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Thursday, October 11, 2012


No, no, I'm not going anywhere. I'm talking about leftovers or the tail ends of things.  This is the final bouquet from the garden: zinnias, Stella D'oro lilies, and a bit of tall phlox. I would wail for the flowers as it is my nature except that I just read yesterday not to weep for the flowers for they'll be back. Of course!

While I never took my nap yesterday, Fioré slept the afternoon away right there.

[Edited to Add: March 28, 2019 
I was visiting this post in order to remove that PhotoBlicket mess and nearly keeled over looking at this photo. I was quite sure that I would edit it differently today. Thought that I'd share the results with you below... 

Ahhhh...much better to my eye at least.]

Unless waking for rowdy squirrel, chipmunk or Molly watching... This is the tail end of the leaves. Many are on the ground now.

What did I decide my decorating style was? Can't remember, though this picture seems to indicate "Grandma's Attic."

Awww, such kitty sweetness. It's very hard for me not to disturb her when she's looking this adorable. Only a kitty lover would understand this.

We're coming to the end of the giant tomatoes. BLTs for supper again last night as that's our favorite way to enjoy them. I bought a crusty white loaf for bread as our usual 12 grain whole wheat just doesn't cut it for sandwiches. Then I prepared bacon in the oven my friend Diane's way. She says the secret is to put the bacon in a cold oven and then to set the oven at 375° for 20 minutes. For me, it takes more like 30 to 40 minutes. It's perfect every time. I crinkle aluminum foil first and then spread it out placing the bacon on top. I do not overcrowd the pan. The crinkled foil allows the bacon grease to drain while the bacon remains on top of the crinkles. Do you make bacon in the oven, too?

~supper preparations~

I'm just now watching the sun strike what little gold is on the trees...lovely! And finally!

Have a great Thursday...


  1. My husband makes bacon in the oven to. Haven't had BLT's in a very long time but yours looks delicious with those huge tomatoes. Our cat Libby Sleeps on our window seat in our kitchen all day long. Wish I could take a nice nap like that too! Your home is very cozy and inviting Vee I wouldn't call it Grandma's Attic at all. So glad you had some sunshine yesterday! Hope you have a delightful day today as well!

  2. Morning, Vee. How I love the sweet photo of kitty napping. You have made me hungry with those delicious tomatoes and I'll have to try bacon this way. Enjoy that colorful bouquet and the last of the leaves.

  3. I know about having to interrupt those sleeping kitties just to snuggle because they are so cute.

    We have baked bacon a couple of times. I do like the results. Now I will have to try the aluminum foil trick.

    Your "final" flower bouquet is gorgeous. I'm glad you are enjoying them.

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Don't we love our little lamps in the kitchen? So cozy. I'm with you on all the leavings except our leaves are still mostly green, hanging on in the trees where they belong. But we'll deal with them. This is the time of year I look up and say, "I'll have a personal encounter with each and every one of you."

  5. Your decorating style??? It makes a Dear Reader want to come and visit. Maybe come and stay, awhile. You even have a warm kitty to snuggle with. :-)

    Watch out! You'll be getting requests for bookings. :-)

    (who is clapping, because the sun shines, too)

  6. Dear Vee,

    So happy for the sunshine. I definitely didn't pack the right clothes, but a quick stop at Reny's landed me a felted wool jacket that I love.

    Your home is cozy and welcoming. What could be better than BLT sandwiches with YOUR tomatoes. but I figure you didn't grow the bacon.



  7. Good morning Vee. We still have lots of leaves on the trees and because we have no lawn, I let them lie where they fall.
    I can't remember the last time I cooked bacon, hubby always does it on the barbecue. A BLT sounds good, especially with those large tomatoes you're slicing.

  8. The flowers are beautiful..I wish we all could sleep that peacefully, and those tomatoes, oh my, I would love some of those

  9. Now I am hungry for BLTs! Sounds so good!

    Your kitty is so cute, and what a great place to nap - lucky kitty!

    You do have lots of leaves down - we are a few weeks from that I think!

    How many exclamation points can I use in one comment? Who knows!

    Have a delightful day!


  10. The last of your flowers are gorgeous! So warm and perfect on a tabletop! Don't you just envy a cat and their ability to nap? Their are some days I wish I could curl up and nap just like that. Your BLT sounds so delicious. I love a good BLT and went all summer without one. Wonder if I can find a pretty tomato at the market....

