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Friday, October 12, 2007


"There's another Storm Coming" the tv ad says. We've been listening to the warnings about the first Nor'easter of the season for a few days now. And it is quite the storm with lots of thunder showers, wind, and rain. So I am pressed for time and trying to judge carefully about my computer use between the thunder and lightning storms.

Thought I'd share this pic of my Tammy doll today. She sits on a bookshelf looking as cute and coy as ever even if she did get a haircut and have to borrow Shirley Temple's dress somewhere along the way.


  1. What vintage is the Tammy doll? I love old treasures, but with younger sisters I never managed to keep a doll.

  2. Hi Judy,

    Tammy is from the early 60s. She was the politically correct answer to Barbie as I recall. I have a younger sister; thankfully, she was not terribly interested in my dolls.

    Of all the dolls that I had as a little girl, Tammy is the only one still with me. It's such a shame about her hair and the dress, though.

  3. Oh, so cool! I have the very same doll!!!!!


  4. Yes, I have a Tammy doll --- and I think she has all her hair. I'm not sure about clothes --- probably some in the bag with the dolls, but I don't think she's wearing any right now, so I'm not sure if they are actually Tammy clothes. After I grew up she became a role-playing toy in my mother's kindergarten class. But when mom retired she came back home. I'll see if I can find her and will send you a picture if I do. We brought piles of stuff home from mom's estate when she died and some of the things are difficult to find. :)


    PS: Yes, it's a tea towel on the clothesline. I found it at a new shop yesterday and just had to have it!

  5. Vee,
    I was browsing through your old posts and found this one. I had a Tammy doll too! What a delightful memory your post stirred in me. There was an entire family, I believe. Mom, Dad, Ted, and didn't she have a little sister named Pepper? Oh, how I loved those dolls. Thanks so much for the memory.

    1. Wow. You are way back here in the beginnings of time. I had to go look up Pepper because, if I ever was aware of her in the first place, I had long forgotten. Yes, Tammy's little sister...good memory you have!


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