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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Have you seen me experimenting with backgrounds over the past few days? I think that I've settled on this one obviously from The Cutest Blog on the Block. They have hundreds of background designs and it's very easy to add one without stressing over codes, etc. Since I'm late to the party, you probably already know all that I'm sharing today.

Aunt Amelia told me about other wonderful backgrounds available at The Background Fairy. Using their backgrounds will also place a little advertising in the top left corner, but that's a small price for a free background. Aunt Amelia says that she changes her background all the time. I can see why it's tempting.

Some time ago, Dawn gave a tutorial on how to change backgrounds on your own (without having any advertising) right *here.* She included some very attractive backgrounds to use as well.

Also, I've been playing with banners at Big Huge Labs Blog Header program where one can easily upload a picture and it will create a header automatically. That was a bit of fun and now when you see it, you'll know where I did it. This is one that I made there without all the finishing touches. I added the title with my own Photoshop program. (I don't like the color match and will be redoing it.)

It's been great fun playing with blogkeeping; now I'm moving on to higher ground...housekeeping. So why am I feeling sad about that?
Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. Vee,
    Thanks so much for the blog back ground and banner info. I'd love to learn more in these areas so I will be checking out the links. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. This soft green is beautiful! It is sooo fun to play around with our blogs!

    Have a great day, Vee!

    I am off to make some candles...by now I am about ready to be done with that for the season so it is not as enthusing as it is in the Fall.

  3. Thank you! I love to blogkeep as much as I like housekeeping! I am thrilled with the new sites you mentioned!

  4. I need to follow you lead and do some long overdue blogkeeping! I do like that banner with the pincushion, too!

  5. Hi Vee,
    I too have been playing around with my blog and have enjoyed it so much. Thanks for the added information.
    I have noticed the changes in your blog lately and have them enjoyed so much. Have a great day!!!

  6. Thank you! I didn't know any of this and I'm totally afraid to change anything for fear of deleting it all. I'll go play around with all that this weekend.


  7. I love this background Vee!! Thanks for pointing everyone to my little instruction post ~ it's not for the faint of heart though :) I'm so with you on the housecleaning....all I want to know is why doesn't it last longer that one day?! Have a great day, xxoo, Dawn

  8. Good Morning Miss Vee!!
    Thanks so much for the bloggy info....but I am not sure I need another excuse to spend more time at the computer...LOL
    Hugs to you!!!


  9. Thanks for these recommendations - I love switching things up every now and then. I'll be stopping by to see what they offer!

  10. Your new look is perfect! I love the color and I can read what you've written, that's important :) It's always nice when people share good information! Thank you :)

    Happy Wednesday Vee :)

  11. Hi Vee,
    I'm getting itchy to change things around on my blog too .. one of these days. .
    Oh and your new blog template is so pretty and what a great way to spruce things up a bit.
    Thanks for the header idea. . that one I did not know.

  12. I may have to try the blog header part. I love the patchwork of pictures you have. I have thought about doing that but hate to mess what I have up. I change my blog with the seasons, and of course with my son's help. sigh...I am not quite as tech savvy as you are Vee!

  13. Thanks for the blogkeeping information. I always admire how nice some of the blogs out there look, but I've been clueless on how they get them that way.

    Enjoy your day.

  14. I've been wanting to do that, too. My hubby is sweet to make me a new banner when I get tired of one! I love your new background! HAVE FUN!

  15. I am USELESS when it comes to backgrounds and headers. USELESS. I go into a total funk at the thought of change, and yet I love new looks. This, I realise, makes no sense at all. So I am going to go and make coffee instead!

    PS I love your new look!

  16. I know exactly why you are feeling sad about housekeeping...I'm with you. It's keeps finding a way to the bottom of my list! Blogkeeping is much more fun.

  17. Thought I would stop by and say Hi! It has been awhile.
    I can't wait to try the blog background and banner info.

    :) Jody

  18. Hi Vee, thank you for giving away your bloggy secrets. Blogkeeping is much more fun than housekeeping. As soon as I have an opportunity, I'm checking out the sites. Your blog looks terrific! ~Kathy

  19. Thanks for all the tips Vee. I do enjoy seeing all the pretty blog backgrounds everyone has, and I like yours as it's not too fussy.

    I like my blog's minimal look, but maybe I'll try a background, if I get brave enough someday, and see how it looks.

    Actually someone once told me I should have a fasionable NYC black background....but no thanks, I like something more cheerful!

    I would like to make a nicer header, so special thanks for that link!

    Hugs, Pat

  20. Well if your late to the party...I forgot to show up :]

    Thanks for the new sites to check out. I will have to take a peek.

  21. Blogkeeping is so much fun! I like your new background ... it looks very Spring-y! You've just reminded me that I have some blogkeeping to do.

  22. love the new background!! The blog looks fabulous!!
    Happy Day!
    kari & kijsa

  23. Good afternoon Vee, I do like the new look of your blog. I like decorationing my blog. It's free and I can change it when ever I want. No hard work involved either :>) Thank you for blog re-do information. I hope you are having a lovely day.

  24. Thank you Vee, for all the additional info.

    I'm happy you had fun with 'blog-keeping.' But right now, I've gone back to very, very simple. Just what Blogger allows. Just a soft pink background color...

    At least I hope it looks as soft a pink, as it does, on my computer. If it looks different on every computer, oh my! -sigh- I don't care for bright pinks.

    I'm much too frazzled at present, to work on any more 'blog-keeping' {or blog-playing, as I see it -smile-} though. So I'll stay simple. Until the next mood strikes me! Another one of those "Just gotta' make blog changes" moods! -smile-

    Aunt Amelia

  25. Yippee!! I have always wondered how to do this, now you have given me the goods.

    Don't worry, I'll somehow manage to screw it up...

    I'm off to play. Thanks, Vee. I was looking for a way to get out of doing laundry!


  26. You've become a great source of info on the blog details that I'm ashamed to ask about! Thanks so much for the info...I'm loving watching your experiments!

  27. Thanks for the info. I just updated my background too.

  28. Very helpful ideas! I'm learning so much! Thank you!

  29. Hey thanks, this is helpful info to a new blogger like me. Can't wait to check it out!


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