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Friday, December 19, 2008

Gingerbread Student

(Edited to Add: Scroll Down to see the completed project! )

That's me! Thanks to Suzanne of At Home With the Farmer's Wife who's been doing a great tutorial all week. So in spite of not having one gift wrapped, shopping finished, house cleaned, sewing done, nor visiting a soul, I've been making a gingerbread house. :D

Okay, if you find yourself snowbound, give this a whirl. It's been a lot of fun and the house smells soooooo goooood.

A wonderful Friday to you all!

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Adding more photos of the progress made. You'll be able to watch this thing go up through the day. But I am waiting until the carpenter comes home for lunch before I carry on any further. LOL!

I'm just trying to scare Suzanne with this one...

Saturday Morning Update! (It is still morning isn't it?)

You are all soooo patient. Thanks for visiting. Please note how restrained Suzanne is in her use of photographs. I, on the other hand, am just being boastful. This is my first Gingerbread House and, by golly, you're gonna see it in all of its leaning, Alpine glory.

First test of the marriage...can it stand the strain of creating a Gingerbread House? Oh yes! With flying colors. First of all, The Carpenter didn't care for the dimensions of that chimney elves or no elves! That meant some serious whittling.

The Gingerbread House had to have a window box reminiscent of my Haven's.

Suzanne, thank you so much! This has been a life long dream of mine. No kidding. You're an excellent teacher and I hope that lots of folks will join you in Gingerbread Land.

Have a great weekend, Dear Ones. I'm going to go find a place to collapse. :D


  1. That looks like fun! But, alas, I am not snow bound with my shorts and T-shirt on for another 78 degree day in Florida....

  2. Your gingerbread house looks great! I don't know how you got all the walls and windows so straight. Did you borrow John's level? :)

  3. I LOVE being a bad influence. HA HA HA.


  4. Yes, it makes the house smell wonderful doesn't it...I can almost smell it here in Minnasnowta :). I can't wait to see your finished house, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

    Big Christmas Hugs,
    Kathi :)

    Yes, it's difficult to take one name off the tree, but it's one child that would be taken care of. Perhaps go with your grands, pick one name and take them shopping :)

  5. Don't even tempt me...I have enough unfinished projects here to complete! But it looks you really know how to build a house.

  6. Thanks for the mention Vee, lol...too lazy to switch out for Christmas when there's so much to "borrow" from my friends! I tried to make a Ginger Bread House when the boys were small but they kept eating my struts and beams, lol! Of course they both had that "who ME?" look on their cookie crumb faces! Maybe I'll try it now! Thanks for the link...hugs to you both!

  7. Not snowbound here in Maryland - just another day of rain!!!
    Your gingerbread house is looking mighty good! That is one thing I haven't tried to do yet. I can just imagine the mess I would make!! :-)

  8. This looks like fun! You must have patience and perseverance!

  9. an imagine the wonderful smells Vee! It looks stunning so far!

  10. Oh my Vee. ..it's wonderful .. .I almost can imagine trying to fit that it. . .
    I have a wee one here for her Christmas holiday .. .so it won't likely happen today .. .or tomorrow.

  11. You are totally mad. I would never have the time nor courage to try that! Ok, mostly the courage.

    I am home today for a snow day. It is -40C here (-40F) with wind chills. I headed out to work today but the train was broken down at my station. After waiting 45 min in the freezing cold with 400 souls, I finally decided "screw it" and walked home. I called the office and no one is there anyway since most people are on vacation.

    So I am making a double batch of chocolate chip cookies instead! No gingerbread, but the house smells G O O D !


  12. Vee,

    I can hardly wait for the big reveal!!! This looks like so much fun! Maybe next year I can do this with my little grandson. I wish you successful construction! I'll be popping over on my breaks to see how you are progressing. The stained glass candy windows turned out great! Thanks for sharing your house building adventure!

  13. I can tell you are a A+ student. That house looks amazing!

  14. Vee, It looks wonderful! I can only imagine how great it smells... Wishing you both a very blessed Christmas!

  15. Vee,
    You are so silly but that last photo scares me! Looks like the construction is coming along well. Hmmm, I never knew that soup cans and water glasses were key to house construction. Looking forward to the finished product!

  16. Hi Vee, your gingerbread house is coming right along! Handy to be married to a carpenter isn't it? (me too) What a cozy way to spend a winter's day. ~Kathy

  17. Oh wow Vee! Your Gingerbread house is coming out so well! I hope I get to see the finished product before I leave to see my grandson.

