Friday, October 26, 2012

Yes, Yes, A Regular Chatty Cathy

After a few of the comments yesterday I did the math.  Five years plus 93 days of blogging equals 1, 918 days. That's 418 days more than 1500. This means that I have missed an entire year and 53 days of posting opportunities! Now doesn't that put everything into perspective? ☺

I will grant you that I post regularly when I can. Wish that all my blogging buddies could, though I realize that you have things to do and places to go. Sometimes I feel as if I am holding down the fort and with what? New garage siding? How long can I use that for blog fodder?

this is the picture John wants for his portfolio, yes, he has one and, yes, he is for hire...don't think that he wants to put up a garage any time soon, though

I raked the back lawn today and noticed some pretty things like...

eggplant and lime leaf colors on the lilac

a bit of gold yet

found some red too

the final roses

yellow mums still going strong

↑my pumpkin row↑ 

↑a blatant rip-off of Kim's idea↑
Source:  Happy at Home by permission
Thank you, Kim!

Visiting you, I know that you have found some pretty things around your home, too. I think some bloggers make blogging too much of a challenge. We don't always have to do a DIY project or a tutorial or bake a cake or take a trip or find a covered bridge. Some days it's all about the simplest of things just as it would be if you hung out with me in the backyard. Say, here's a rake.

Wishing you a simple Friday and a wonderful weekend...


  1. I'm great with a rake! Happy Friday! A cold front arrives today. I'm looking forward to getting out of the 90's!!!!!

  2. Love this! I so agree with it all.

  3. Chat on, Vee, chat on! You know I like these kind of posts best. And ones with your videos and voices!
    Your shrubs are perfectly trimmed, I see. Everything looks great!

  4. I can always use a reminder to keep it simple. Hard as I try, my life tends to be cluttered. It seems worse now that I'm "retired". I may need to drop in for counseling (:

  5. Wouldn't you know, I pulled out a rake this week! I'm still loving the new siding and window on the garage! Fabulous...
    Your row of pumpkins is fun.
    I want be visiting until next Wednesday. No internet or tv at our son's place! Time to read...

  6. Great food for thought this morning; I need to post more often.

  7. If only we lived closer! Since we are forever needing help, I think John would be hearing from us often!!

    Most often I find happiness in the simplest of things. This post is a good reminder to be more watchful for those special moments of joy. Thank you for the reminder. :-)

  8. I totally agree with you Vee! I enjoy your chatty posts. It's like I'm sitting in your kitchen with a cup of tea just visiting. Love your back yard, house, deck, the copper post tops, the fall colours. Is that a real crow on the end of the fence? I hope you have a beautiful day. It's going to be sunny and warm here and I've got 12 ladies arriving for supper!! Hugs. Pam

  9. That does put it into perspective, Vee. I love what you said about not making it a challenge. It's supposed to be a joy.

    I don't have a lot to share in my little world beyond the simple things so it's the simple things for me!

  10. That is a whole lot of posting! I don't know how you can do so much of it. I'm lucky if I get 3 posts up in a week and I spend WAY too much time on the computer enough as it is. I know some folks (e.g., YOU - hahaha) would love to see me post more often, but I just don't have the time.

    I totally agree with you on blog fodder. (Love that word - fodder. Don't know why it fell out from my head just now, but it fits.) I don't think I'll ever run out of ideas for things to share on my blog. I certainly have several thousand photographs to bore people silly. But simple, everything living topics really connect with folks.

    And no, I don't need to share a rake with you. I'm quite content to watch you work, LOL.

  11. P.S. John is definitely a keeper!

  12. A very nice portfolio picture. The way the sun is hitting the trees in the background is so lovely.
    Your pumpkin row looks great!
    The orange in the pumpkins is such a nice compliment to the color of your front door and I'm rather liking your cluster of branches. I just might need to steal that idea :).
    I'm telling you I much prefer the simpler approach to blogging. There are some that feel like one big competition to me and those are the ones I tend to tiptoe (quickly) out of.
    Raking your back yard with you sounds right up my alley. The sights there are looking very nice. I do believe that last rose of the season photo is destined to become a note card. ;-).

