Friday, October 12, 2012

Successive Autumns

Yes, colorful autumn is upon us and running fast. We are entering that past peak phase. I love that one, too: the russets and golds. What differences between one year and the next.

(Last year at this time, we celebrated my daughter's birthday with a Cook-Out. It was so warm and summery; this year, we'll celebrate indoors, because it will be brrrrisk, with a nice old-fashioned breakfast.)

Losing the foliage a little earlier doesn't matter too much because in Blogdom we get to follow our heart's desire.

~Susan Branch Calendar~

We can fly about the earth seeking successive autumns. I certainly plan to if you will cooperate by sharing your cozy autumn world with me. You will, won't you?

~Dark Silhouettes~

~Finding some Red~

~lined from the inside~

I do want to thank you all for indulging me my photos of the same, familiar objects. This little milk glass lamp for example. It did get another makeover when I read *here* about lining the inner part of the shade. I used fabric and some spray glue to adhere it. I think it may get lots of makeovers through the year. 

Do you ever wind up making over the same thing again and again? 

A great day to you...

Love Vee


  1. Good Morning, Vee. A birthday breakfast sounds like a great idea for your daughter. I enjoy seeing your fall trees. We still have a lot of green here.
    Growing up, my older sis and I shared a bedroom and had matching milk glass lamps very similar to yours here.
    Wishing you a nice weekend.

  2. Happy birthday to your dear daughter. Sounds like it will be lovely.

    I love your plan to enjoy Autumn as long as possible through Blogdom. Great thinking!

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I enjoy seeing all of your views, inside and out. Have an enjoyable day!

  4. I love little vignette-photos of blogger's homes! Love 'em to bits. :-)

    Plus, I love little ambiance-lighting lamps! Love 'em to bits too. :-)

    And I so need a push, to re-do shades here. Silly me, I have had a paper pattern all made for me by my husband, for ages... And the sweet piece of material... And have I covered the shade on that mantle lamp? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... -sigh- What is the matter with me? -pout-

    Look at the gorgeous effect, of your little kitchen light lamp shade!!!!


    (Guess my answer to your question, is *painfully* obvious.....)


  5. That's true, we get to experience all of the seasons much longer because of blogdom! Love the little shade makeover. And yes, I make my favorite things over and over again (like my little travel tissue holders, which I give away by the dozens).

  6. My sister and her hubbie will be arriving next week and we will go hiking and driving in the mountains. I promise to take fall photos and share them :-).

  7. Yes, we're down to rusts, golds and yellows here and bare branches too. The leaves are falling so fast with the wind we had yesterday and today along with the rain. I always enjoy seeing your world through your eyes. It's nice to see the view outside your windows in different lighting. And I love your milk glass lamp in the kitchen. The shade with the flowers on it now is so pretty. Smart lady! ;)

  8. good morning....If it weren't for blogdom I wouldn't "see" Fall almost at all. Not much of it at all here in Southern California. Such gorgeous colors and shades. Happy birthday to your daughter. A birthday breakfast sounds just wonderful. Enjoy your week-end!

  9. Well, happy birthday to your daughter! I, for one, never get tired of seeing foliage pictures from the parts of the US who actually get a nice leaf show.

    As for remaking the same spot over and over? Oh goodness, that's the story of my life. I just don't show it in blog land because I'm rarely all that pleased with the makeover. UGH.

  10. Yes, I do make stuff over but it is usually food, tweaking the recipe. I happened to change some things around the house yesterday, too. The weather is turning on us here. We'll escape much of our first rains since we'll be in Atlanta.

  11. It has gotten very cool here so I'm hoping our leaves will change soon. I'm not sure why we are so behind everyone else but seeing all the beautiful pictures in Blogland makes me hopeful!

    Your lamp is beautiful! It sets off the perfect glow, very warm and cozy.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter, a celebratory breakfast sounds perfect!

    Happy Fall Weekend!


  12. One of my favorite fall things is seeing what it looks like around the country(ies).
    A birthday breakfast sounds like a lovely way to celebrate. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.
    How interesting to line the inside of a lampshade. It turned out very nice.
    Your new blog look is so pretty. I love the background design and the way it ties into the colors in your header photo. Very nice.

