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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Gift and a Card and a Nesting Party

~Sweet Home of the Birds~

Recently, Dawn at The Feathered Nest held a giveaway; there were several winners. Blessed me! I was one of them. See the little creation sitting on top of the bottle? It says "sweet home of the birds." It is right at home in my little vignette.

I always admire Dawn's work and her creativity. She has a delightful Etsy shop *here* where she sells her creations. She also does wonderful tutorials. I know that they are detailed and easy to follow as I have a couple.  While Dawn shares her work, she also shares her life. She has a new grandbaby and a new lease on life after a wake-up call last weekend. You can read all about that experience on this post entitled Counting My Blessings. I have been challenged by her comments. 


If you wander into Abby's blog and collapse and tell her that you feel like "a piece of lint" she may gather her Bible Study friends and send you a card filled with encouragements. I tell you this: Blogdom can be such a sweet place. Thanks, Abby and Friends! You are a special group of gals.

Today is Melissa's Fall Nesting Party at The Inspired Room and the theme is Holiday Nesting. Melissa tells us that we are only nine weeks away from Christmas. Nine weeks! Linds at Rocking Chair Reflections recently did a wonderful tutorial on making buntings *here.* She makes it look so easy! That is my one thought for holiday decorating at this early date time-to-get-a-move-on. Again, I'm linking without participating except to visit and snag some great holiday tips.

Have you thought about Christmas yet?


  1. Hi Vee....wonderful win.....Yes...I thiught about Christmas...but where oh where did October go???? Blessings Francine.

  2. Ms. Vee you are on a giveaway winning streak! I have one going on right now. Im hesitant to invite you because you're probably going to win! Oh who am I kidding, come anyway!

  3. How fun for you to win these giveaways! Lucky you! I have merely thought about Christmas. But not a gift purchased or made. Not even Halloween yet, let alone the much forgotten Thanksgiving. Nope, enjoying Fall to it's fullest this year! Hope your day is Grand!

  4. Your question... No! No! No! No! No! -grin-

    Oh ok, I did see something which I want to get for "Uncle A.". But as far as anything more goes, NO. :-)

    I'm still having fun with Halloween.

    And still have Thanksgiving, to get in the mood for.

    So no Christmas thoughts yet. :-)

    Actually, I don't MAKE things. If one MAKES things, they must think early about it. :-)

    Your top photo is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Soft. Lacey. Lovely olden picture. Faerie Lights. Purrrrfect... :-)


  5. I do know that Christmas is fast approaching, even down to the number of weeks, mostly because Ron announces the countdown beginning in July! (Well, that's a slight exaggeration, but only a slight one.) I prefer to be in denial. I absolutely adore autumn, and I don't want to spend a single day thinking about the next season. Plus, I have extra special Thanksgiving visitors this year, so my countdown is more like how-many-days-'til-Thanksgiving!

    But I will regret all that denial when my visitors leave and I have only three weeks to get it all together. (I really should begin some shopping.)

    Ooooo...what a lovely giveaway! And how sweet to receive a card of encouragement from afar! Blogland is indeed a sweet place. (At least my neighborhood is. I hear that it can be otherwise which is quite sad.)

  6. I agree about Blog Land! Some of the nicest people in the word seem to be drawn to it.

    As to Christmas? I try not to think about it because I have a self diagnosed condition called Christmas Anxiety Syndrome.

    However, I have at least asked about Christmas ideas from the family.

  7. What a wonderful gift to receive. Dawn is very sweet and very talented.

  8. Congratulations on your win! Dawn is quite a talent. And how sweet that Abby sent you a card to brighten your day! I think you are on a winning streak, LOL!

  9. such a beautiful gift you have won, she is a very talented lady!! I have started to think of Christmas, but usually I am not this organized, its just a fluke!!!

  10. Thank you so much sweet Vee!!! For featuring my little giveaway gift and for all of the link love!! You are an angel ~ and yes, my dear, I'm afraid I have been thinking of Christmas and have already kicked into creative overdrive over here trying to generate a little extra income! Thank goodness our five boys are older now and understand the true meaning of Christmas, as we do not give as much as we used to...and the fun gifts will be for Clara and Murray! Thank you again Vee, sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  11. I did ask some folks to think about what they would like for Christmas, but I can't even look at Christmas displays just yet. Too traumatizng. (Yes, a little dramatic today!). ;-) xo

  12. Blogland is full of sweet people, and I'm so glad you are one of them! I'm also glad that you have received encouragement and love from other bloggers. You get what you give.

    I'm starting to feel a bit of Christmas excitement - planning a few gifts to create and some things I want to get done around the house. But I want to savour today, not just plan for tomorrow. Takes balance. I'm still trying to achieve that.

  13. What pretty item to win!

    No I haven't been thinking about Christmas as far as decorating is concerned. I just decorated for fall!

    I have been thinking about gifts though!

  14. I don't know what happened to my last comment. Blogger ate it up.
    9 weeks!! Yikes...
    That is really sweet that the ladies sent a card of encouragement to you. What a wonderful world of friends we have in blogdom.
    Have a great Tuesday...I'm running off to Bible Study.