  13. Yes my Dear, you and I do try to hold up the "Daily Blogging Banner". :-) And the thing is, it's not all that hard, for me.

    Too many bloggers think they have to TRY toooooo hard. Yish.... We aren't applying for positions, with blogging. We (you and I anyway) are not trying to get people to buy anything, with blogging.

    We are simply taking photos... Writing down some of our ponderings, do-stuff, plans, wonderings, hopes, dreams, things we enjoy... Etc.

    Not rocket science! Just chatting over the back fence. Only, on the Net. :-)))))))))


  14. Totally afree. Kinda like having tea yesterday - not a big deal, just me taking a break and sharing it.

    In fact the lighting was so right I didn't have to do one spec of photo editing, so it took no time at all to get the pics off camera, onto pc and then post.

    It was one of THOSE kinds of days when everything was "right."

    And here's your rake back, I'm goin back for more of my brownies, haha......chuckle/giggle snort.

  15. I adore my (almost) daily visits with you, Vee! Garage siding, grands, raking, autumn colors, road trips, bread-baking, Sunday's all a peek into your world and a visit in your Haven.

    I admire your ability to chat and make everyone feel welcome!

    Hmmm...I may fall into that category of folks who make it too much of a challenge. Doing this series has been rewarding, and I have enjoyed it soooo much, but it is not easy and I am up late(r) every single night. I spend a lot of time on even the shortest of posts. How long does it typically take you to go from post beginning to publish?

    Now on to my favorite photo of the day...
    Oooooooooooo! The photo of your door and the sweet row of Jack-Be-Littles parading across the rail is drawing me in!! The color and the detail of your door, the transom window (swoon), those wee pumpkins, the sticks, that lone leaf hanging there in the sticks, the light reflected in the transom. That is most definitely note card worthy! Gorgeous!

  16. Your photography is exquisite Vee. I love visiting your warm and welcoming conversations and agree that it is wonderful to keep it simple. I can learn a lot from that! Thanks for the friendly chats you post!

  17. The pumpkin row is cute and the roses are beautiful!

    I always enjoy getting a peek at the Fall colors up North. Beautiful photos!

  18. really thinking about life down to the little notes can be so overwhelming ... scary. but true. hey, you blog when you can. when moments are free. when you don't you come back when you can ... i think most understand. if not they move on. ha. ha!! enjoy your weekend. suppose to be a cold one here ... we will see. big big hug. take care. (:

  19. I'm not even sure how many posts I've had over the years, but not nearly what I should have. Thanks for the great tip!

  20. Very pretty fall photos around your home. I agree with you about not having a special ta-da to blog about. I like to feel like I am chatting over the fence with my blog friends, learning a little about everyone's normal life. Of course, my life is far from normal most of the time...I mean really, how many people do you know that have bought and fixed up and sold three homes in 8 years and are working on getting the 4th?

  21. Nice portfolio photo, And the rest are nice too. When we rake, you have time to look around, don't we? And think. You still have color on your trees; I assumed you were ready for snow up where you live. Our raking is just beginning.

  22. You are absolutely right about blogging fodder, some times I feel it is a challenge and a huge competition. Or I don't blog as I feel I have nothing to 'say'. Love the photo John chose for his portfolio. xo

  23. I would like to blog more often, as you do. I don't think I could ever get to be one of the people who post something new every day, but I would like to do this more often than I do.
    You are always an inspiration, Vee.

  24. First things first...that little pumpkin row is adorable!!

    Now, to your blogging presence around here...keep it up. You are an inspiration and friend to many.

    Hang on for the storm next week. They are calling for some exceptional weather.

  25. Love your mini pumpkins! I can't seem to catch up with all that could be great blogging material. I have so many things, much not so great, but would love to "document" so to speak for myself. I just don't seem to have/take the time to do so. Would love to just be able to "journal" without all the show that seems to be involved. But, that does not make for an interesting blog, at least for my blog. I do appreciate those readers, you included, who keep taking the time to stop and say a little something about what ever it is that I have to say! Thank you for your visits!

