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Monday, December 29, 2008

An Assortment of Christmas Leftovers

Saturday's post brought my third and final win of the week. What incredible good fun it was to look forward to the mail. (That's one of my favorite things about the Christmas season...actually looking forward to the day's post.)

This was my win from Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage. It's a Christmas Cookie Recipe Book for me to write in my favorite recipes.

Don't you just know that that sweet little Merry Christmas tag was recycled for Saturday evening's party.

Thank you, Miss Sandy! Your craftmanship is unequaled and I treasure this highly. Now I'll have to work on my penmanship for jotting in the recipes I especially want to save. Let's revisit this in a year, shall we?

Now for some of my favorite photos of Christmas Day at my parents' and here Saturday evening...most will speak for themselves.

Do all of you look that intently at your laptops? ;D

The boy has toys, but he's inspecting coasters.

Rocket Launching

I wish that John would stop fighting with the dog!

Do you remember all the references to sewing and aprons? Here are my aprons all in a row...

Though I tried to capture each recipient's response, I only managed to capture one good one...my niece's who looks quite pleased with her apron.

There was an apron for every woman in my family, including my grandmother. She's particularly pleased to have an apron made with one of John's old shirts...a purple one at that!

Thanks for looking at my pictures...have a fantastic Monday!


  1. That cook book is AMAZING. What a talented woman she is.

    The pics of your family are beautiful. I LOVE those aprons.!! My mom got me an apron this year also for christmas..yahooooo...


    The little ones pictures were just the best.!!

  2. What wonderful Christmas memories! Your grands look absolutely awestruck - they are excited but don't know quite what to make of it all! Isn't it fun?

    Your aprons are so cute! They looked great all hanging up there - too bad now you'll have to make some more. I know all your 'women' loved them.

    Glad you had a great Christmas time. Looks like some new faces there, all family I suppose. Love the pic of John wrestling with the dog!

    Have a great Monday, yourself, Vee! Sorry about all your snow - I'll try to send some sunshine your way. God bless you all -

  3. Ok, now I want to do an apron for each of the women in my family... have you already shared pictures with us of your aprons? What pattern did you use?

  4. Looks like the best of times. You just have to love those little ones and their thrill at the fun of Christmas. I also loved the turkey preps picture. So homey.

  5. I do hope you share your precious cookbook when it's finished, there's nothing better than handwritten recipes :).

    Your family Christmas is beautiful, you've made me feel welcome as if I were there :).

    A beautiful Monday to you Vee.

    New Years Hugs,
    Kathi :)

  6. Thank you for the peek at your family holiday, all looks so warm and welcoming. A lot of love filled those rooms.

    I would be so very stingy with those aprons! The looked wonderful hanging all in a row and the craftsmanship and colors are so wonderful. I'd love to step into my kitchen on a dreary winter day and have such bright cheer to greet me!

    Those little grands are so precious! Our boy played more with a box more than the actual toy. Are they not the sweetest gifts?

    I am glad you enjoyed your book and I am now going to attempt your apron project. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  7. Thank you for sharing the photos of your Christmas with us. What a wonderful family you have!! :-)
    The cookie recipe book is wonderful and I just love all of your aprons!!

  8. What a beautiful cookbook! Looks like you had great fun at Christmas, surrounded by family. Wonderful! Oh, and your aprons are beautiful!

    Wishing you a New Year filled with joy. :)

  9. Vee, thank you so much for the visit to your Christmas gathering. . you captured it well. . .and it felt like family and home.
    I can see that the aprons would have been well recieved. .next year, I plan to do the same, thanks for that inspiration.

  10. That cookbook is something you will treasure for years to come.

    You did such a great job on your aprons. I am sure that they will put them to good use. I especially love the photo of John in his red shirt. Lovely portrait of him.

    - Suzanne

  11. What fun to see Christmas at your house...wonderful snapshots! Some day you can make your blog into a book...and your family will have a treasure trove of memories.

    Your aprons are great! I will ditto the question...where can the pattern be found? After spending the last decade apronless...or almost...I'm ready to go on an apron sewing binge.

  12. Hi Vee! LOVE the photos...and that wee one with the laptop is so so darling!

    Yes..the laptop is mine...we got DD one of her own..that's why I was so surprised I got one too!

  13. Hi Vee!! Looks like your Christmas was just wonderful!!! I love seeing your family ~ What precious gifts those aprons are! I know each and every recipient will treasure them always...I hope you and John are doing wonderful this Monday! Wishing you a great week sweet friend ~ xxoo, Dawn

  14. Waht a stunning cook book! You lucky gorl! And Vee, I think you have captured Christmas in your family beautifully on camera. I can feel the warmth and joy from here.

  15. Vee...how fun to view your family Christmas photo's. Wow looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Your aprons are so pretty, a homemade gift is the best!!!

    Enjoy your Monday too!

  16. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us! I love all the beautiful aprons. What lucky gals the recipients are! :)

  17. Oh such great photos and I too love the apron idea...can't sew at all though ... maybe my 3R's will come in handy as I search second hand and antique stores for some aprons for Next Christmas.

  18. Lovely photos, all.

    And as to your first paragraph... Isn't it sad, that it takes the Christmas season, to make us look forward to the day's post? Since it's the only time of year when we can hope to receive something with hand writing on/in it.

    What happened to 'the good old days'? When, for one thing, "real" hand written letters were much more commonplace? A bit sad, really...

    Aunt Amelia~

  19. Congratulations on your win Vee. Your pictures are wonderful. what a thoughtful person you are to make a home made gift for all of the women in your family. A gift from the heart is the best gift of all.

  20. You are so lucky, here in Ireland there is a saying that if you win once you win three times...sounds like it was true in your case. Those aprons are fantastic and what a wonderful array you created. All the family photos are fantastic. Happy New Year to you and yours. hugs Margie.

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  22. Oh your family get together looked like so much fun. You have little ones, is there anything more delightful than little ones at Christmas? Thank you for your prayers. Happy New Year.

  23. Your christmas looks so wonderful. I wish for you a 2009 filled with all of the best life has to offer..m..

  24. Hope you do not mind but I had a peek wonderfull pictures and aprons thankyou!


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