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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Story of This Particular Old House

Do you enjoy reading about old houses? Have you ever restored an old house? I do and I have. My old house story was my first home. Someday, I'll tell that one.

Not today, though, for today is about this here particular old house. I'm going to let "them" tell the story right *here.* There's some history at the beginning and, if you hang on, you can tour the inside of the house. Don't you often want to do that when you see an old home? I know I do!

A happy weekend to you...


  1. So you have me on the edge of my seat .. since the pdf was 2009, there maybe is some progress? I can't imagine moving a house of that size. I'll stay tuned.

  2. Very little progress that can be seen from the outside. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago. I think it's unfortunate that they moved the house to the "entrance" of town on a tri-cornered lot right behind all the signage and telephone polls. Perhaps they'll consider making some changes as it is truly ugly.

  3. i would love to restore an old home. the hubby not so much. i think it would be fun to see the progress & feel like you accomplished something so great & beautiful. have a great weekend. (:

  4. Oh VEE- that is soooo interesting!

    I got a lump in my throat seeing the beautiful grounds, and quiet tree-lined streets of yesterday and comparing it to where it sits and how it has changed in the present.

    So sad, so many of those stately gorgeous Victorian homes lost to time.

    I may just have to send them some money, it certainly is a truly worthwhile cause!

    Wondering how you first heard about it?

  5. Oh yes I do, Vee..in fact one of my short stories on the blog was inspired by an old abandoned house that told me it's story with its drooping eaves and sagging porches, its broken windowed eyes...but I could see the people who once made it home...
    and by the by, you're up early Girlfriend!

  6. Beautiful building...so so sad when they are left to deteriorate like that. We have a very similar situation going on in our little town right now too. These buildings are meant to last and have such history in our towns. They need to be saved! Love it's history, Thank you for sharing this Vee!

  7. I love old houses and we have restored one, but it's never quite finished, is it?!!

    What a great story and how wonderful it is that this house has supporters who recognize the possibilities for its future.

    My brother-in-law is a master carpenter who specializes in period restoration of old homes. He can re-create all of that woodwork. I've always been fascinated by his skills. Too bad he lives in VA. I think he would be a great volunteer for this project.

    I've always appreciated the beautiful buildings and history found on the east coast. Great post!!

  8. Vee,
    Glad the comments are open. Thank you for all your visits and comments! I will have full internet next week at this time!!!!

    That house is amazing. I go to Norway frequently to the yarn store. Norway is doing quite a bit of rehab.

    This rain......

  9. Thank you so much for this! You know how much I love, love, love preservation. :-) Wish them well, with their big, big, big job.

    We have not re-done our own house. But husband and 2nd son re-did an old house, which son bought, years ago. A labor of love. But fun labor. And great to see the wonderful results. It was my son's first home.

    Our sun is out, at about 9AM, over here. Wishing you the same, later in the day, perhaps. :-)


  10. I adore old houses and we thought about buying one and restoring it. And then we realized that wasn't practical, since we would not be able to do the work ourselves. How wonderful that old house is going to be saved and restored! Such beautiful craftsmanship should be preserved!

  11. Love that old house, and I'm glad someone has decided to save and restore it. Old homes are often well-built and structurally sound, but the expense of updating them to present day 'codes' is staggering. Our home was built in 1886-87. We have been working on restore for 18 years now. Not for the faint hearted, but ohhhhh, the rewards! Some things you just can't find in new homes. Like high ceilings, beautiful cove molding and built in butlers pantry. I look forward to your future pics of this old gingerbread gal!
    Thanks for posting!

  12. I've never restored an old house but I love them and their history. I haven't read this one's story yet, but I am headed there...

    I feel like we've done so much restoring on this house which is less than 30 years old! It was sadly neglected, but we love it.

    I hope the sun is shining for you today - we had a huge storm come through last night and knocked our power out until midnight.

    It's not supposed to rain again until Friday...I am thankful! I was starting to feel a bit soggy!


  13. Very interesting. That old home was very beautiful in its prime. I hope it is finally restored completely.

  14. Morning Vee, Yes...Love old houses, and reading about them...so iteresting....Glad it is still loved....Blessings Francine.