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  11. {insert a huge admiring sigh...} Your second photo is positively idyllic! Large, lovely, sunny window...pretty garland on said window...gorgeous transfer ware vase holding gorgeous "leavings"...autumn-hued tablecloth...and the peaceful, happy cat on the window seat. {sigh...}

    And then the close-up of Fioré just melts my heart. I want to give her a little rub on her soft little tummy.

    BLTs for supper? Also idyllic. :) I have never cooked bacon in the oven. Thanks for the tip!

  12. I have fixed bacon in that way before. I love the looks of your huge tomatoes. Sigh.....

  13. Grandma's Attic-perhaps.
    Whatever your style it looks very warm and cozy. I love your little window nook especially. I can see why kitty chose it to nap on!
    BLT's with tomatos from your own garden-it doesn't get any better!

  14. The final bouquet is so pretty and that is a gorgeous pitcher you have put them into. For some reason I never think to put Stella D'Oro's into my arrangements. I can see I need to change that.
    Fiore has an ideal spot for a nap there. Love your window seat and I have been studying the treatment above the window. Are they oak leaves? Sooo pretty.
    I haven't made bacon in the oven before. We have switched to turkey bacon around here and it doesn't seem to spatter as much.
    Glad you finally got to see some sunshine.

  15. HGi Vee, sorry....no bacon as left overs here, oink oink. Love kitty sweetness, I would curl up there to, looks so cozy. The little white lamp, very sweet.Blessings Francine.

  16. A beautiful "last" bouquet --- such pretty flowers! Cozy kitty --- and BEAUTIFUL photos! We have the same dining room set, but then you probably already knew that. The tomato sandwiches sound especially delicious!

  17. I'm the other Diane that grills everything! haha! My hubby grills bacon...just watch it closely, it can burn to a crisp if you're not careful! We know! lol Enjoy your day!

  18. Vee, now it's my turn to compliment you on your autumny sweetness! Everything looks SO cozy. Who is the woman in the oval painting? I love your style of decorating - fits me to a T. I see that most of the leaves are gone now, but they look beautiful on the ground, too. And they'll be back, too, as well as the flowers!

  19. Wow, are you kidding? Your leaves are all already off the trees? I am running out to snap a pic to send you, we are as green as can be here! Your spring/summer sure is short there.

    Your house just screams cozy comfort come on in and sit a spell to me, my favorite kind of decor!

    I have never made bacon in the oven, does it spatter? I kind of detest cleaning the oven.

    Your flowers are just lovely!

  20. I'm going to have to try your crinkled foil method of making bacon in the oven! The only furry friends we have are the kind you leave traps out for...

  21. I love the window seat. I may actually have to fight a battle with envy over it! And even though, I'm allergic to cats, Fiore looks perfect stretched out on it.

    My daughter & I are allergic to raw tomatoes, but we make stuffed, baked BLTs. We core the tomatoes, and stuff with slightly undercooked bacon pieces, diced onion, & orzo mixed with parmesan cheese. Bake for 15-20 mins at 350*F. Serve on a bed of lettuce and top with mayonnaise and shredded cheese.

  22. I have always made bacon in the oven. Never understood anyone who would mess up their stove top! Love that window seat. So comfy looking! And yes, thankfully the flowers will return in the spring/summer and what a wonderful thing to look forward to as we head towards the colder months. Using our last tomato from our garden today in my hubby's lunch. I will miss them the most. Enjoy your day! Come tomorrow for our Fan Giveaway and Foodie Friends Friday! I think you'll like the prize!

  23. ugh... your pictures feed my craving for a home where the leaves turn bright colors. your kitty makes me want to dive in the middle of her and snuggle all day... and that tea pot of flowers.....*sigh*.... can I please be a fly on the wall in your house. I adore your writing style, and willingness to share your life with me...ugh...er.... your readers. :-)

  24. That tomato looks sooooo good! I usually make the bacon in a fry pan, unless I am feeding a crowd, then I bake it in the oven.

  25. I love the flowers. So pretty in the pitcher.

    I like tomatoes with oil and vinegar with fresh basil and some mozzarella slices.

    Never cook bacon.

  26. Have never tried bacon in the oven but will sure try it now. Tail ends are what we are seeing around here now. There is frost on the unprotected part of our yard but under the trees there are two clametis still handing on. Am cameraless now so not pics, but one is on it's way. The sun is nice and bright.

  27. I don't do bacon (I'm a vegetarian) so you can't blame me the shortage!LOL!! I love the bouquet and the best thing about being a paper artist, I can recreate those flowers for enjoyment all year long; I had to while living in New England during the heaviest snow seasons.
    I would love a tomato sandwich--those big tomatoes have my mouth watering!

