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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Tale of Two Piano Stools

I haven't felt so conflicted about a new gift since I was six years old and received a new doll when I was still perfectly content with my old one. Dolls have feelings you know and I wasn't about to give my beloved doll any concern for jealousy. I can well remember my mother having a gentle conversation with me about the entire issue.

This is my dilemma. I received a new piano bench. Isn't it pretty?

Oh yes, and very comfortable, too, as my ever-expanding derrière is well seated.

But why? Why?! I love my old piano stool!

My grands "drive" it like crazy when they visit. It's been a part of my world for the past 21 years having arrived with the piano...a graduation gift from my parents. It has beautiful feet...four of them just like this:

And its lines are graceful and charming...

Oh, I can hear you gasping from here. Yes, so what about it?! My graceful, charming, eagle-taloned piano stool is held together with panty hose and a prayer. Sigh.

Okay, there's just one thing for it as my mother reminded me all those years ago. No need to give up one friend to receive another! This should make all three of us happy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christmas 2008 has almost passed. I say "almost" because round three begins this evening when my kiddos and grands join us for a lasagna supper and gift opening. This makes round four for the grands. Poor l'il heads must be spinning.

And per usual, I am skidding along by the seat of my pants...no wrapping done, etc. I will catch up with you all eventually. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Enjoy your time with your grandchildren today. Love the solution of your two piano benches! I gave my piano away this fall. I have had it since my 10th birhtday but have not really played it in years and could not envision myself playing it. It is now very happy in my neighbor's office at the college where he is a music professor. So glad you enjoy your piano. I so enjoy listening to my daughter in law play.

  2. oh Vee, I love your old stool and your new stool looks grand as well. I think you were wise to set them side by side. . .why you never know who might pop by for a duet recital . ..
    My old rickety bench has a loose hinge and the finish was one year forever reset on a hot summer day when my older cousin sat upon it in a sweat. . . but it remains. .
    enjoy your round 4. . .woo hoo.

  3. I can see where the conflict comes in...they are both beautiful piano benches! I'm sure they will be able to co-exist.

    Have fun with your family...and start wrapping!

  4. I love the charm of your old wooden piano stool! If it isn't sturdy enough to sit on anymore, why not grace it with a lovely plant in a nook or corner--yeah, repurpose it!lol Your new stool looks more comfortable!

  5. Ha, oh Vee, I love your old stool and your new bench. I know how you feel, I always have a hard time parting with the old. I love your solution to keep it around. And the pantyhose, perfect! :-)

    Thanks for all your well wishes, prayers and encouragement...moving is a crazy season, but we are looking forward to finally getting our new life started.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Vee,
    I hope you have a wonderful celebration this evening! We wrapped up celebration #3 (we hosted all 3!) last evening and today I am in recuperation mode!

    My advice, make new friends (your new stool) but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold. Send John out to the hardware store to get a product called "chair tight" and have him give your old friend a shot in each join to repair his wobbles, free him from his bandages and give him a place of honor where the grands can still use him as a go cart anytime they please! (Mine uses a wheeled laundry basket when he is here, it is his favorite "toy")

    Have a merry celebration!

  7. I LOVE that bench. I had a stool just like that (without the elastic though,lol) for my piano when I lived at my parents. They are just too beautiful not to keep aren't they?? ((hugs)) Hope your having a blessed day with your wee ones.

  8. Merry Christmas to you my friend! I'm sure the old piano stool will be quite happy to share it's space with the new "youngin'"! I had to laugh when I saw you had the panty hose tied around the old one, though! So funny! Take care!

  9. Awww, Vee --- we are so sentimental. When the boys were taking piano lessons we got a fancy new piano bench --- but I wouldn't let the old one go (it was mine as a child). So --- let me tell you, there are many things that the experienced piano benches can become. They make great tea tables, spares at the dining table, a display center, or a stand for a fancy lamp. No need for the old to feel badly --- she's very beautiful! And the new --- oh-la-la --- very, very lovely!


  10. It is lovely! Would it make a beautiful fern holder?

  11. Hey, Vee! We had another Christmas today, too, with my folks and my sister and all the cousins. We had a tornado watch and a storm passed through with high winds and torrential rains for about an hour. It went from 80 degrees to 45 in just a few minutes! At least it felt a little more Christmas-y! Hope you and yours had a wonderful time! I like your old piano bench, too. Glad you're keeping it around. I think it would be very sad to leave your house!

  12. I too would find it hard to give up that stool, but the new one is "grand" as well. I think your solution is perfect!

  13. Methinks the two piano stools can live together in harmony.

    I'd put the Carpenter to work repairing the original stool.

    - Suzanne

  14. Panty hose are miracle workers aren't they? I keep some in my car trunk in case I need to tie something down :). Your stools are precious and will bring many hours of love and enjoyment.

    Happy Sonday!
    Kathi :)

  15. Hi Vee!

    LOVE the new piano stool! It looks so rich and comfortable! But I understand your dilema. I have an old piano stool that I love also, minus the piano! It's tucked away in my bedroom closet where I use it everyday when I'm dressing and putting my shoes on. I love it dearly.

    All I can say is what an adjustment you're faced with!

    Hugs, Sherry

    Glad you're enjoying the holidays!

  16. So you are a secret pianist then! Enjoy your nice new stool.

    The garden will begin to revive in earnest in May I guess.

  17. I wish I'd kept my old piano. Love the new bench as well as the old stool.
    Happy New year!

  18. The old stool is just beautiful! Love those legs but I'm sure the new one is way more comfortable. There seems to be room for both so you came up with a great solution!


  19. Oh yes the old must stay and get to know the new comfy.....
    Have a merry time with the kidos

  20. Vee, what corner of the world are you in? : )

  21. Wow what a nice gift, I think you should just keep both of them and use them both....sounds like your having a grand time at your house for Christmas...lasanage my fav!

  22. I just have to tell you, we had lasagna Christmas Eve and read, The Glory of the Unlikely. We are so on the same page sometimes =)

    I have heard of soaking music, but did not know there was a website dedicated to it. I will definitely give it a check and see.


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