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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Covered Bridge or Paying it Forward

~my view~

When the sun struck my neighbor's tree and I saw this view yesterday morning, I thought, "Today is the day!"

Allow me to back up just a bit...

~Great-Grandparents' Home~

Earlier in the fall, I received some photos from my dear blogging buddy Pamela Gordon who blogs at Playing with My Camera. She was going to be in Moncton, New Brunswick and so she drove by and took photos of my great-grandparents' home where Nan had grown up. I was so pleased. Pam had been worried that I would find the house too shabby. It is a bit overgrown since I last saw it, though that makes little difference. Would you believe that the last time I saw this bungalow it had been painted white? It was always a little brown bungalow with no white trim, well groomed plantings, and a proper English garden in the back. I'm actually delighted to see it brown again. Pam's gift touched me so...thank you, Pam!

 ~The Old Neighborhood~

The neighborhood minus a lot of trees that used to line the streets...true of many neighborhoods now, I suppose.

So what has all this to do with the remainder of my post? A lot! While I was still thinking of the Moncton house and Pam's gift, I learned from Sandy that her husband's family had hailed from my not-too-far corner and that, in fact, there was a covered bridge somewhere that was named for the family. Oh really? I wanted to put my Nancy Drew shoes on immediately, though you know how well the weather has cooperated this month (not at all). 

Peak foliage lasted for 2 minutes and 35 seconds on a rainy Wednesday afternoon last. We'll have to take leftovers, but that will be fine on such a pretty fair to middlin' day.

Past country homes and rock walls...

a view of the White Mountains in the distance looking west...

and Sebago Lake beyond looking south.

We had sketchy directions from the internet (we have no GPS) and, after wandering around in circles too many times, John suggested taking this picture because he was thinking it's a new bridge and perhaps something had happened to the covered bridge.

I dutifully snapped the shot and the one below showing the river flowing beneath...

~Stream as Autumn Wanes~

~PicMonkey Help~

Then we decided to ask. Just ask! A young clerk working at a convenience store said that she had never heard of Babb's Bridge, but she did know where the covered bridge was. How many could there be? She gave excellent directions even writing them down for us.

Getting closer!

And closer!

Eureka! A covered bridge with people already there looking around. Is it the bridge?


The way we'd come...

The way we'll go...

I might be tempted to wish that we had been there on a brighter autumn day, but we were just glad to be there at all.

Lovely reflections...

Something has his attention! See the canoers?

Sweet old shed...hope that it can be rescued...as we climbed the hill on the other side of the bridge. Yes, we did cross over in our vehicle.

This post is dedicated to Sandy Babb of Quill Cottage. Thank you for the fun, adventure-filled day, Sandy!


  1. I love the charm of covered bridges. We don't have them in Oklahoma so I enjoyed seeing your pictures.


  2. Vee,

    You have blessed my heart incredibly this Monday morning, what a way to start the week, filled with love and friendship! The photos are stunning and I can't wait to share them with my husband this evening, he will be so excited to see them. I do hope you will give me permission to print one to frame.

    I am touched beyond belief that you would have such an adventure for something I just mentioned in passing. You are a treasure and your friendship is a jewel in my crown. Thank you sweet friend!

  3. What a great memory of your grandparents home. Right down to the English garden. Great that is back to the color it was! Love covered bridges. We have one not too far from us. Taking the last of the Fall colors as they come, ours are dimming too! Have a lovely day!

  4. I love pay it forward stories and this one is wonderful! I love old covered bridges, and they just seem better when you a viewing them in autumn.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Lovely sentiment.
    You are so precious. Sandy' comment says it all. You are the best!

  6. Delightful story...this warms my heart! You are so kind, as was Pamela. LOVE the world of blogging!

  7. Vee, this is so wonderful!!!! I just love that you both "gifted" each other with photos! Each one bringing back precious memories ~ the bridge is absolutely gorgeous too!!! I hope you have a great week sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  8. Good morning! You may have just made my day! I love stories like this...love that you did this for each other. The pictures of the bridge are just perfect! Enjoy your day!