  28. Turkey bacon, thin sliced bagels and the last of our whopper tomatoes... Great menu plan and the tip to bake is great. I hate hanging over a pan just to make sure bacon doesn't burn and I always get distracted at the critical moment!

  29. PS: I never tire of seeing your beautiful cat gracing our blogging world.

  30. Thanks for the tip on making bacon, I have to try this. I never know what to do with the drippings in the skillet.

    Your kitty looks so sweet on the window seat! They always seem to find the best seat in the house!

    Enjoy those pretty flowers today!


  31. Yummo on the BLTs, and I love that closeup pic of kitty.

    I think your decorating style is called Traditional (: or how about Vintage Eclectic.

  32. I love seeing the pretty Fiore. She looks so comfy and I know what you mean about not disturbing them!
    Your house looks cozy and inviting, just the kind of decor I love best.

  33. Never thought of making bacon in the oven but love the idea. Will have to try it. Your kitty is adorable. They do look so sweet when sleeping. Things around here are pretty white so I agree with you..it is sad when the flowers are gone...Now to look forward to next years and just enjoy the photos of this year.

  34. Hi Vee,
    Cats always look good when asleep, they know the meaning of relax like no others.

  35. I love the photos in this post Vee...they are wonderful! Makes me want to sit down with you and visit awhile ~ The kitty looks so peaceful sleeping on the window seat. And your tomatoes look delicious!!! I bet those were some yummy BLTs! Wishing you a wonderful fall weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  36. I have to admit, Vee, I have a thing for your windows. I love that valance and garland. Your flowers look lovely and I do make my bacon in the oven. I lay slices on a rack on top of the baking sheet. BLT's are my favorite sandwich. xo

  37. Your home looks so cozy and welcoming. And if it's filled with the smell of bacon - I'll be right over. I can't remember the last time I had a BLT. I do love bacon, though and usually bake it. Saves so much mess and hovering. But I haven't tried the crinkled foil idea. Next time.

  38. We cook our bacon on the stove because we only cook a few at a time and usually use the pan again with the bacon drippings. It looks cozy at your place, so the kitty has the right idea. I can't believe you have so many leaves on the ground already! Gosh, your yard looks totally covered! We're starting to get some color in spots, but we're another week or so away from really good color for photography.

  39. Vee,
    Very intriguing bacon cooking protocol. I do love good bacon but never make it. I don't know why I think it is too much trouble, but I do.
    The last of the flowers are beautiful.
    Fiore has the right idea. What a perfect place for a kitty to sleep!

  40. Fiore's sweet little kitty face makes me melt. She's so adorable! Love the flowers and the peaceful feeling of your home. The leaves are almost gone here, too. I always look forward to winter, but think spring should be here immediately after Christmas. We both know that I live in the wrong state for that!

  41. Vee, I love your beautiful end of summer bouquet in that gorgeous pitcher! I think your cat has the best napping spot of all. I love a window seat and yours has a great view. BLT's sound yummy. Do you just spread the tin foil on a baking sheet? My mum always did hers on a broiling pan under the gas broiler. It was so good. Sunday brunch. Do you ever spread cheez whiz on toast and lay a strip of fried bacon on it then put it in the oven? That was another favourite lunch. Have a great Friday!

  42. oh, i'm going to try your bacon recipe.
    i hope it's really crispy!

  43. I LOOOVE a good tomato and they are so hard to come by! I did not grow any good ones like yours this year at all. They look so delicious......

  44. Vee - I think your end of the season bouquet is absolutely beautiful!!! Our leaves are coming down fast these last few days too. My herb garden is still green with parsley, rosemary, lavender and sage but the annuals are looking spent. I brought in some of the last few Dahlias to enjoy. Your house looks so warm and welcoming (I think it has a hint of Downton Abbey if you ask me!). Your pictures of the cat sleeping on the window bench are so delightful. I thought I heard the tea kettle boiling and smelled wafts of bacon coming from the kitchen...as I looked at your lovely pictures.
    I MUST try your bacon frying method - it sounds brilliant!

  45. I'm jealous! My garden tomatoes were over long ago :( I gave away all my perennial herbs to friends as we can't take them when we move and I feel so sad to not have my flower pot garden any longer. I hope we get to reestablish some herbs when we move but now I will be sharing them with deer and rabbits..lol..not sure how that will be!

    Fiore looks so sweet on the window sill..I know perfectly what uou mean! :)

  46. Kitty sweetness for sure! She is a soft furry darling.
    I do love your decorating style, whatever it is called.

  47. Your cat certainly has an ideal place to sleep. Love that window seat.