  15. This old house is so sad looking in it's delapitated state today and I hope they can raise the funds to bring it to it's former beauty. I love seeing and reading stories like this and I thank you for sharing it. It was so beautifully situated in the old photos. Where did the stream go??? And why would they build a brick building in the yard?? On top of the stream even! Progress?? They should have moved the brick building. I hope you will keep us updated on the progress, or the finish, which will no doubt be years from now. Thanks Vee.

  16. Oh my yes! These old houses really do have stories to tell! Who lived in them, worked in them, who was born in them, what dreams did people have...? So many wonderful moments in life by people of long ago and if redone... today!

  17. I've always had dreams of restoring an old house, but the reality is I have a hubby that we wouldn't dare put a hammer in his hand! I loved hearing about this one; it reminded me of my great grandparent's home. XOXO

  18. I for one have no desire to restore an old house. Instead I'd like to move into one that has already been restored to it's glory! I'm with you on the poor placement of this old house. Hope you have a good weekend, Vee!

  19. Very interesting story. I love old houses. It would be nice to see the finished product. That kind of craftmanship still exists. You can see it on Chicago's north shore but not for the average person.

  20. It always breaks my heart to see such beautiful old homes become so dilapidated. I love to paint homes like this and always hunt for pictures of what they used to look like. Thanks for sharing Vee!

  21. I hope that this great old house is someday restored to the beauty it was in another time. I LOVE old homes and I always dreamed of having one in the country to restore and renovate. I'm not too handy, so it would be a great experience! ;-D


  22. What a beautiful old home! I love them and grew up in one! I always wonder about the people who lived in them.

  23. It is a wonderful house, and I truly hope they succeed in fixing it up, though perhaps the location they moved it to is not the best. It should be a museum of some sort! I love the early pictures of it. Thank you for posting this, Vee!

  24. I love older houses and seeing them restored just makes my day! I love this post, thanks for the link to the story behind this wonderful old house. I do hope they can restore it back to its former glory.
    Now you know we're all going to want to hear the story of your restoration project.
    I have a recurring dream where we've moved into a huge old house that is so large that I haven't even been in all the upstairs rooms yet. I usually wake up just as I'm about to venture down the hall to some of those rooms. This house looks sort of like the one in my dream. (And this has nothing to do with anything, it just occurred to me why the pic looked familiar and thought I'd share that!)

  25. What an interesting story. It was nice to see pictures inside, too.
    I love one of the pictures of the house in its original setting on a lovely tree lined street. Dreamy.

  26. a very intriguing old house, and i love
    that it sits at the corner of 117th and

  27. Oh yes, I love old houses and have done some work on one - the one we're trying to sell now!!
    I love to take a tour of any house, old or new. : )
    I'm off to read about this house now.

  28. Hi Vee,
    I live in an old house, well I think it's old it was built in the 1920-1930's,when we bought it ,it was under Old Lands and we were given all the paperwork from the orignal land grant till now so we have a history of it, one day i will do a blog on it's history.

  29. Oh yes indeed...I do love old houses! And yes to the second question too...I (we...as Ron did most of the work!) have restored an old house, the one in which we have lived for the past 31 years. I wouldn't want such a job now. It's sooooo much work! But I am happy with the results.

    This story reminds me of the Joyce Kilmer poem, "The House With Nobody in It."

  30. Hello Vee, your photographs are just beautiful. Yes, I'm the same way, would love to get a look into some of the lovely architectural homes I see.


  31. I think restoring an old home may fall into the same category as "Oh, honey, look at that little tiny house..I would just love to live in a little place like that. Just me and you and a sitting, kitchen, bedroom and bath. That's all we need anyway!" Uhhhhh...been there, done that for six months...don't really want to try it again! LOL! We have done many, many makeovers, though...but not on the same scale as this lovely old place you've shared here!

  32. Oh I loved the read. ..... right up my alley so to speak.

  33. wow, that is one house that really needed a friend. i love old towns for their wonderful old houses and there is always one or two derelict ones that don't always get saved.
    great post!
    xo terri

  34. I hope this lovely home will be restored, as planned. It takes a lot of fundraising to do so. There is an old 1600's Dutch house in Brooklyn, near where I live, that the city bought and had plans to restore. They built a fence around it and then nothing has been done for four years! I read it will take $4 million to completely retore it!