  9. Oh how neat...I would love to visit here. The house to the covered bridge, so glad the past is still here and not just run over for the present. The pictures are great.

    I did some walking yesterday and took pictures of the past around my house...seems we were enjoying the same thing.

    Thanks for sharing...so pretty and peaceful

  10. How lovely! Wonderful memories for you and for Sandy! And a a special treat for us! Covered Bridges are romantic.

  11. What a joy to see these lovely photos and hear a story of kindness that blesses both ways. In fact four blessings in this exchange - you were each blessed to give and to receive. I feel so happy to know about this....We have a covered bridge not far from me, in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but not for driving across anymore!

  12. I love that you went on this adventure, and I love how you documented it! Thanks for letting us travel with you:) I am about to visit my old stomping grounds and you are inspiring me to take my pictures!

  13. I loved driving through New England and finding cover bridges; there is something so profound about this structure. I'm happy you persisted in finding this one; a lovely time and with your photos, we all got to experience the day. XOXO

  14. How neat that you found it and were able to record it for your friend! I adore old covered bridges...

  15. Oh this was such a great post. I remembered the Bridges of Madison County when I was this. I loved you photos - such great detail - it felt like I was there with you and John.

    Enjoy your week!

  16. Vee dear, I wonder why we all love those covered bridges so much. They make me happy.

    Thank you for the photos of Maine. i miss it. Didn't really see any "peak foliage," no peek of the peak.

    SO GLAD you like my new bird book and feeder. I hope your grands will too.

    Sending love from the road,


  17. Vee,

    Sandy's beautiful comment sums up how I feel about you too! A jewel of a friend indeed!

    What a fair to middlin' day you had. That river photo where the new bridge was is lovely...reminds me of so many of Lindsay's photos from our trip last year! Though the foliage was only coming on then!

    We are heading into peak here - I will take some drives to get photos!


  18. What a nice thing for Pamela to do for you and now you to do for Sandy! Isn't it wonderful how blogging has connected so many of us in these wonderful ways? Your grandmother's house looks like many I've seen in Denver. I love the covered bridge.. They are always so scenic but never more so than in autumn.

  19. Pat~

    That pleases me that you say you've seen similar homes in Denver. I'm not in the least surprised. My great-grandfather had this home built in 1917 when my grandmother was 9 years old. It was a Sears kit home. In fact, it is very similar to the home my sister bought (also a Sears kit home) here in town when she was first married in 1979. The moldings, room layout, closet doors, arches...it is all very interesting.

  20. I enjoyed all of the photos! The covered bridge is magnificent!

  21. All round great post, Vee!

    You gave a gift to a blogging buddy, who had so gifted you. You had a lovely excuse for a lovely day of wandering old roads. You had super Photo Ops. You saw many bits of Americana. And you had fun.

    What more could one ask of a day?!? :-)

    Love the dry wit of your ~~~ "Peak leaf season lasted..."

    And love the golden tree you noticed in your own neck of the woods. :-)


  22. Oh how very cool! I love covered bridges. You really got some nice shots of it, too. Love the reflection. I'm glad you live a bloggy inspired life. It really adds spice...don't you think?

  23. What a nice adventure during this beautiful season. I am so glad you stopped at the convenience store to "ask". Great photos. xo

  24. I love your blog so much! It fills the longing in my gut to visit such gorgeous country. I guess its tribute day cause before I came to visit your blog, I paid a tribute of my own (to you) on my blog. thanks for the inspiration.


  25. Your first photo shouts beauty and color! And what a wonderful find for you --- wondering if it was the female in your pair who decided to ask directions ... that would be the case with us. Whoever, aren't you glad you did!

  26. I just found you today from Lavender Dreams blog, I had my own blog hacked and have had to start brand new, your photos are amazing and it was worth the trip to see that beautiful covered bridge, I would love o paint a covered bridge, best wishes from Canada

  27. Wonderful old covered bridges, is there anything as charming? I love pay it forward, and your post is wonderful.


  28. Hello Vee
    A heart warming post to read - bloggers helping bloggers with a trip down memory lane. The covered bridge is exciting to see, I've not seen one here yet but apparently there are some.

