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Monday, December 22, 2008

Gassner Custom Soaps

If I keep winning, I may have to buy a lottery ticket. Three wins in three weeks? I feel so blessed!! (I'll be sharing my other wins as soon as they arrive.)

One day when I was playing *LeapBlog, more on that later, I found Amber at Such is Life who directed me to Elizabeth at Gassner Custom Soaps who was having a drawing back on November 25.

Friday's mail brought me my prize and oh what a prize it was. Let me just share the box and its contents in a picture story and then I'll tell you what I really think about the products.

Both John and I have been using the soaps for a few days now. What I noticed immediately was that my hands are not so dry and I am not using as much lotion. This coffee soap for the kitchen is wonderful...not a heavy, perfumed soap, but one that cuts odors on the hands while soothing them. It's hard to describe. I want to say creamy and ultra smooth so guess that I will. :D Doesn't it look good enough to eat? And I love the lip balm...so soothing and emollient. Wonderful stuff!

Now I've been visiting the Gassner web site via the link I have on my sidebar and I see that Elizabeth makes scents for men. Hmmm, I'm just wondering if it'd be possible for her to come up with my beloved's favorite scent. (Just follow the color code.) What do you think? ;>

Elizabeth, thank you so much. I'll be enjoying these gifts for a long time to come!

Amber, thank you, too!!

*LeapBlog...a game where one leaps off to a blog listed on her own sidebar and then jumps to a blog unknown to her continuing for 10x. Then, on that tenth blog, the blogger must find her own blog listed in that tenth blog's sidebar in order to win. Winning isn't everything! I rarely win LeapBlog in this way, but I do find a lot of new and wonderful blogs.

Happy Monday, Dear Ones!


  1. There's nothing like handmade soap. Milk Man's wife sent me some and I just bought a bar at a craft show. The scent is called "Wasabi" which sounds like it would be very wierd, but it's a wonderful scent. I almost want another bar to leave on the bedside table to offer up it's aromatherapy whilst I fall asleep.

    Happy Monday to you.


  2. Such a beautiful prize you won, Vee. The love and care put into the gift is obvious. I'm going to play your game. It sounds like just the thing when snow and cold keeps me indoors.

  3. You go girl.... get a ticket... you are so lucky..... leapblog... how fun...

  4. Congrats on the win! Those soaps look heavenly! I'll have to drop over for a visit. I do love a good product recommend.

    Thank you for the mention and the super sweet link yesterday.

    I'd better scoot, I have a pile of packages to wrap today! Have a great day!

  5. What a wonderful prize you won .. .hoooray for you. I love beautifully scented soaps too and I think I should have run to our local soap shop to purchase some for gift giving. . .i had forgotten about it until this post ..
    enjoy your prize. . you'll just be squeaky clean.

  6. The soaps look wonderful...great prize!

    I hoping you don't find John's favorite scent anytime soon...and if you do it stays on the east coast. I'm thinking it might be a little too close to the 'scents' I am always trying to cover up around here!

  7. What a lucky duck are you!!!!

    Those are some wonderful gifts!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  8. What a wonderful gift Vee.
    Love your header but don't know where you get the time to keep changing it.
    Not heard of the leap frog deal.

  9. Hey Vee - a quick hello and glad to see you're having such luck. I LOVE home made soaps best. I use exclusively au natural soaps. xo

  10. That soap does look good enough to eat! Handmade soup is worth every penny in my opinion! I'd definitely invest in a ticket - you seem to be on a lucky streak!

    I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas! I'm taking a break and I'll be back next week.


  11. Hi!
    It was so nice to have you come and visit me and please do come back again.
    I'mso happy you visited me because now I've found you and I've had such fun on your blog and I will be back!
    I love the potato recipe and will have to try that one. Interesting you are married to a Swede. My background is Swedish also(my dad and my last name was Swedish)but my parents are from Finland.

    I found so much interesting reading here..thank you for sharing.
    Have a lovely day and a blessed holiday with your family and friends.

  12. I love handmade soaps, congratulations! you have to be the luckiest woman Vee ;). Leapblog, that sounds like something I already do, LOL. That will be wonderful fun after the holidays, too busy right now :)

  13. I'm so glad you are enjoying them Vee! And I'm not planning on making his favorite scent anytime soon! Lol

  14. Shoot! I was looking forward to surprising him with that one. ROFL!

  15. shoot if i would have known all those goodies were gonna come with i would have never let it slip my lips. just kidding glad youre enjoying ;)


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