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Friday, January 23, 2009

Wherein this Blogger Finally Comes Through

It dawns on me that I don't often keep my promises on this blog. I say that I will get back to you on this or that and I don't. There are two such promises that come to mind, one in recent days and one from over a year ago. Allow me to set this right, okay?

Here's the first...

This was my attempt to create a nine-inch "beachball" for my grandsons with some leftover scraps from those dozen or so aprons I made as Christmas gifts. Neither of my grands has ever paid any attention to this ball. It sits untouched and has now become an experiment to see how long it will take. At this rate, they'll be 21 and 20 before they notice. I found the directions right here at The Purl Bee. I'll let you know when they notice...yeah, right, sure I will! ;>

And this is the one from away back in October of 2007...

At that time, I had purchased a Butter Bell for my sister's birthday (a green one, I think) and I said that I'd let you know what I thought of the butter keeping system having first seen these featured on the Martha Stewart program. Probably the most pertinent thing that I can tell you is that I have since purchased an additional four. The white one above is my own and I love it because butter must be fresh and when one is dieting and doesn't get more than a smidge, a stick of butter hangs around for a long time. A butter bell keeps the butter fresh (soft, too) for all that span — even in summer!

You can read more about Butter Bells right *here.* (I see that they are having some great savings on Christmas items.) Be sure to check out some of their recipes, too. Now why didn't I purchase that beautiful yellow one? Perhaps I need another... (photo used by permission)

There, I feel better about keeping my promises already...thanks!

(My cold is better, too. I swear by that Airborne and hydrogen peroxide in the ears. Thank you so much for all your good wishes.)

Create a great day!


  1. Vee, I love the ball made from fabric scraps. Oh good gosh, I have so many scraps I could make a hundred of these.

    I've heard of the butter bell but never seen one. Thanks for the heads up because I love my butter as opposed to margarine. We've got to do our best to support those dairy farmers!

    Thanks for all you do.

    - Suzanne

  2. I'm glad to see your post about the Butter Bells. I've considered getting one for awhile, but wondered how well they really worked. I'm always forgetting to get the butter out early and so it's not spreadable when we need it!

    I wondered, if on really warm days in my kitchen, the butter wouldn't just plop down into the water. Guess that doesn't happen?

    Such lovely colors: maraschino red, orange crush, lime green . . . how does one choose!!

    Glad you are feeling better!

  3. HI Vee!

    So glad you're feeling better! I love the Airbourne too. It seems to help so much.

    I have never heard of a butter bell but I think that I've seen them in flea markets and didn't know what they were! DUH Now I'm educated thanks to you and will be on the lookout. I will check out the site you have. There's nothing worse than bad butter! Isshhh!

    Hugs, Sherry

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better already, Vee. I like the butter bell thingie - never seen one of those before...hmmm...

    The little ball is cute, too. Remember when the 'experts' thought boys should have dolls, too, about 25-30 years ago so they could "experience the nurturing or parenting instinct" or some hogwash? I had a friend make my oldest son a Raggedy Andy doll when he was about 4. He opened it for his birthday and promptly threw it across the room and never touched it again. I later asked my pediatrician about it and he said, "let him be a boy. He needs to play with boy stuff like guns and trains and other boy stuff so he'll grow up to be a man." We agreed. That was the last time I listened to the 'experts'!

  5. Vee, so glad that your cold is "coming around" and thinking about packing up and leaving for parts unknown! I've never heard of the the peroxide in the ears for a cold (wax removal, yes...). I went over to the Butter Bell site, bookmarked it and will be shopping later...saw two that I'll have to have! Being a "butter only" person....margarine shall never darken the door of my kitchen!...feel better!

  6. I love butter bells! I don't have one myself but I would love to have a yellow one. Did you make your own butter or cheat? :) Anything vintage for me :).

    Have a great day Vee, I'm glad to hear you're doing a bit better.

