  33. Well now you have me completely worn out. Lovely day though. I love the fair but prefer less people.

  34. Oohhhhhh, I just loved this post! Everything was so beautiful! When I thought it couldn't get any better, I'd just scroll down and there were MORE pictures! Everything was nice --- but I especially loved the quilts and that darling western tea set! It's very unique!

  35. I absolutely LOVE to go to the Fair! All of the beautiful handmade items and the quilts are my favorite! And you had such a handsome man to accompany you! I noticed your new banner right away! Looks like you're enjoying some beautiful Fall weather and colors! Hugs!

  36. I'm coming to the fair kind of late...what with all the goings on of Thanksgiving weekend. Almost missed the 'inukshuks' you posted just for me:) I like your fair. Glad you went...and took us along.

  37. Great shots! You are so far ahead of us with the foliage.
    We are still all green.
    I like fairs. I took my class every year (33 yrs) to the Long Island Fair. I always wanted to enter something into the baked goods contest, but while I was teaching I could never drop it off during the designated time. Now I have time but it is 90 miles away and the price of gas stops me!
    Thanks for taking me to your fair!

  38. I'm glad I followed your link to see the fair, Vee! I'd LOVE to go to something like this but there aren't really any fairs in the city, beside street festivals, and then they are usually so crowded even I get the willies from them! Maybe I'll have the opportunity to go to a fair in Colorado next year!