Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bloglifts, Facelifts, Kitchen Lifts, etc.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions about kitchen redos. I'm going to do a post sometime next week gathering all this information for my benefit. Does everyone use her blog as a clearinghouse of ideas? I find that aspect of blogging so helpful, though I notice that Miss Sandy is one prepared gal when she goes shopping...check yesterday's post right *here.*

As you can see, I've been at it again. This began all over when I visited Linds and saw her bloglift. I immediately noticed how calm the background was and how easy the page loaded, etc.

The wonderful thing about Cutest Blogs on the Block is that all the information for doing one's own blog is there. I followed directions to the letter and I'm pleased that things have calmed down considerably here. The former background from Cutest Blogs was a bit busy with the green and yellow. The green was a nod in John's direction as that is his favorite color. I think he was a little indignant when I reminded him that my color is yellow. He said that green was the color of new life. I asked him what the color of yellow was and he told me "bananas!"

In order to use a background of one's own creating, you must have a Photobucket account. (Perhaps other photo hosting sites also work.) I've had such an account for years, but was not using it for anything related to my blog. Imagine my surprise when I discovered all the incredible new features there. You'll definitely want to check it out. If you've ever wanted to do your own facelift...just saying! You'll find everything you need via the EDIT button once there.

I'm off on Nonni duty today... Reporting from the Haven snuggled down in the snow....Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Vee,
    I love John's wit! You must write the banana comment in your book. I have to sit on the fence on this one because I have three favorite colors, green, red, and yellow.

    Thanks for the shout out today, that is very sweet. I will have Hannah duty next week. Do enjoy those little boys and stay warm!

  2. Vee - Thanks for the link to "Cutest Blog", I'm going to be spending some time over there. She's got lots of other hints.

    Book? BOOK?? What's this about a book? I certainly hope it's true.

    - Suzanne

  3. Suzanne, get a grip! Who said anything about a book? That's you who should be doing something about a book!

  4. Ohhhhh, Miss Sandy said something about a book. Pardon me! Gulp. Yes, I use the little book that she made for me for writing down all the fun things that John says to me like this one...

    Upon waking and seeing that heavy snow is falling...

    Me: It's snowing.

    Him: It is?

    Me: Yes

    Him: In that case, I'll see you tomorrow.

  5. I love your background and thanks for the tips! The snow is amazing!

  6. Very beautiful, Vee! Thank you for sharing your husband's wit with us... it is refreshing!

  7. Reading the comments is as fun as your blog--love the book dialog, that could be my excerpt--too funny! Love the new look (again).

  8. I have snow envy, great photo. It is meant to be on its way to us.
    Thanks for yuor kind words on my blog. And thanks too for the Photobucket blogging tip, I shall check that out and the Cute one too.

  9.'re blogging on Saturday? I like the 'calm banana' look. I've no time for bloglifts today...and hopefully I can find this post when I want to play. My problem is that I always forget where to look for all the good ideas I would like to use...when I have time.

    It's very pretty out your way! Our snow is all but gone again.

  10. You blog face lift is wonderful! It brightens my gray winter day. In answer to your kitchen question. We went with dark cherry cabinets with a mocha glaze and granite counter tops. It was a BAD choice for me. Husband liked it though. Too dark and way to traditional for my tastes. Next time, white cabinets, white and gray marble counter tops, black and white checked tiled dream kitchen. With a farm sink...

  11. I love the yellow. It is so bright and cheerful in the midst of a very loooong Winter. :)

  12. Ohhhhhhhhhh-glory-osky!!!! "All the information for doing one's own blog is there" says she.

    What she doesn't say is, what's to do, if one can not understand all the information which is given there?!? -giggles-

    Ohhhhhhh Dear Vee, you are so much more advanced into "techi-ness," than I am.

    Maybe someday, I'll try to learn. But it had better be early in the morning. And not right before nap time, as it is now. >,-)

    Looking forward to all your reporting on your kitchen redo. Yessssss!!! We actually re-did ours, a few years ago. I'm not into doing that again, yet. {Of course not! We only do over our Kitchen every 35 years or so, whether it needs it or not!} ,-) But it's just plain fun, to see what others are doing.

    Btw, Dear Carpenter, green may well be the color of new life, in Spring. But later, in the heat of Summer, it can be the {pretty nasty} color of a pool, in dire need of cleaning out of algae, too. >,-)

    -ducking, running and hiding-

    Aunt Amelia
    "Black are my steps on silver sod;
    Thick blows my frosty breath abroad;
    And tree and house, and hill and lake,
    Are frosted like a wedding cake."
    ~ Robert Louis Stevenson, Winter Time

  13. Vee, I should have guessed that yellow would be your color! Bright, cheery, shedding light! Good choice! Thank you for your tips about Photobucket too.

  14. I love being able to change things too. This is looking lovely, Vee, and I must get going with photobucket too. I made another blog to play on first, and it is really dead easy after all!

  15. Hi Vee
    Tell John that green is also my favorite color :-)

    I think I have a photobucket form ages ago too! I'll ahve tio see if I can remember my

    I can hardly keep up with writing my blog these days, to then try to redecorate it ..oh oh! Thanks for all the tips though as I'm saving them in my favorites folder.
    Enjoy your visit with Nan and al your pretty snow!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. Well I like the new look! Kudos! Change is good! I love Cutest Blog and am always visiting, looking at theire new stuff.

  17. Please come over to my Sunday, Feb. 1st entry.

    Though I'm not an 'Awards person,' I recently received two blog Awards. And have passed them on.

    But just this once. :-)

    Aunt Amelia
    "Was it the smile of early spring,
    That made my bosom glow?
    'Twas sweet, but neither sun nor wind
    Could raise my spirit so.
    ~~ Anne Bronte

  18. I dropped by to leave you a comment, then got called away to the phone, found Cait on your comments when I got back and left her some blessings on this day, left her a comment, and saw you left me one too, so here is the comment I was going to leave you earlier. Happy St. Brigid's Day Vee, the cupcakes were so light and fluffy, Leiny was baking lots of tasty treats for a fund raiser at college and gave us some tasty carrot cup cakes for afternoon tea. hugs Margie


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