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Monday, January 26, 2009

Vanity, Thy Name Is...

Either one or both of the two Yahoos that live at the Haven that's who...

This all began when I asked my beloved to take a picture of my new haircut so that I could share. Because that's just what I'm all about — sharing.

This meant a bit of a camera lesson for him as we repeated an earlier lesson from way long time ago. So I demonstrated by taking a photo of him seated in the wicker chair where he is wont to sit of an evening watching me putter about at the computer. It's kind of dark here in the evening, but here it is...

Nice picture...thing is, I showed him all about my amazing skills as a plastic surgeon via my Photoshop program. So he wound up looking like this...

He rather likes it.

Ah, now it's my turn...

Oh, ackkk! Where's that knife?!

There! Nothing that some serious cropping and photoshopping can't fix. Wait, do I look puffy to you?

I should have stopped with The Carpenter's first photos of me...

Blurry, but wonderfully so. ;>

Have a great Monday!


  1. "The camera is thine enemy" should be a verse in the bible as well. I didn't think the first picture was horrible... shame on you! I like your hair!

  2. I think that you must have had a fun time together making this post.

    You both look quite relaxed and happy.

    Love the hair!

    Funny story...I have taken a ton of photos of myself for the blog ID photo...I have not deleted them and most are horrible, with a capital H! I forgot that Chelsea has all of our photos set as screensaver on the family room computer. The other night we were watching a movie...and there went those terrible pictures! I've got to do a little deleting today!

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Vee!

    I'm trying to learn photoshop from my son, I'm not a very good student. Anyway he did surgery on one of my self photos and took about 20 yrs off of me! WOW! I loved it!!

    You & your sweetie make an adorable couple! You are so pretty and he is very handsome, a match made in heaven me thinks!!

    Thanks for your scripture yesterday, I needed it, and all the songs at church were about how the Lord "levels the mountains" and holds onto us and doesn't let go. Wonderful!!

    Big hugs, Sherry

  4. Hi Vee!
    Long time reader, first time poster.
    Love the hairs-cut! Looks very cute. Hubby is adorable too.
    I need to get me that photoshop program! There's a little matter of an extra chin.....
    Keep up the great work with your blog. I love it!

  5. Cute haircut! You have the happiest smile! It's a nice picture of the hubby too.

    You know I love the Photoshop Face Lift. It's especially wonderful if all your new friends are 1,000 miles away with little chance of ever seeing the truth up close and personal. HA.

    Have a great week.

    - Suzanne

  6. How cute! I don't mind blurry photos either! My last one (with a sombrero on my head) is BRIGHT and should have been darkened and blurred! You're a cute couple!

  7. What a sweet couple you guys make - just adorable! =)

    Happy Monday!

    ~ Leah

  8. I LOVE photoshop! Altho I still bolt whenever someone aims the camera in my direction. I'm gettin' pretty good at 'beautifying' my subject as long as it's not ME!

    Like your new haircut! You should take yours and John's picture together! Are your arms long enough? I bet ya'll have alot of fun cooped up together in the wintertime! ;^)

  9. A fun post, Vee...and nice haircut! John is a very good sport....thank him for joining in the bloggy fun.

    So where is that magic button in photoshop? Since I have photoshop1...I likely do not have the plastic surgery option. Hmmm....I think I could use that.

  10. Your haircut is so you Vee :)...thank heavens you didn't marry John for his photography skills LOL! He sure is a keeper! You two still look so happy :)

    A happy Monday to you both!
    Kathi :)

  11. Hi Vee,
    Nice haircut. Sorry about the year on my Chinese New Year post, I was in the middle of writing it and adding some things from last year's post. You popped on before I was finished my final edit. Thanks for the heads up on Pat's post.

  12. You are beautiful, Vee! I love the fact that you just radiate happiness. Come to think of it, so does the Carpenter!

  13. You are too funny, Vee. I like your haircut and think you look very nice in your picture. We are so hard on ourselves.

  14. Hi Vee

    This was adorable! I think you and John make such a cute couple.
    Your new haircut looks wonderful! I have not changed my hairstyle in many many years and I'm afraid to take the big step as my hair has a mind of its own and probably wouldn't cooperate.

    I love Nora's Ephron's book about aging called "I Feel Bad About My Neck," and I you made me laugh as much as she did with this post and your photoshop chin photo!
    I feel the same way about my chin--lol--when did I get more than one? If only we could photoshop ourselves back to our twenties for real!