  13. I adore fall foliage photos (or fotos to be alliterative ;)...and, like you, love that we can extend autumn's beauty by visiting our blog friends all over the place! That said, I doubt that I will have time to insert a tour of my own backyard, as I am totally tied up with my 31 days series as added to the rest of my life. I'm kind of burning the candle at both ends these days.

    I can't think of a particular item that I continually makeover. But, in a general way, I makeover my house all the time, moving accessories from one place to another with every holiday or season or whim.

    Happy birthday to your dear daughter! Enjoy the birthday breakfast...that sounds like lots of fun!

  14. Did I say Pretty Autumn Blog Background? If I didn't, I now do. :-)

    How could I, the *Queen Of Noticing Blog Look Changes,* fail to mention it? Tsk, tsk, tsk...


  15. Your new-look lamp is great! I'm not much for 'making things over'. Everything stays the same around here. I hardly move furniture...rarely change the pictures on the walls. What does that say about me?

    Our fall colour is rather late this year...with the warm weather. But the leaves are still mostly on the the colour will come.

    Happy B'day to your daughter. Mine's celebrating next week.

  16. I love your lampshade makeover. I'm always changing something around here. I have not, however even started my fall decorating. I need a little motivation.

  17. Happy Birthday and your girl! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  18. A cozy birthday breakfast sounds like just the thing. Autumn is fully here on the west coast. The sunshine is gone, gone, gone, leaving heavy clouds and rain in the night. Much needed rain, so I won't complain too much. Yet.

    I love seeing autumn beauty around the world. And glimpses into homes of my friends.

  19. A birthday breakfast sounds like a great idea!

    It is nice seeing the changing leaves from all over.

  20. No color here of any significance to show today. But before long it has to happen. I enjoy seeing yours! Have a nice weekend!

  21. I'm not big on change, Vee. I am already getting an anxiety attack when I think I'll have to decorate our Colorado house, whenever we get to move there.

    Full fall color does not usually come to NYC until late Oct and early November, so you'll be able to 'fly over' to my blog and see more autumn then :) I finally blogged about our quick trip to Porstmouth, NH this AM!

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

  22. Our autumn is gone, Vee, and winter is here! Love your new background! Now, I need to go back and see if you've also created a new header. I know your daughter's birthday will be extra special. - - Just one you have cake and candles then or wait until later?!!

  23. Happy birthday to you daughter hope she has a great day.

  24. Ohhhh! Birthday breakfast is so much better than birthday dinner. The relaxed warm feel of breakfast with coffeee, toast and jam. A great way to celebrate! Love your pictures, as always!

  25. We're finally getting some rain this weekend and I hope it brings out the color of fall that I've been experiencing on everyone's blogs. Happy Birthday to your daughter--breakfast inside sounds wonderful, XOXO

  26. Nothing but green here, Vee, maybe just a teeny tiny little bitty tinge here or there. I never get tired of seeing beautiful fall pictures!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter, Vee! A birthday breakfast sounds perfect!

  27. Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    As to your question, I'm not too big on changing things. You may have noticed that by my blog look that I rarely change. :)
    The glow from your pretty shaded lamp makes a lovely, warm photo!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend and enjoy your birthday breakfast!

  28. Vee,
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. Beautiful fall colors you have, indoors and out!
    Have a nice few days off!

  29. Not much color change around here where there's not many trees, except in town where folks go waaay overboard in planting trees in their yards. :)
    I need to go by the park today and see if I can find any color at all.

    Happiest Bday to your daughter.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.
    xo bj

  30. Hope your daughter had a nice birthday. I love autumn's color too, and you're right, we can enjoy successive autumns (spring too - "go" to Australia now). I am looking forward to your notecard party. It's always fun to go through old photos and select some favorites. We get to recycle their beauty that way! Yay! Have a blessed Lord's day.

  31. Happy birthday to your daughter, I love all the Fall pictures and colors. So beautiful.

  32. I can see how much you have enjoyed getting more and more into photography as I catch up on your posts.


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