Saturday, October 27, 2007

Turkey Feathers

Some of you already know where I am going with this, beyond the fact that I actually found a turkey feather a few days ago, which reminds me that I must get it out and present it to my niece just home from Boston last night because she loves to collect nature's ephemera since she is an artist and I do hope that someday she'll allow me to post more about that on my little blog here. (Yes, I do adore a run-on sentence, don't I?!)

This is for all of you who love embroidery and you know who you are! Yes, I'm looking directly at you, Mrs. G. I think that this is what you may have been thinking about all along. I know that I am tickled silly to find it.

So have a pleasant visit to Turkey Feathers because there's a whole lot to see! And don't miss this: Free Flower of the Month.

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Here!

Thought it would never arrive, but it did! Just in time! Talk about a last minute reprieve from having to strike off for the mall to find a different gift. I am grateful for the rescue.

Now I'd love to know if any of you have any experience with a Butter Bell? Please let me know if it's as fantastic as I think it will be. If you'd like to learn more, click *here.*

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life's Hourglass

The more sand that has escaped through the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it. ~Jean Paul

What a rough week! Very. My sister had been struggling with a looming birthday, her fiftieth. I wanted to have sympathy for her; I really tried. It just wasn't working. I am the elder sister, after all, so my empathy wasn't all that it might have been. I seriously considered writing this message on her birthday card: Remember, today is the first day of what's left of your life. Instead, you'll be happy to know, I wrote a birthday letter that went something like this...

Dear Little Sister,

I know that you have been reflecting upon your life perhaps more than ever before over the past week. I know that with that reflection has come a lot of pain and regret. I know that you may never believe me, but it will all be okay. It will.

We both know that things are about to change for us. It's no longer an "if" it's a "when." And that is okay, too. It is.

In a perfect world, I can see you so clearly, hear you; I know you. I've known you for all of your fifty years. I remember the day Mother carried you pink and crying through our door. (Okay, so what that I was more interested in gazing at Mom wearing her navy blue dress with the white polka dots! How beautiful she looked to me that day.) Today, I am looking at one beautiful, radiant woman, too, and that woman is you.

Because I have known your past and know your present, I sometimes get confused and think that I know your future, too. It's not true, of course. It feels like love, but when I get honest, I know that it is not. It is my big sister controlling attitude. Sometimes you have been more real to me than my own self.

So, truth is, it's an imperfect world and I have struggled with judging you. Sometimes your behavior has perplexed me and made me feel that our relationship will be destroyed, but it is more true that my judgments would destroy relationship. I promise not to allow that to happen. Not to us. Not ever.

I have every confidence in your ability to move on and create for yourself a beautiful life. Here's to another fifty years!

Forever love,


My sister celebrated her birthday yesterday and we are safely over that hurdle, at least for now. She returned home as happy as I have seen her in over a month. What a blessing to see the smile.

P.S. If you haven't visited Brin at My Messy, Thrilling Life, check there today for some very, very exciting news! (Edited to add: Brin's October 24th post...thanks Mari-Nanci!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Garden Gate

In 1994, I was newly divorced with two teenagers. The three of us all especially loved one feature about the house that I managed to purchase on my teaching salary. That was its private backyard and deck surrounded by an old white fence on the west, the house itself on the north, the forest on the south, and on the old green gate/door. That door was hinged to the house and latched to the old garage.

When the new garage was built the gate came down. I wouldn't allow the contractor to haul it off even though I had no idea what I would ever do with it. Once my sister joined me here, she began to make further changes and one thing she hoped to do was to get rid of my green door. I even saw it stuffed into the trunk of her car one day and promptly rescued it. :)

For the past year, the door has served nobly as a partial skirting for the addition...yeah, well, very partial.

But as of yesterday, I now officially have a green gate, mounted to the old rickety that thing...and going nowhere. Perfect!

Can't leave you with that's a better one of yellow leaves and blue, blue sky.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Thank you

Thank you all so much for your comments yesterday. I belong to an online community and have for nearly four years so I understand a little bit about being a "newbie" and the concerns of communicating in a forum that is read by many whom we'll never know. As with my other home away from home, I have discovered that many are warm and welcoming and others are more reserved. There's a code to follow in order to earn one's way in any community. I have breached that code many times I am certain. Sometimes I have done it out of sheer ignorance; other times I have been aware even as I was actually in the middle of it. Oh well! Live and learn! And to all of you who comment, again a special thank you. If you do, you do; if you don't, I'm not going to stress about it. No. I am not. :)

(On Good Morning, America, Patricia Cornwall is discussing a cyber stalker as I type this. How awful that she has been stalked in this insidious way. Yuck. Cornwall has turned this into rich subject material for her new book proving that everything can be used.)

Again, I am so glad that the subtitle of this blog is "eclectic." Some fine day, I may come in for a landing since I do believe what John Kennedy said about the value of specificity. But it won't be today. :p

If you are interested in meaty topics in addition to lace and frills, nostalgia or even inspiration, I'd like to commend both Wind Lost and Restyled Home where interesting discussions are ongoing. Happy Reading!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Full of Questions

It finally happened...I've become curious about how many dear people might be visiting my blog. It's something I don't want to confess. After all, I am writing for myself or so I had thought. No, I am writing for myself. Really. I think. Are you? (Question #1)

So I went here and selected the apples. I suffered a fair amount of unease because they are so large and colorful. I had hoped that, when offered a choice, I would take a more discreet one. Haha, no, I really did go with the apples.

Trouble is, even though I followed all the directions everywhere, I have no apples. None. Where could they be? That's question #2: Does anyone know?

This morning, I have been listening to the stories out of Malibu where wildfires are wreaking havoc. Lilly Lawrence's Castle Kashan has been destroyed. Her attitude is one of remarkable calm. "It's just a house," she says. She saved some jewelry, her phonebooks, and Elvis Presley's uniform. Question #3: Besides people and pets, what would you save in a similar situation?

I remember one summer when I was cleaning summer homes for a living. These seasonal homes were simply beautiful...far more so than any home I had ever been in. One day, I broke a vase. When I told the owner, she shrugged and said, "No problem, it's just a vase."

Since then I have tried to think of objects in just such terms by not attaching too much importance to them. But still...a castle?

Edited to add: I have since learned that there has been loss of life in the Malibu fires. Beside that, even a castle means nothing.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Enjoying a Golden October


AY, thou art welcome, heaven's delicious breath! When woods begin to wear the crimson leaf,
And suns grow meek, and the meek suns grow brief
And the year smiles as it draws near its death. Wind of the sunny south! oh, still delay
In the gay woods and in the golden air,
Like to a good old age released from care,
Journeying, in long serenity, away.
In such a bright, late quiet, would that I
Might wear out life like thee, 'mid bowers and brooks
And dearer yet, the sunshine of kind looks,
And music of kind voices ever nigh;
And when my last sand twinkled in the glass,
Pass silently from men, as thou dost pass.

~ William Cullen Bryant

It's a day to bask in the golden glory of it all. Too soon, it'll be done so I'm drinking it all in and it is sweet, sweeter than ever before. It is incredible to me that God created such beauty for us to enjoy!

Just had to post one more. I'm about done with this autumn thing...maybe. ;>