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Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Wee Projects

Sooooo slooowwww this morning... I try to have my posts ready for early posting. Not today.

These are my wee projects: another spring wreath and blocks.

These little spring wreaths are all over Blogdom. I found them on multiple blogs. Basically, it's a wrapped wreath form (I used an old embroidery hoop) using the yarn that looks like bark on a tree. Now if I had saved the label, I could tell you, but I am too efficient for that. I do know that I purchased it on sale at Joann's and it's Vanna White's brand. Then I looked outside for a twig and decided to come right back inside where I snapped one off my stash of tree twigs way over there in the corner.

Usually, I see the twig portion wrapped in green yarn. I didn't care for that look, which is why I'm not linking up today and why I wrapped my twig with more of Vanna's stuff. Then the twig is attached by just wrapping with more yarn...no gluing here. I hate gluing. Other wreaths are then decorated with flowers or mushrooms or butterflies. I decorated with what I had...more crocheted flowers. I'm going crochet flower crazy.

Made a little French knot center and used the yarn tailings to tie the flower to the wreath. The end. Simple. Because I d.e.s.p.i.s.e. my kitchen window for that great block of white between the swing out windows (ugh), I slapped the wreath there and so far so good.

See? I wasn't kidding...I've definitely gone crocheted flower garland crazy.

This is my other little project of the day. I've had these blocks spelling welcome since I arrived at the Haven with teenagers in tow and couldn't toss out their baby blocks. Today, I've decided to try something and we'll see how it turns out together because right now I have no idea...

Here they are in the spray paint box.

Off to forage for food in advance of the coming storm. Stay well and be happy...


  1. Your little wreath is so cute.
    I have some old blocks too and like the colors of them. I'm wondering what you are going to do with the white blocks.

  2. I just downloaded a pattern for crocheted flowers this morning...but I'm thinking of adorning some wee hats instead of garlands at the moment. It looks like we are all keeping the crochet hooks warm!

    I'll be back to see what becomes of the blocks. They look good in white!

  3. Love your wreath Vee....I wish I knew how to crochet...

    Can't wait to see your blocks transformed...

  4. Vee,

    I love your wreath but I really love the crocheted flowers. I need to find directions for those. Thanks for your comments on Wendy Ann. She is back in her box but the lid is off!


  5. Carol, they were provided in an earlier post...check back!

  6. I love how comfortable you are in changing things up to suit you!
    It is a good thing.

    Have a good day. Hope the snow doesn't get too deep this time.

  7. You are a busy crafting bee these days, Vee! All your creations are very pretty. I'm curious to see what you will do with the blocks. I recently purchased a set of those blocks for my older grandson's Easter basket. :)

  8. I love the little crocheted flowers! Hmmm, I may need to get out my crochet hooks :)

    Thank you for reminding me about alphabet blocks - I need to get some from my grandson!

  9. Ohhh..I love that wee wreath!That yarn is perfect for it..and your flower banner? Too cute..anxiously waiting to see what you;re up to with the blocks... :-)

  10. I'm itching to do some crafting for spring. In the meantime I'm studying for a final tomorrow - maybe I'll treat myself after that. That dress garland you linked to is haunting me. And I want to make some crocheted flowers - a whole field of them! (which may end up as one or two)

  11. Yes you are a crafty lady. I must be out of the loop because your wreath is the first I've seen of its kind. So, had you not said anything I would have thought you the most clever thing! I'll give you credit for all the changes you made...in fact I don't need to see the others to know that yours is my favorite. If I knew how to make crochet flowers I'd go a little crazy myself. They are perfect!

  12. Hi sweet Vee!!! I'm in LOVE with the painted baby blocks....what a wonderful idea! Looks like spring in your cozy home ~ even though it may not be outside :) hugs and love, Dawn

  13. Very creative. I like that wreath. I love to make crocheted flowers too. Using my plastic yarn to make totes out of the brown bags and thinking about a big flower out of the yellow bags.

  14. Love the simplistic look of the wreath! And as far as the blocks? So far so good:)


  15. I love seeing your pretty re-do of your table in the picture.... it really looks good.

    Can't wait to see what you do with those special blocks.....the flowers and wreath are so sweet!

  16. I'm going to find my crochet hook and try making some flowers. You've been very creative this past while Vee. did you make snowstorm soup. sure hope the storm amounted to nothing. Amazingly we have had two days of warm weather and the snow is beginning to melt. There were smiles all around today. I'm so much happier than I was on the weekend. Hope that spring is coming your way before too long.

  17. I love your wee projects, and seeing glimpses of your cozy home. I have been lost in creating too, and tonight I thought, I must get out there and visit my favorite places. Yours is on the top of my list always. I have been lost in a new project that is taking up so much of my time. I take time to post, but I have been staying close to my nest, because once I begin my travels I get lost in this lovely land of Blog.

    We are having snow, and it is accumulating already. How about you? I saw that they cannot really predict what will happen when the winds kick up tonight. I guess old March is going out with a lamb. Someone should really fire that groundhog!

    Enjoy the last bits of winter. I passed by a group of trees with maple syrup taps and thought of you and your gorgeous view.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  18. Looks like spring has sprung in your home! I love the painted blocks! The simplicity of the one color is very pretty. Thanks for sharing your crafting ideas and I hope you have a blessed day, Miss Vee!

  19. I hope the touches of spring are keeping you warm in spirit despite Mother Nature's April Fool's joke in the northeast! =)