  26. I keep telling myself to remember "simple" for the day and enjoy every minute. Life is too short not to. I love coming to your blog and just being able to visit and see what you've been up to. I'm never disappointed seeing the beautiful landscape in your area and your hubby's handiwork is magnificent. Have a wonderful weekend, XOXO

  27. Yep. I'm a Chatty Cathy too!!! We need to stick together. =) Love that shot of the final rose! Gorgeous. Happy Friday Vee! ~Sally

  28. The garage looks wonderful! I know your John is so proud of it. I have enjoyed the weather so much lately & being able to work in the yard a little. The leaves are at their peak here, and the flowers are showing off one last time.... it seems kind of sad thinking of the bare trees and no color soon, but I still but can't help loving this time of year!


  29. Vee,

    I treasure my daily visits to your haven!

    I'd love to come rake with you...that would be fun visiting wouldn't it? Just what your talking about - everyday stuff...

    I'll be back tomorrow!


  30. Those are my favorite kind of posts...just stuff you did, like raking the me, if you wait on me to bake a cake or do a will still be waiting another 5 years from now!

  31. Such beautiful autumnal views...

    ...and you KNOW that on those days of no blogging you really were missed!

    And remember...blogging is always without obligation. It is the only way to go.


  32. Sweet pumpkin row! Now they are appearing everywhere - even in the woods!

    I've been trying to post a little more often, but sometimes shake my head at my inanities. Still, it's conversation.

    Rake away!

  33. You don't always have to but I am extremely ecstatic that you did take that covered bridge trip! I wish I was back on a regular blogging schedule but everyday is a new kind of crazy here lately. I think by the new year things will all be in place to resume a regular posting schedule. My problems is not always blog fodder but no time to write the post, edit the post, pick up the camera, click a pic, edit the pic, upload the pic, tweak the post, publish the post, then finally respond to comments and make return visits! Blogging can be exhausting, that is why I am glad you are here and I can live vicariously though your posts without all the work ;c)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  34. Did you say the handyman was for hire, pity you don't live in my country, I like you wishing well I have been building one for a good 10years now, it is not going well, if I finish it I will donate a whole post to it.

  35. Oh Vee, if I had to do projects or DYI... I'd be run out of blogland covered with tar and feathers.
    I'm definately creative but I don't have time. That's why I come here. Your blog is delightful.
    BTW - The garage looks great.

  36. TGD would be coveting that garage! It's a beauty.
    Fall is so beautiful in your part of the world. It's pretty here, but we miss the deep reds of an eastern autumn.
    I don't think a post has to 'be about' something every time. I find that the ones I enjoy the most are the ones that give me a window into someone's heart, or make me use my imagination, or just give me a good warm feeling!

  37. Wow, you have done a lot of postings. I've been blogging since 2007 but mostly for my family until I opened up to other follows last spring. I am so enjoying being part of the blogging world, but it can be a bit time consuming. Some weeks, I don't feel like I have much to post is like that...especially when there are no little children or cute pets around to post pictures of and write about. I enjoy your live in such a beautiful place. Enjoy your weekend.

  38. I always enjoy your posts and it's been fun to find out how much we have in common...even though our accents are very different! I showed a tractor today! Does that count? heehee!

  39. I love your little pumpkins all in a row! John did an amazing job on your garage--I love the scallops!
    Yes, I think I make posting way too hard--that's why I haven't posted in so long! I may retire next year or go to a part time job, so I'm considering just posting photos inside/outside with just a little writing. My new job is difficult and demanding all my energy for now, but I really miss posting! My house is pretty messy too!

  40. My life is so busy these days I can't even keep up with reading and commenting on my favorite blogs! There have been days I don't even turn on my computer. V and I spent the weekend getting ready for the urricane and I had a couple house viewers and a moving company over to give us an estimate.

    I'm sure once I move, and settle into Colorado, I will begin to blog more frequently in a more chatty way, as I will basically be home taking care of my granddaughter all week. No more "exciting" urban experiences to blog "sophisticated" city trips. I can't wait! :)

  41. I'm looking forward to the post when I can say our tractor barn is finished. : )
    That's a lot of posts.
    I agree with you, a post can just be a simple thing. I just love hearing about peoples every day lives.
    I would have loved to rake leaves with you. Did you jump in the pile when you were done!! : )


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