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Monday, December 1, 2008

How Long 'Til Christmas?


Well, obviously, Thanksgiving was late this year and that always throws me off. Even so, we did get the tree constructed and lights hung. John wanted to stop at this stage — you know, the "just toss them on there" stage and call it good. That's because of the five rolls of working lights packed away, only one was working when they were unpacked. What happens to those things?! We made a dash for Wal*Mart at 8:30 Saturday evening, which left us with not a lick of energy left for the job, hence the fright you see here.

Course you know, slave driver that I am, John finished up the job late Sunday afternoon. Then he helped with ornaments, too.

Sis had left a message about picking up things today if I had them ready. Hmmmmm... Anyway, that meant my scurrying about this morning to get as much out the door as possible. I won't miss the naked man, but I will certainly miss this picture of my niece.

Sis brought yummy cookies and we did all sit down to enjoy them over some piping hot and strong coffee.

Last evening, thanks to a wonderful post that Miss Sandy of Quill Cottage wrote, we participated in an Advent activity (?)...having never done it, I'm not sure what to call it other than wonderful. We had such a nice, quiet time reading the scriptures Miss Sandy provided and lighting the candle. We don't have much of an Advent wreath yet, but what we did have worked.

Looking forward to sharing this wonderful season with all of you — have a great first day of December!


  1. Advent is a lovely season to celebrate, isn't it! We lit our candle, and thinking about everyone out there doing the same thing is such a wonerful feeling!

  2. The advent ceremony is a wonderful tradition. The tree looks great. Did the Carpenter realize what he was signing up for? Slave driver?? You're no slave driver, you're just goal oriented. Tell him that and see what he says.HA HA.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  3. Advent is a very special time of year. Your tree is beautiful. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Hi Vee!
    Your tree is so lovely! And the Advent wreath idea is wonderful!! I never thought of having one at home DUH, I've always enjoyed it at our church so much. I especially liked the previous post with the scripture on God's love. If I sit quietly with God I can always feel His love, what a special gift... His love.
    Hope you enjoyed your Tday! your table was beautiful and festive!
    Hugs, sherry

  5. What a beautiful Christmas tree! That big ball of glow is usually how I light a tree--thank goodness for help with that this year.

  6. You have a gorgeous Christmas tree, Vee. Absolutely magical!

    I remember so well that each year my grandmother made Advent wreaths of low pine for my mother and her sisters. I need to return to that tradition.

  7. Hi sweet Vee! Your tree is so gorgeous! I've got to get busy with ours ~ so much to do...so little energy...maybe I need to try strong coffee!! Hope you have a wonderful week ~ John too! xxoo, Dawn

  8. Vee,
    You just bless my socks off! It is not about what you have but about what you do and you did it! You took the time from being Martha to becoming Mary by sitting at the feet of Jesus and supping on His Word. It blesses me to no end to know that last evening we, your family and ours, worshiped together.

    Your tree looks smashing! Ours is one the puny side, like a big full tree and for some reason we have a sort of skinny tree, but as stated above its not what you have but what you do with what you do have.

    I am glad you enjoyed the snowman treats over at my place. I left off one of the ideas for the edible ones: When piping hot from the oven, spritz with spray butter and dust with powdered sugar.

    I'm off to add that one to the list! Have a happy day Vee.

  9. I have never had an advent wreath in my home before...but maybe it's time. A lovely tradition.

    I had the same problem with my lights this year. Some were partially working...some not at all. I finally had the tree all decked out...and yesterday one more strand packed it in! Before my guests arrived...I quickly added another string of lights to a tree that was fully decorated...not fun!

    Your tree is lovely, by the way.

  10. Oh your tree is so pretty and I would like one of those cookies! :-)

  11. Your tree looks so lovely. I ahve just done a post on our Advent customs in UK/France. It is such a lovely season in the Church year.

  12. We always have an advent calander (with little doors that open to mark the beginning of each day) being the good little Catholic girl that I am. What a wonderful first Christmas as husband and wife you and BBJ are going to have, Vee! I'm so happy for you both...now crack that whip! He waiting for you!

  13. Vee, just a perfect post. . .I'm glad you got your decorating done, I'm taking a break from mine to do some visitng here and there.

  14. Your tree is beautiful! I wonder too what happens to those lights we so carefully put away?

  15. Glad you got all that decorating done! Everyhting looks so pretty and festive!

    I'm glad John enjoyed my "constrcution" post :-)! I noticed those porta potties being hoisted too -- good thing they didn't leak --lol!

    I hope he enjoys my new CANstruction post -- they are engineering marvels made out of food cans! So imaginative.
    Hugs, Pat

  16. I love your tree. We always had an Advent wreath when I was growing up..m..

  17. Happy Advent to you as well! Your tree is fabulous!!

    kari & kijsa

  18. Your home is beautiful Vee, your tree and advent wreath, it's just the beginning isn't it? There's no place like home for Christmas :)

  19. What a nice way to improvise an Advent wreath! Your tree was just lovely, also!


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