  29. Wow that is pretty cool, to take pictures for each other. : )

    I love that style of your great grandparents house.

    Who doesn't love covered bridges. So much charm to them.

  30. Vee
    I just can't express to you how neat I think this is! Blogging friends are so wonderful.
    I'm not at all surprised to hear that you couldn't wait to go find
    that covered bridge.:)
    It was a kind gesture from both you and Pamela.
    Take care-KImberly

  31. What a great story you are sharing today, Vee. Warms my heart to read it. I am continually inspired by the many ways we connect with one another in the blog world.
    I'm glad you put on your Nancy Drew shoes and took us along with you. Your photos are all so lovely. It's a shame that you were short changed on the peak colors this year, but that first photo is a beauty.

  32. Great Fall pictures! Enjoyed seeing them - thanks for sharing. I would have to drive over 200 miles to get shots like these, and not even sure about finding a covered bridge.
    Enjoy your evening.

  33. Excellent!! I love all the pictures and the story!!You make me laugh.
    Covered bridges are so romantic.
    I guess I think thaty because of the book.

  34. I love every single thing about this post, Vee! I think the whole idea of snapping the picture for someone and then you paying it forward for someone else is just inspired.

    The trip to the bridge was wonderful, and the bridge itself is just beautiful. I have a thing for covered bridges. My father proposed to my mother beneath one.

    You did a wonderful thing!

  35. you had me going there for a bit ... i thought where is the covered bridge. the hubby & i search them out all over the USA ... we love them. they are all so different. what a beautiful one. thanks for sharing with us... maybe one day i will get to see it in person. wouldn't that be so awesome!! (:

  36. your photos of the fall and covered
    bridges are enchanting!

  37. All time best post! Love that you paid it forward. Love the bridge. Love the Moncton house - my grandparents house was always always brown too. I love covered bridges - there is one on the road I grew up on (yes, really) which is now only for pedestrians and is rarely used as they built the road around it and it became a dead end road. Thanks for reminding me to visit it when I am home.

    Beautiful photos! That tree!!
    xo Terri

  38. One good turn deserves another and in finding Babb's Bridge you gave those of us who have never been in your part of the world a gift. Your photos are magnificent and I think all the nicer because of the dull day. Your smile must have been a mile wide as you approached the bridge. How many hearts you warmed with this great story. Thanks for sharing it with us Vee!

  39. Hooray for Vee and John! Hooray for Babb's Bridge! Hooray for Pam! Isn't the blogging world a wonderful place where we all help each other out and encourage each other.

    And have a fun time doing it!

  40. Was always fascinated by covered bridges.
    That first photograph is really great.
    Thanks for sharing.

  41. I'm so happy you persevered and found the bridge. It is beautiful. We saw a similar bridge years ago Ontario...before I loved taking photos.
    Your photos are just beautiful.

  42. Beautiful photos of the covered bridge, just loved them

  43. Oh, what wonderful photos of the covered bridge...and your sweetheart! You're supposed to hand him the camera to take a pic of you,too! Now you have another set of notecards! WOW!

  44. What a sweet blog! I love your little community of caring and how you went on a journey to find the covered bridge. What a sweet blessing!!

  45. Thanks for the email Vee. I totally missed this post!! Your photos are so beautiful of the stream and covered bridge. (sometimes a cloudy day is better for photos) Babb's Covered Bridge is wonderfully situated and I love the old red building. I'm so glad you found it! It pays to ask directions. Nancy Drew would be so proud! :) {I'm glad you posted the pics I took and thanks for the referral to my blog} Hugs, Pam

  46. Oh this is too funny! Pamela G is a blogging friend of mine too; actually we have met, and live only miles apart. Your great-grandmother's Moncton house looks familiar - I used to live in Moncton. Is it in Lewisville? (I taught with Pam's brother one year... small world...)