    Thanks for the big smile today!
    Hugs, Pat

  15. I think you look young! And happy!
    I am a relatively new reader, and enjoy your blog.

  16. OMG you are so cute! Puffy? NO, you don't look puffy, neither does BBJ...you just look so darned happy! Love the hair cut...Good Sister cut my hair a couple of weeks ago, she did a good job...I'll have to get Mac to take a picture of me...hey, I'll take one of him, too...and see how well I can photoshop, lol!

  17. First, I love {and covet!!!} your bangs. So softly waved and so lushly thick. -oh sigh- -oh sigh-

    Let's see, where was I?

    Oh yes, your cute as a button Mon. morning entry. Your Photoshopping of the Carpenter, is cool. But I can't see Photoshopping on your pic. I do see the cropping, because of being oh-so-familiar with it, myself... On myself. -giggles-

    Aunt Amelia
    "In the garden mystery glows/
    the secret is hidden in the rose--"
    ~Farid od-Din 'Attar

  18. It is nice to have a little control over the photos. My daughter is always printing my most unflattering pictures...

  19. Your so funny..... yes I think we ALL have a touch of vanity..... maybe I have a bit more than you ...I got a new hair cut too..... but I am not about to take a picture..... You look lovely with your new do and a twinkle in your eyes... and NO you do NOT look puffy... silly girl.... I on the other hand ..... I do .....

  20. Oh so cute. . you have gorgeously thick hair. . lucky duck. I love the last one where you are smiling and laughing.

  21. Hi Vee,
    I loved the pics, it seems to me that you both have such fun together,I find that very refreshing.

  22. Vee it's nice to see a picture of you. You are so pretty. I love your hair cut. Happy Monday!

  23. Vee,
    You are ever so silly! You both look great as does the new do. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Monday.

  24. Cute haircut! My hubby gets too impatient with me, either when asked to take or be photographed. There are so many important other things to do ... like watch TV!

    BTW, those shoes are wool and so comfy even if they have 2-inch heels. I'm a fashion not function girl, but since we are hoping to start a family soon, that looks like it will change really quickly!

  25. There is such a "glow" about you! I think it shows what joy you have! I think the marriage becomes both of you!

  26. Love your new hair style...Isn't it funny how men never seem bothered at getting their pictures taken and us women find flaws in every photo? I make my poor husband take 20 pictures of me for every one I show on my blog or in a magazine and I still don't like them!

    Your picture is wonderful!

  27. Love the hair cut Vee...and love it that John gets invovled in your blog. He's so cute...I bet his personality is even cuter.

    You guys are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. ;)

  28. Vee, you are a hoot. I love the patient way he looks at you. He is a good man. All the pictures of you are gorgeous - you are a doll. I like the haircut - very feminine.

    Yes, photo surgery is very helpful. I am trying to figure out how to use the "Delete Thighs and Butt" tool. Or perhaps I should learn how to clone from an earlier version of self.

    You look great. And happy. That is the biggest beauty secret. xo T.

  29. You two have some fun moments. I have to give my hubby a lesson each tie he uses the camera also. You have such nice and think lovely hair. I like the cut and the natural waves.

  30. Ooooh Vee, do me!! Photoshopped or otherwise you look lovely.x

  31. I wish I knew how to photoshop myself into something more fabulous! How much fun I would have with that!

    You guys look terrific, photoshopped or not! And cute new hair! :-)


  32. Always so many posts to catch up on when I visit. Firstly i see your wallpaper and header are new and very, very different to previous. I like it but I liked your previous one too.
    What I always find interesting with bloggers photos (and I know I have seen yours before) is that the image is often different than the image one get sfrom the writing of comments. It seems even more pronounced when one gets to talk on the phone. somehow we make images in our mind from words!!

  33. Dear Vee! I'm so glad for a picture of you and yes, your lovely face radiates what we know of your heart - the sweet love of Christ. Thank you for your recent comments on Esther's Insights and it truly is all about Him!

  34. ok - as someone with a generous double chin - the problem with that first picture - is your husband took it lower than your chin - never, ever, ever take a picture with a camera under your chin, are you crazy? hahahah!!!!!
    ok - you need to learn the "chicken neck" = how to take 10 years and 10 pounds off your face:
    face the camera straight on ----
    extend your face out from your neck by a few inches - just jut your face OUT from your neck.
    then point your chin down just a little.
    look at the camera with your eyes.
    viola!!!! I swear it works!!1
    loving your blog - got her from Terri.


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