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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Perfect Day

Don't you love a perfect day?! We aren't always aware of them for some reason, but yesterday was just such a day. It began, as it usually does, with coffee and quiet time. As John was reading morning devotions, I interrupted him to point out the Eastern spruce, which is just beyond our patio doors. It was sitting there twinkling in the morning sun. I've never noticed it before. For over an hour, we sat there and watched the tiny drops of water sparkle like twinklelights on a Christmas tree. As per usual, this is the best that I could do with the camera. Look close! Do you see them? There's one especially good one to the left.

After breakfast and after I'd visited a number of you, we decided to take my sister's Christmas decorations to her at her workplace. After leaving them off, a trip to Goodwill seemed in order. So many of you have such good luck there...well, at least Mary always does! Anyway, that's what you're seeing next — all my Goodwill treasures — a complete roll of wrapping paper, a candy dish, two boxes of ornaments, a book, and a little sign that says "and to all a goodnight." And all for less than ten dollars! I received three dollars in change.

I remember this well because I forked it over again late in the afternoon when we stopped at Tim Horton's for coffee and a blueberry fritter — make that two as we didn't share.

John took me out for lunch and I had something Mexican that was very good and didn't taste at all like turkey...yay! He had a salad. Honestly, I hate it when he's good on his diet. It just makes me look bad.

Then we shopped for all of his family and finished. Finished! Well, except for two aprons that I've got to get busy sewing.

Bought more fabric, bought more perfume, and avoided buying any magazines. I have all the inspiration I need right here in Blogland!

Edited to Add: About an hour after I had this post "in the can" using Post Options, I realized that something exciting was going on. I was receiving lots and lots of visitors! Most were arriving from The Inspired Room. Why, I wondered. Seems that Melissa has honored A Haven for Vee as her blog of the week. I am so blessed and so humbled because beautiful blogs abound here in Blogland. Talk about a perfect day, yesterday was it!

Soooo...welcome to all who may be visiting this blog for the first time. I do hope that you will comment so that I may visit you, too.


  1. Warning to all the new visitors- once you stop by you get hooked and make it a daily read! I did see the sparkles on your tree, Vee!

  2. When I first came to your site, I saw the picture {before reading your post} and thought...wow, she takes great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A perfect day, what a lovely thought. I'm sure we have lots of great days but to take the time to notice is what makes them perfect.

  4. What a fun day! I love the sign you found, sums it all up this time of year around our house, with all the coming & going it's nice to snuggle in for those visions of sugar plums!

  5. Perfect days are wonderful - all the more because they are pretty rare! I love your goodies from Goodwill - great bargains!

  6. Congrats on the honors Vee, it is well deserved! I do see the sparkle on your tree and it sounds as if you did have a perfect day. I spent mine up to me elbows in glitter, glue, and paper but I got a lot done and handmade gifts are stacking up! I think I am going to have to expand my gift list to get rid of it all. Maybe this means my shopping is done too! I hope you have another perfect day!

  7. It does sound like you had a perfect day. Congratulations on being honored with the blog of the week - well deserved.

  8. I love the tree photo! I am happy to say that the "following" worked and now I can be a loyal poster!

  9. Oh Vee, it does sound like a perfect day to me too. It is true that so often we only notice how nice it was after the sun goes down.
    Oh. . good find on those decorations, I am all but certain that your thrifts stores down there are better than ours up here.
    Oh and congratulations on your award. . .well done.

  10. Today is Blog Comment Day
    I have chosen your blog to add my comment to.
    I love a perfect day. I have added your blog to my daily readings. There are so many interesting blogs to view.
    I hope you have another perfect day today

  11. Hi Vee!!! It DOES sound like a wonderful day!!! Don't you just LOVE finding such great things at the thrift? And congratulations on your Inspired Room honor!! Very well deserved too! I hope today is just as wonderful ~ xxoo, Dawn

  12. Congratulations! Looks like you had a very Mary Goodwill experience, too. Love the picture and the little twinkle.

  13. Sparkling trees, Goodwill goodness, and kudos from Melissa--what a day! I was sure to comment yesterday on her blog when I saw your name as her Blog of the Week. It's much deserving, Vee! I hope today is another "perfect" day! ~Kathy

    P.S. I think I will follow your lead and go with 31 days of Simple Pleasures. I am sooooo behind!

  14. I'm so happy that you've experienced that perfect day. We all need to take the time, slow down and see the Eastern Spruce.

    Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  15. It did sound like a perfect day.
    I hope your today is just as good.

  16. It sounds like the perfect day...I see the sparkle in your eyes! Perfect days come muich more regularly when they are shared, right?

    You did well in the thrift store! When I drop off my cast-aways...they usually look really good to me by the time I've looked around a bit. But every so often I find some treasures!

    To all your new visitors...
    Vee is a great hostess. We all keep coming back.

  17. Vee,

    I've check my list, yes, checked it twice and making blog buttons is not on it, be my guest! Have a great day!

  18. No surprise here - I've been checking in on you daily for a year now. You are one of only 4-5 that I have to check that often.

    I even have one of your pictures set as my background on the computer - it's the picture from last Christmas of the jar with the peppermind candies in. I had to duplicate the look at home.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Hi,
    I popped over from The Inspired Room - nice to meetcha!

    V. in Winterpeg


  20. It sounds like you did have a perfect day and I love your finds at Goodwill...

  21. Hi Vee! Congrats on being featured!

    I haven't been to GW in a while...I think I am due for a visit!!
    I have a vintage Singer that my Sis Liane gave to me...she's so sweet...


  22. Hi Vee
    Congratulations on being "Blog OF The Week"! A well deserved honor, and I am one of your biggest fans!

    Today is also a perfect day! I thought the same thing this morning on my walk in the park. Today is my grandson's due date but there is no sign he's ready as yet -- I just blogged about the day I'm now hoping he'll choose :-)

    I love your Goodwill finds! The ornaments are beautiful and the sign is so cute! Unfortunately the Goodwill nearest to me is in a dangerous neighborhood so I don't visit it.

    Enjoy the rest of this perfect day!

    Hugs, Pat

  23. Hi...I just found you through the Inspired Room. Love your blog, and your many wonderful pictures. It's so fun to look at. I'll be back.

  24. Wonderful finds, Vee ... and congratulations on being chosen blog of the week!

  25. I did find my way here via The Inspired Room. Cute blog...I'll be back!

  26. Congratulations on your award. You have a beautiful blog and you deserve it.

  27. so delighted you become inspired rooms special blog of the week! love your sweet place!


  28. I enjoyed reading about your day...it helped make mine better! Love your blog!

  29. I so enjoyed catching up on your recent posts---you are a GOOD blogger, as I can only post a couple of times a week! You leave me breathless as I read all of your great words.
    Perfect days are few and far between, but I so enjoyed yours!
    I also loved reading your thankful list, Vee! I was especially happy to see you are a kitty lover, too!
    Your advent wreath is a beauty--a great idea! Hope you are having a perfect rest of the week! Dana


  30. Tim Horton's coffee and a fritter....yummy! You're making me hungry :)

  31. Oh, indeed, a completely perfect day! Such wonderful memories!


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