    Have a good weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  18. Hi Vee!
    I'm so glad to see your sweet hubby joining in the new house construction you have going. He's just like my great husband. He's going to be baking cookies today for me while I'm off to retail world to work.
    I'm so glad you like my playlist! I guess I never thought about anyone wanting to listen to it like that. So glad you were enjoying it. My favorite song on the entire list is "Down to the River to Pray".
    Looking forward to more progress photos on your Gingerbread house!!
    Hugs, Sherry

  19. Suzanne did a great tutorial..I'm hoping to make one in the next couple days. I love you snowflakes falling through your blog!

  20. Fantastic!
    I usually make a gingerbread house~ but with no kids around this year I didn't even try.

    Your's looks move in ready!

  21. Vee,

    You did it and it is adorable! I love the little marshmallow snowman out front! I so want to try this only not this year!

    After you are finished collapsing drop by to see that you are one of the winners in my give away!!!! Congrats! I have your address so I'll just get it in the post on Monday AM!!!

    Tell the carpenter that the chimney looks great! Have a restful evening!

  22. Oh Vee, you and the Carpenter did such a terrific job. I agree that building a house, whether it be gingerbread or full size is the test of a relationship. I admire his whittling skills. I was simply too tired to deal with the wildly out-of-scale chimney. Those elves are wild and crazy guys.

    I like the treatment over the doorway with the pretzels. And the snowman in the yard! I'm glad you had fun with this although you almost gave me heart failure with the gingerbread stunt balancing act. YIKES.

    Just watch, next year you'll be building a bigger structure. I'm sure the Carpenter is drawing up plans as we speak.

    - Suzanne

  23. Congratulations Vee and John! what an amazing gingerbread house it is!!! I remember making them years ago, they are a lot of work...now, will you save it, eat it or what will your plans be? :)

    Christmas Hugs,
    Kathi :)

  24. Oh, it is beautiful!! I love the pretzel roof:-)

    Very inspirational post, today. Thank you.


  25. Wow...you did good, Vee! I'm impressed!

    Here's my question...how did you get the snow to fall on your blog? I rather like it.

  26. ahhhh..... it is wonderful.... by golly..... that is an adorable gingerbread house..... you did a great job.... it will be the star of your Christmas dinner.....
    I am glad you showed the process..

  27. I saw the comment that you left on another girls blog that stated that someones decorated yard was "tacky." Hmmm, is this part of your christian beliefs and attitude? These people probably go to the trouble and expense for their family's enjoyment and that of the children that live nearby. I think "tacky" describes you; a supposed "christian woman" talking rudely and hatefully about a stranger's yard (and by proxy their hard work and personality) while quoting the bible on your blog.

  28. Hi Audrey,

    Merry Christmas to you, too!

    Yes, I find the decorating in that yard "tacky." That would be the photo shown at Margo's Junkin' Journal for anyone who'd like to follow this discussion. But I don't think that you read what I said very carefully or you'd also know that I commended Margo for her restraint in discussing the subject and I also commended the couple for videotaping whoever was responsible for stealing their decorations. I also said: "And I love your comment 'May we all enjoy the season this much.' Amen!"

  29. I am in serious awe of both of you!! Somehow, I even mess up the kits you buy in the grocery store.


  30. Hi Vee!
    Oh, your gingerbread house looks fabulous! :) I cheated and bought a kit at Walmart to build with the kids. We have over two feet of snow now! Hope you and yours are warm and cozy!

  31. Hi there
    This is my first time...I've wandered in through blogland someplace starting off at Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.
    YOu did a great job with your gingerbread house...I've never made one and I should check out the tutorial myself.
    I giggled when I read about all the other things you should be doing..*lol*...and instead you were making a gingerbread house. That sounds just like me!! I get doing new things and then I run into last minute rush trying to do what I am supposed to be doing...
    well its good to be able to put priorities aside and have a good time..*s*..
    I've enjoyed my visit and I will be back..

    Come by and visit when you have a chance.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  32. your house looked soo fun. never tried to make one... snowbound, ground blizzard conditions in ioway. with wind chills of 30 below zero. the northern part has more snow so is worse for them. tried to comment on newest message. love, love the message you shared. thank*u for skidding in with it. your blog looks soo cozy, love the mantle with frame & cups. and love the falling snow, great touch for the season. a verry merrie CHRISTmas to you & your family. hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

  33. Lovely Sunday post Vee.
    Quite a gingerbread house. They seem very populr over there.
    Tell John I am very impressed at his contribution to it.

    Now the clock, quite something depending on how you look at it.

  34. How fun! Thanks for joining our First Annual Gingerbread House contest! I still have to do mine.


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