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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All is Calm; All is Bright; Not!

One might get the idea from taking the Holiday Tours in Blogland that all is calm, all is bright, all the time. Not so! Oh so definitely not so!

Take, for example, my moment with the oil lamp, which you can plainly see glowing all pretty above in my header. (Thanks, by the way, to those who've commented on it. Just one of those chance shots that looked so good that I couldn't resist.) Anyway, I was home alone wanting to take a cozy shot of the lamp for my holiday home tour when, all of a sudden, it flared up and the fire went straight down into the bowl of the lamp and lit all the oil on fire. Very pretty. Very scary. Only my quick wit prevented me from pitching it through the bay window. Instead, I rushed it out the door.

Later that same afternoon, John came home and I told him about it. He gave me that little hmmmm that he does and I asked him to light it. (No, you're right, no one has ever accused me of being exceptionally brilliant.) So he did and sure enough! The fire went right down the wick and started the whole bowl ablaze again. Wow! Can John ever move fast when he must! After a bit, he suggested that I take this picture of the bowl filled with smoke; wish it could've been a few moments earlier.

Then, if such a thing even be possible, this happened.

You've heard of time standing still? Well what can one say about time crashing? (Actually, if it would crash for just about two more weeks I might get everything done.)

And take yesterday afternoon when I decided to make Brenda's M&M Pretzel Candies. She clearly states in the recipe that peanut M&Ms won't work. What do I have? You guessed it. She clearly says to place the pretzel on waxed or parchment paper. What do I do? You guessed it.

Still tasty, though! I also made the Mini-Turtles that Angie suggested in the comments on this recipe post. Oh boy howdy are they ever yummy little things! Don't worry about the "mini" bit and Rolos. Regular-sized ones work.

Today is supposed to be snowy. (I wrote this last night. Gotta be careful of saying things like this lately. I get so confused.) Leaving you with some Christmasy shots I took of John plowing the yard.

Now I'm just wondering if I have the courage to attempt making a gingerbread house for the very first time from scratch. I've made the dough and I'm ready to go. Check out the button on my sidebar to visit Suzanne's third tutorial.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Dear Ones, and remember to follow directions!


  1. I am sitting here laughing, Vee. I love the time crashing idea!I am also looking out the window and it is snowing heavily. When the sun comes out it will be amazing! I am trying to make my mince pies, only the pastry is hard enough to use as a brick. Sigh. May have to read some more blogs instead!

  2. Oh, my, Vee, I'm so glad you and John didn't get burned by that lamp!

    I often find that the first time I make a recipe, it turns out perfectly because I've read the directions. Then when I make it again, I think I know what I'm doing and mess it up.

  3. You are HILARIOUS! It takes alot to make me laugh and you hit the spot today. I'm callin' my mama right now to tell her about that lamp and clock...so funny....

  4. I called my mother...and she said she had just put on her shoe and found a phone down in it LOL...her cell we had given her when she went to a nursing home for a few weeks and she had lost it. I asked her if she had been playing 007!

  5. i can't stop laughing about that darn clock...so funny! THANKS FOR SHARING

  6. My goodness, I'm so glad the lamp didn't cause any harm!

    I do like the idea of time crashing for a while ~ it certainly would be helpful before Christmas day arrives to have a little extra time.

    Please let us know how the gingerbread house turns out.


  7. Oh Vee - you're not alone. Although I haven't set anything on fire yet!!! You've got me there. I don't love cookie disasters because so much work is put into them. John will learn to believe you the first time without having to resort to firey demonstrations. DId you ever find out the cause of the fire going into the bowl of the lamp? That's so wierd.

    AND.....you GOTTA LOVE a man with a snowplow. As you know I'm the snow removal contractor in this house.

    Thanks so much for featuring my gingerbread tutorial. I hope folks join along.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  8. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Too funny...the whole time thing.

    I am so glad you are ok after the lamp incident...yikes!

  9. I am thinking about purposefully crashing the clock at 3:05 so it is the end of school all the time!

    You are a hoot, girl!

  10. Vee,
    Your day yesterday sounds like mine, it must have been something in the air! Have mercy I am glad your fire was contained so quickly! I may just remove the hands from my clock to stop time so I can get caught up! At least I won't keep glancing at it to see how much has flown by! You may be on to something big with this idea! Happy house building!

  11. Some scary moment there, Vee! Fire is so prevalent at Christmas -- my brother was a NYC fireman for 28 years and could tell you a lot of stories about decorations going up in flame.

    I wonder if that cock is telling you something? LOL! I'd like time to stop every now and then too!

    I've been baking too. I never made a gingerbread house either, so I'm looking forward to seeing your first attempt :-)

    Hugs, Pat

  12. It was so beautiful. I am sorry about the fire. Have a great weeek ...M...

  13. You are so funny. I have heard the same thing about oil lamps, that they can catch fire down the wick into the pool. Very evil things. No wonder all those old houses burned down back in the day.

    But that clock takes the cake. Hilarious. I guess that's what we get for buying everything in China - there was probably barely enough of a post to hold the hands in place and everything is tack glued these days instead of affixed properly. SOOO funny!

  14. Oh my!! I was cracking up when I saw the clock!! Sounds like it's been one adventure after another....

    It's snowing here again...the kids start their Christmas break on Monday...or Saturday really.....


  15. Vee,
    I came back over to tell you that I did give my people chores to do and can you believe they did them in record time! My honey keeps his "to do" list current so there wasn't much. I even had him pull out the refig and vacuum behind it! We thawed enough for them both to slide down the hill together this morning BUT they both slide back for lunch and they are about to slide back in for dinner. Sigh, my magic pot is not working but the people at the Chinese take out are! I am letting them fill the magic pot tonight so I can finish up the Give Away goodies for tomorrow. Have a great evening.

  16. Oil lamps have always scared me! Even tea lights scare me. And do we have a problem with following directions? Hmmm? Okay okay, me too...darn it! Don't light the lamp again, okay?

  17. I have a beautiful oil lamp that has never been filled or lit. Frankly, they scare me to death even though I love the look of them. Glad you were able to get the thing outside before it did any damage.

    Loved the concept of time standing still!

    Thanks so much for your sweet card, Vee! What a lovely surprise! I'm taking a break over the holidays but I wanted to be sure to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and every happiness in 2009. Thanks for being such a good friend. **hugs**


  18. oh goodness. . .glad to see that my kitchen and house isn't the only one that has pre Christmas Calamity. . .
    I do hope you enjoyed your snow day. . .

  19. You too live dangerously! LOL! I've seen crashing garland, falling women trying to hang lights, and now a couple trying to burn their house down. Blog land is a dangerous place!!

    Take care of yourself!

    PS Can I borrow your clock for the next two weeks?

  20. wow..thats scary. Thats one of the reasons i dont light candles on the hearth during the holidays, too many things can catch fire. Can you believe they used to actually light candles on Christmas trees...sounds CRAZY to me! Glad no one got hurt!

  21. What a scary lamp..... that must have been very scary..... glad you and John are fast in pressure...

  22. Oh my, I was by and read this but I think I forgot to tell you how awesome I thought the clock was! We're always looking at the clock, God is watching over you Vee :)


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