    Kathi :)

  7. I've seen butter bells and also wondered about warm weather (especially here in the south...) I want to get one!

  8. You have convinced me to seek out a butter bell. Also, for colds I have started using Emergen-C. It comes in several combinations and seems to work better than Airborne, at least for us.

  9. A friend of mine showed me her butter bell...and absolutely loves it. With your added endorsement...I'm almost persuaded. Well, I actually AM persuaded and would like one to call my own!

    So your grands have not yet discovered your scrap ball? If it never becomes a toy...don't depair...it makes a great decor item.

  10. I have never heard of a butter bell. This was a first for me!

  11. Thanks for the butter bell tip. I had never heard of one..I will have to check them out.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better..

    I am a bad blogger as well. I keep saying that I will show such and such or tell something and I totally forget!

  12. Yup. . .I have a butter bell too and am amazed how it keeps the butter fresh. . .the only problem is that my beloved loves his butter for bread. . .slightly chilled. . not too hard. . .not too soft. . and so I take it out of the fridge. . precisely 15 minutes before dinner. . .oh vey.
    Love the ball. . can't wait to see how old they will be.

  13. Hi Vee!
    :) Isn't the wather marvelous the past few days? I'm so glad that it warmed up a bit. I LOVE your butter bell! I had seen them before but didn't know hwhat they were called. I like the yellow one too, but I'm on a yellow kick right now. Hope that you and yours are fabulous!

  14. A butter bell is a great answer for handy butter storage for daily use! Thank you so much for the tip!

  15. Hi Vee

    How interesting that Butter ball jar is! It would be one more thing on my little counter however so I'll stick to the Breakstone's whipped butter container in my refrigerator. :-)

    LOL That cute beach ball has yet to be noticed? Has your cat found it a few times? My DIL's dog steals all my grandson soft toys and hides them is his basket! he thinks they are his.

    Gals you are feeling a little better -- stay warm and cozy!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. Glad that you're feeling better, Vee.Thanks for the info about butter bells. I've been thinking of getting one - I love to use butter but was having quite the time yesterday trying to use it to make grilled cheese sandwiches. I think I'll have to treat myself! Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Hi Vee,
    Glad you are feeling better,enjoyed the info about the butter bell, I have often considered one, just didn't know how long the butter would stay fresh though. Blessings,

    P.S. Doesn't that peroxide do wonders?

  18. Hi Vee - sorry I have not been around. Busy me!
    That sucks that you were sick and I am sorry to hear it and glad you are on the mend. Those butter things look so interesting and glad to hear they work. Do you have to keep water in it? I have seen one with water...

    I love butter too and it is all we use (and olive oil).

    I will go now and catch up on your previous posts. Hope you are a-okay. xo Terri

    P.S. Sorry you did not win the Domino contest!

  19. I've seen your comments on many blogs. I love yours. Thanks. I love that butter bell.

  20. Those butter balls sound wonderful. Thank you for the link. As far as promises, Blogland is so full of wonderful friends and beautiful places to visit, there never seems like enough time. Your blog is always filled with wonder and delight.

  21. I am glad you are feeling better. I have never heard of a butter bell before so I will go over and educate myself! Happy Saturday!

  22. I'm glad your feeling better Vee. I am glad you shared this post with us. I have been looking for something to store my butter in. Thank you. I hope you have a great weekend.

  23. Hi Vee, I didn't see the comment thingie above, so I'll leave a message on this post. Beautiful verse. I don't know that I am familar with this one, but I love it and am glad that you shared it!

    Hope your cold is much better! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  24. Well, I won't hold it against you since I too have been abent on my military life blog of late. I've made regualr appearances at the Teacup Cottage Blog, but am vowing to return to A Cup of Tea with Friends regularly.

    I've seen the butter bells, though never used one. I may have to try to find mine that is still packed in some box since we moved to this installation.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better ...

  25. thank you for the introduction to the butter bell...I've not heard of them before...SO CUTE and COLOURFUL! On my wish list now! *grin*



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