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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Minute Ideas

Whoaaa, talk about skidding in...

I'm thinking that you, yes, YOU, are going to be the death of me...wouldja stop having such great ideas? Please? :D

No, no, I don't really mean that. Let me tell you, as quickly as I can for I know how busy you are, how your great ideas have been working for me.

First of all, gift wrapping. I found the best ideas for gift wrapping here and here.

Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage made an adorable rosemary wreath. After being inspired by Miss Sandy and Margo, I did these gift bags with my rosemary, which has been in the house since September 16 and doing great. Then I took it a step further by printing out and including Ree's Crash Potato recipe. (If you're really smart, you can use some of your fancy Christmas copy paper.) Now folks will know what to do with those little rosemary snippets.

Have a terrific Tuesday! Hope that we all get a lot done. I'm still shopping



    I am loving that rosemary idea! I still have rosemary growing even when it gets iced over!

    Thanks for the links! It is hard these days to get every where so I really appreciate your shortcut!

  2. Today I have two daycare children here, one half day, the other one, my nephew, all day. We are going to do alot of baking. These three year olds LOVE to crack the eggs, pour the ingredients and stir away! I just have a few small items to wrap, but it's the cleaning that needs to get done, as I host Christmas Eve tomorrow at my home, with about 30 attending. I'm resting in the One that can give me the strength and the joy to go about my day. I LOVED those ideas you shared. I've added Margo to my blog list so I can check out all her lovely stuff...Thanks for sharing these great ideas, and helping us make our house a home, a haven, and a blessing to those that enter in!! ((hugs))

  3. Vee,

    The packages are wonderful and I love that you used fresh herbs to garnish them and then to put them in the soup, yum! I love the little wreath, now you have given me a great idea!!! I am off to finish those packages up. I was called away yesterday by a friend in need so now I feel I am behind the eight ball so to speak. My stove and a roll of tape are calling my name, I just hope I don't end up with floured presents and scotch tape soup!

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  4. Everything you share is wonderful, I really appreciate it Vee. There's always much to be done the days before Christmas. I too have put off my last minute things :).

    Christmas Hugs,
    Kathi :)

  5. Great ideas, Vee! And, of course I had to run off and check out your links...even if my packages are all wrapped and under the tree. Here's my question...where did you find rosemary looking that lovely? There's nothing in my garden that's snippable right now...it's all frozen solid and under snow.

    May you have a most productive day...and enjoy every mnute of it.

  6. Thanks for the links to those gift wrapping ideas ~ they are great!!
    I saw the rosemary wreath idea at Cherry Hill Cottage. I will be making those for sure as I have a huge rosemary plant right outside my kitchen door.

    Wishing you and your dear family a very Merry Christmas.


  7. I am about to wrap stuff. Yes, I know I have been saying the same thing for a week now! There does not appear to be a recession in Switzerland. I think I will move here. Shops manic.

  8. Ahh - the Rosemary snippets will make the gifts smell wonderful too.

    Glad my post was so appreciated. Makes the blogging time worth while. Have a great Christmas Vee.

  9. I can identify! LOL!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  10. Those are so great ideas! I will have to make notes or I will forget them. The rosemary idea is great. I have to try that soon! Have a Merry Christmas!

  11. Vee, that rosemary idea is D I V I N E! You clever girl you.

    Just wanted to wish you and John a very Merry Christmas and infinite blessings for 2009. Thanks for helping with my Santa plot too. In only 2 days, David and family get to hear the whole sordid tale!

    Love and hugs, Terri xo

  12. Thanks for the rosemary idea. I've put a all into the Farmer to bring home a whole bunch. I love your advent wreath and remember the tradition of lighting the advent candles at our tiny old church.

    Ree's Hot Crash Potatoes are always a big hit in our house.

    Have a blessed Christmas.



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