  15. We just arrived in San Antonio yesterday (evening) and it's so warm - too warm to think that Christmas is so close. I need motivation!

    I'm so glad you share your blogging friends. You do, indeed, have a lot of great people added to your life through blogdom. I hope you know how special you are, too! You are!!

  16. Hi Vee,

    Congrats on your lovely win! I still think it is nice to receive cards in the mail. I recently started my Christmas shopping. I hope to be done early this year.

  17. That is a lovely gift you won in Dawn's giveaway. I like the vignette you created around it. The lights make it magical.
    The card you received is also very sweet and thoughtful. I'm wondering why you felt like a piece of lint??
    I do think about Christmas from time to time and have set aside a shelf in my closet for a few gifts I have found.

  18. Oh, I know... I've realized how close it is to the Holidays as my Holiday Tradition Mother Heart post is due!

    Beautiful win!

  19. Congrats on the lovely gift you won.

    Yes, I have thought about Christmas, just don't know what to do about it. ;-)

  20. Congratulations Vee, what a lovely gift. I'm afraid to start thinking about Christmas with all I've got going right now because that would mean one of the biggest trade shows I go to would be just 3 weeks away:-(( Also, I don't want Thanksgiving to go by too fast; love that holiday for all its meaning in American history!

  21. So many nice people live in blogland! I agree. Thanks for sending us out to visit a few of them today.

    I'm trying not to think 'Christmas' just yet. It just seems to soon!

  22. I went over to read Dawn's post--I'm so glad she got medical help and I hope he health continues to improve. My best friend suffered a heart attack a few years ago which was a real wake up call for me, as she is one of the healthiest people I know! I immediately went for a full cardiac check up--stress test, echocardiogram -the works--and thankfully I passed everything, but I am always conscious of the need for more diet and exercise in my life--I don't get enough of both! This has been such a stressful year for me and I know stress is also damaging, so I am trying to make an effort to de-stress as much as possible. Christmas will be pretty much a non decorating season for me this year, as I will be packing for our move, but maybe that will help me concentrate on the most important aspects of the season. I find going to church services very stress releaving and I also want to enjoy my last NYC Chirstmas season, when it is so pretty here! :)

  23. I think the blogging community is filled with happy hearts, they are always there when you need them! And a giveaway is always special because you know it's homemade and you have a little piece of that person's creativity to live with you.

    I didn't realize that Christmas was SO close...I have been tucking away gifts here and there and dreaming about how I'll decorate this year. Somehow, with all my best efforts in planning for a smooth December, everything goes crazy. Maybe that's just the way Christmas is supposed to be!

    Have a great day, Vee!

  24. What a delightful win!

    So sweet!

    I love the lights - I use them year round on top of my kitchen cabinets - I think they add warmth and coziness to our home!

    Christmas is on my mind, as you know from my post today! I am afraid too that with Black Friday and all that shopping craziness I might not get time to decorate my own home! I may have to do a bit here and there early.....

    I read your comment at Becky's blog today and I wanted to say that what you did writing that family, touched my heart!

    Your a Keeper, as we like to say around here!


  25. thanks for the wake up on Christmas! At least Thanksgiving is "early" this year so there is that extra weekend. Your third paragraph is similar to what I was thinking in my post today. You have a knack with words and say things well.

    Off to check your links. Thanks.

  26. I haven't even thought about Thanksgiving yet! I love your sweet win and pretty vignette. We are truly blessed with the friends we've made here on our blogs. I have new friends thanks to your notecard party! Enjoy your week!

  27. Hi Vee, What a blessing it must have been for you to win one of Dawn's handmade treasures. It looks simply lovely in your home setting. I like how you described how my bible study came about to send you card. Sweet of you to share it. Hope you're enjoying this fall day. ~ Abby

  28. Thanks for the links to some of your favourite blogs Vee. I visited them all and really enjoyed them. Blessings to you!

  29. No, I haven't even thought of Christmas yet and don't want to. : )
    Yes, this blogdom world is a special place!! I'd be lost without it.

  30. Hi Vee,
    Yeah for your win! and how sweet and thoughtful of Abby and her prayer group to send a card of encouragements. Wow, it really touches the heart. I agree with you there are many amazing gals out in blog land that have such big hearts and compassion.
    Sending hugs, Elizabeth
    PS...I already mailed in my vote!!!!
    fingers crossed....

  31. Congrats on your win...I am anxious to check out these blogs. Have I started to think of Christmas yet? Yep, but haven't done much more than think...Hope you had a good day!

  32. Such pretty photographs -- lovely Fall! Your blogging friends are lovely.... thank you for helping me find you again.

  33. Christmas, no, I haven't thought about it yet, I'm working on Thanksgiving.

    You are on a winning streak, congrats to you!

  34. Yay for your cute win....:)
    I have a little Christmas done but not much. Since our family has grown so large and another on the way, we are drawing names this year. First time we've ever done it and it surely is going to be less stress and less money which MEANS less stress...:)
    Like Debra...I am working on Thanksgiving right now. :)