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Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday Trains and Sunday Pains

This grand loves trains and most especially Thomas and crew — James, Neville, Emily, Fergus. You know, the names that flow trippingly from the tongue. The grand was going on and on about "cranky" Saturday and I thought he was mimicking something that his mother or father had called him. No, "Cranky" is a crane. It's going to take a while for this Nonni to catch up, but I'm trying. Oh, boy, I'm trying.

The grands have a train track that runs directly behind their home and a railroad crossing just one house down. Whenever the trains go by and the whistle is heard, Sam shudders and says "Bert." Bert is a dreaded diesel engine. :D

My mother, the grand's great-grandmother, had decided that he should see the vintage train show at the local garden. It was being held in the shed and barn...I now know where the expression "it's as cold as a barn" comes from...brrrrr. It was wonderful to see Sam respond to all the trains, but most especially to the set of Thomas. Thomas kept leaping the track and had to take a rest, which delighted Sam for some reason. The only time that he got upset was when we had to leave for he didn't want to say goodbye to the trains. Now I'm hoping that his father will get out his childhood Lionel set and place it under the tree this year because Sam will absolutely love that.

After lunch, Sam's great-grandmother had another surprise for him — creating a gingerbread train. Ohhhh boy! It provided us with an opportunity to practice that it's not about the product; it's all about the process. Here's the little picture story.

Oh yes, there was a whole lot of munching going on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday afternoon after church, John took me out to dinner. I hurriedly gathered my new sweater since I knew that it was bitter cold and the restaurant would be cooler than usual. (Every place is keeping the heat way low.)

As we finished our meal, John leaned over to pick at my sweater with a puzzled "What's this?"

I'll tell you what it was...the sweater size, one that I'd prefer not to advertize, boldly proclaimed in what might as well have been neon lights from my shoulder to my waist. Nothing like a little humble pie along with one's sirloin tips!

Have a delicious Monday, Dear Ones!


  1. Your grandson is absolutely darling! Love those big eyes.

    What a blessing for him to enjoy the generations around him!

    We had that for many years but the great grandma's either live far away or have gone on to Heaven.

    A Train Day sounds perfect! Even if it was cold...

  2. He is absolutely gorgeous. My daycare children love Thomas the Train, Wiggles, Dora, and everything else,,LOL. Thank God I love them too,,lol. Thanks for sharing. You are building wonderful memories for your grands. One that will last a life time, build on a firm foundation that NO STORM in life will every be able to crumble..((hugs))

  3. Ok, I am snickering here about the sweater size. I have done the same thing and a bit worse... I advertised that my sweater was from Walmart.

    I think those pictures of your grand with his great are precious. You will be so glad you have them!

  4. Oh, what a sweet little face. I don't believe boys ever grow out of train love. My husband was just talking about getting his train out to put underneath the tree.

    I've done the tag thing too, only with new jeans. Yikes! Advertising jean size is worse, so, so much worse than sweater size.

  5. I love the eyes on the grand ..... so wide and wondering. I too, hope that his father will dig out that train set. It will make lots of memories.

    I'm certain glad to know that I'm not the only one who marches around with price tags and/or those plastic "size" strips proudly adorning my clothing.

    Have a wonder day Vee.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  6. Our grandsons might just have a fine time together...playing trains. Can we arrange that? It sounds like a wonderful outing...with a very sweet child.

    The sweater size...that is very funny! I had a friend who came over to our table in a restaurant to chat & I noticed a large black L stuck to her sweater, but couldn't tell her in front of everyone. We laughed later!

  7. What great memories in the making there.
    My oldest grandson used to love trains too and would stand for hours just looking at my husbands HO scale train layout. It was a bit sad this year when he tore down all his trains.

  8. The train exhibit looks like it was a lot of fun and your little darling looks like he was enthralled! The gingerbread train looks so cute!

  9. What a fabulous day!

    My youngest son is 3 and he adores all things Thomas - he and your grandson would get long just fine with their love for trains.

    That gingerbread train is wonderful! Special memories!

  10. How cute is that face! And your mom is beaming herself. I bet they were both in hogs heaven! Is he still munching on his train?

    I guess we've all done the tag thing, judging from the looks of all these other posts. Made for a great Monday morning back to work chuckle tho!

  11. Trains and little boys are universally a delightful combo .. .so sweet your grand is. . and the train from his great. . so wonderful to have such a special memory to put in that bank.
    Oh Vee, I laughed at your sweater story. I had a girlfriend that just recently went back to college. As all students do, she went to the store and purchased new jeans .. .only to realize the next day that her pant size was a long strip declaration down the leg. . .oh yah .. .she was not pleased.

  12. Gingerbread building should be on every child's holiday to-do list. Yours is adorable!

  13. Awww Vee, your grand IS grand!!! What a precious angel ~ I know he must have loved that train show and making the gingerbread train too, yummm! Oh Vee. That sounds just like something I would have done!!! :) Walk around a restaurant with my size displayed proudly on my clothes! Happy week sweet friend ~ xxoo, Dawn

  14. Oh my gosh what awesome pictures of Sam....I love you story

  15. That gingerbread train looked terrific! Very unique too. And your grandson, well, simply adorable. :)

  16. What a great post! One precious child, and one cute gingerbread train! :)

    Oh, and just cut the size tags out, and noone will be none the wiser! LOL! ~Rhonda :)

  17. You have won an award,,go and look,,,and by the way,,you also won the Give Away,,((hugs)), lol

  18. My grands love Thomas and friends, too; and I'm trying to learn the names of all of them just like you.

    Your grandson is so cute! I'm sure he had a great time making the gingerbread train, especially nibbling on it!


  19. What a cutie!! Kijsa's youngest is gaga over Thomas...we laughed...and continued the list...Spencer, Harold....
    Have a fabulous day,
    kari & kijsa

  20. What a sweet little grandson and I love the gingerbread pictures. That sweater story is pretty funny, but sounds like something that would happen to me!

  21. Oh yum, that gingerbread train looks delicious. What a lucky little boy!
    Sorry about your size tag showing - why do they have to put those enormous long strips on things anyway? I am sure it was size PERFECT. Anyway, I notice they are making clothes very small these days - when did I become a Large? Groan...maybe it isn't the clothes...

    xo T.

  22. Forgot to mention your grandson is ADORABLE! Little boys are so precious...

  23. What a cutie your Grand Sam is! All little boys love trains. don't they?

    I just posted about a wonderful miniature train exhibit in Manhattan -- sadly the last year it will be sponsered by Citicorp.
    The ripple effect hits everyone everywhere.

    Hi Vee

    What a cutie your Grand Sam is! All little boys love trains. don't they?

    I just posted about a wonderful miniature train exhibit in Manhattan -- sadly the last year it will be sponsered by Citicorp.
    The ripple effect hits everyone everywhere.

    I've done that size sticker faux pas too! Embarrassing!

    Hugs, Pat

  24. what a precious grand you have! they are sooo fun! how priceless to enjoy the generations. so glad i got to see the wonderful pics! hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

  25. Ooohhh, this time of the year is so much about the children. I love trains, your grandson is precious watching the train. My uncle had a train when I was growing up, thanks for bringing back the memories Vee.

    Christmas Hugs,
    Kathi :)

  26. Yes, don't they love trains and Thomas and co. in particular. everythign I have bought Oliver this year is Thomas related.

    How well great grand did with the Gingerbread train. It's fabulous.
    I am planning making Oliver some Thomas fairy cakes (from a packet) not something I would n ormally use but these look cute.


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