Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coral Leaves~Mosaic Monday

Though I still have a few outdoor plants, they're looking a bit peaked. I've turned my attention to the leaves. What beautiful colors I've found. There's something about the corals on this bush, the light red of the oak leaves, and the coppers that make me smile. I had to document as I doubt that there'll be any leaves left in a day or two.

Thinking of all those in Hurricane Sandy's path including Mary at Little Red House. Stay safe!


  1. they are lovely aren't , such a beautiful color, we in Ontario Canada are told we will feel the effect of Sandy, I hope it stays out to sea and no one gets hit to badly , thanks for sharing your lovely photos today,

  2. Hi Vee.

    Greetings from Ireland where its wet and windy today.

    Beautiful collage.

    Hoping the storm passes quickly and quietly over your country.

    Have a good week



  3. Hi Vee, Such a gorgeous mosaic this week. I got out this afternoon to snap a few last photos of the yard, too. Joining with you in prayer for those in the path of the storm. Have a nice evening.

  4. Hi Vee,
    autumn is full of wonderfull warm colours, sadly the leaves will soon be gone.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    You can speak german, that´s cool!
    But for reading my blog you don´t have too, cause it´s bilingual.
    The english words are below the german text.
    Have a great week

  5. Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing :)


  6. Beautiful mosaic and colours! Our forecast is for rain all week from showers to heavy rain and wind. It's going to be a miserable week. I'll be thinking of those in the path of Sandy too. Wishing you a good and safe week ahead. Hugs, Pam

  7. Beautiful fall colors! The trees and leaves are pretty. Lovely photos! Have a great week ahead.

  8. Lovely Autumn colours, hope everyone is safe in the storm.

  9. I was just thinking about this yesterday as I worked on the many of these beautiful leaves will be gone by the end of the week...


  10. We're thinking of everyone in the storm's path too. What a weekend!
    The leaves are gorgeous. I'm glad you took the time to document them.

  11. Not everyone sees the beauty in the last Hurrah. I saw a lot of beautiful birds eating the last berries this week.

  12. Lovely colours... you've caught some beautiful glimpses of autumn!

    And yes, I'll keep the snow here for you (LOL)

  13. Love the colors of fall! Beautiful!
    Still no color to speak of where we are......but then, we get to enjoy YOURS!!

  14. I LOVE those beautiful colors on the trees - nothing more glorious in the fall!

    You stay safe too Sweet Vee!


  15. What lovely colors. I was at the park today and a lady was picking up pretty leaves...I was tempted to as well! Take care! I hope you aren't affected by the storm! Hugs!

  16. Love the colors Vee and the "flare" to your mosaic frame!

  17. The Lord's handiwork is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Beautiful, beautiful color! Pretty mosaic...lovely photos and a cool frame!

    (Sandy's not being too harsh yet. Trusting Him in the storm...HE is in the boat!)

  19. I love that coppery brown leaf, with the berries in the foreground. So striking.

    Thinking of you and others in the path of the hurricane. Will be praying for you all.

    Have a good week, Vee.

  20. Hi Vee - just checking in - yes there are still some colorful leaves up there! :)

    I hope you're not in the path of the hurricane? Yes, there are many many folks out there that need prayers - looks like a booger of a storm coming that way. Adam was in DC this weekend - glad he got back home before it hit. You take care, too - hope y'all don't lose power! We're praying down here in Texas!

  21. Beautiful montage.

    Praying for you and safety in the storm.

  22. Our leaves are gradually turning some color, but mostly landing on my yard, which means raking. Your collage is a lovely combination of all the beauty. XOXO

  23. I'm so very drawn to those colors myself. We don't get a lot of them around here, either.

    Glad you're not in the path, and I am praying for all within it.

    And thanks for the D.J. link from yesterday. I will be listening. I love the way the Word speaks through him.

  24. Such lovely color! I love your collection. The leaves are steadily falling from our trees like rain as this cold front races thru. Hope you guys aren't affected by Sandy ....
    Have a wonderful week!

  25. Beautiful... Beautiful... Beautiful.. Goes to show, not ONLY the bright and flashy things, are lovely. :-)

    Have you prepared posts, ahead of time? So we will see posts from you, but not know that you may be out of power? I'm not doing that. If I have power in the morning, I'll post. If not, I won't.

    Good luck!!!

    See you on the other side...

    Happy Full Moon and Halloween!

  26. Beautiful colors...
    Stay safe.

  27. I hope everyone on the east coast will weather the storm OK! Your mosaic is pretty, as usual! Out leaves are coming down fast now with the rain. And we're supposed to have a wind advisory, but so far it's calm out there.

  28. So pretty. I thought we were going to have a boring Fall Color this year but it turned out to just run late here and then was stunning!

    Our leaves are mostly down. There are a couple of gorgeous maple trees out on the main road that will likely be completely naked within 24 hours.

    The winds are picking up a bit and the rain is getting pretty steady.

  29. Autumn is always a kaleidoscope of colours here but I've never considered that some of the leaves might be coral, a lighter version of the orange I take for granted.
    Not a ripple in the air this morning, the calm before the storm?

  30. The leaves are beautiful. Love this time of year.

  31. Vee,

    Your leaves are gorgeous. We are reaching peak here, although the sweet gums with hang on for another month. Hope you stay safe and dry from Sandy's onslaught.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  32. Hi Vee,
    Lovely...Love the fall colors.
    They make me happy, I enjoy the cool weather and working out in the yard in fall.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  33. Orange and red autumn leaves are my favorite colors!

    All the bridges and tunnels are closed now in NYC-- high winds expected from the hurricane. Hope your sister and niece are all OK!

  34. Enjoyed seeing your very pretty Fall mosaic. Went looking for more Fall color to photograph today and just not finding much around here just yet. Not sure where you are located in the NE, but please stay safe - weather looks really bad up that way.
    Thanks for stopping by. I also enjoy the farmers' markets. I like to support local farmers, but the prices were not competitive with the grocery stores this year. :/


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