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Monday, October 22, 2007

Full of Questions

It finally happened...I've become curious about how many dear people might be visiting my blog. It's something I don't want to confess. After all, I am writing for myself or so I had thought. No, I am writing for myself. Really. I think. Are you? (Question #1)

So I went here and selected the apples. I suffered a fair amount of unease because they are so large and colorful. I had hoped that, when offered a choice, I would take a more discreet one. Haha, no, I really did go with the apples.

Trouble is, even though I followed all the directions everywhere, I have no apples. None. Where could they be? That's question #2: Does anyone know?

This morning, I have been listening to the stories out of Malibu where wildfires are wreaking havoc. Lilly Lawrence's Castle Kashan has been destroyed. Her attitude is one of remarkable calm. "It's just a house," she says. She saved some jewelry, her phonebooks, and Elvis Presley's uniform. Question #3: Besides people and pets, what would you save in a similar situation?

I remember one summer when I was cleaning summer homes for a living. These seasonal homes were simply beautiful...far more so than any home I had ever been in. One day, I broke a vase. When I told the owner, she shrugged and said, "No problem, it's just a vase."

Since then I have tried to think of objects in just such terms by not attaching too much importance to them. But still...a castle?

Edited to add: I have since learned that there has been loss of life in the Malibu fires. Beside that, even a castle means nothing.


  1. "Heavens to Betsy!" Of course we all want to know how many people come to our blogs! Anyone who puts words/photos out on the World Wide Net, wants them to be read/viewed. No matter how much they may 'protest', otherwise! -giggles-

    If they didn't want them read/viewed, they'd write their words in long hand in a paper paged journal. And print their photos out, and hang them on their own walls.

    So, how do we 'scratch that itch' of wondering who and how many people read our blog? Well, the simple answer is obvious common sense. {to me anyway}

    All who stop by and read, please leave a comment.

    Naturally, we really love a "we-like-you" comment. But even if someone is just passing through and really not planning on coming back... Even so, it would be nice to find a tiny comment from them. Otherwise, how do we know they were even here?!?!?

    Mmmmm, do you think you have hit on one of those things, about which I feel strongly? Mmmm, yes! :-)

    I believe in comments! I believe in making them myself! I believe in everyone making them! I don't see any reason for people not making them! And thus, I sound like a cranky ol' Grand Aunt. lol.

    But Wow that felt goood! Thank you for giving me the chance to let that out of my system, yet again. :-) Thank you much!

    And though I'm not answering all your questions, I did answer one. And thus, you KNOW I stopped by your blog. :-)

    Comments rock!!!!!!!


  2. I could send you an apple, if that would make you feel better! I just installed a free site meter two weeks ago...I must admit it's interesting to see who's visiting.

  3. About the sitemeter...mine is set to 'private' so only I can view it. It was super easy to install...you can see who's visiting by location...by referrals...whatever! I also set it not to record my own visits. It's kind of fun to see.

  4. I visit different blogs several times during a day, just to read the comments. I love reading what others have to say. So I guess, I'm obsessed with what others have to say at blogs other than my own!! O well...I'm ok...

    My daughter and son in law lost every possession they owned, in a fire, shortly after they were married. They came away uninjured, that was the most important thing. That fire affected me in a way that didn't make itself known for several weeks. That was the first time I had shingles. I guess it was that phone call from a stranger saying my daughter's house was on fire and I couldn't make her understand, I needed to know where the fire was, as I have 3 daughters and I needed to get to the one who needed me as quickly as possible. I guess the caller was in shock, too.


  5. I love your blog and come by every few days as I don't get much surf time. I like your style and values!

    Your cat is awfully cute too.

    Come by and read my post about zebras.

    As for possessions, I think my photos and my cat and a ring I love would be all that would matter. Oh, and all the cards my Mom ever gave me.

    Cheers, Terri xo

    P.S. My site meter isn't working either. It keeps reading zero even when I get loads of comments. I am not much help. It worked for a few months, then I think they wanted my money...

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  7. You are right! We all need affirmation. Those comments are so precious....each one can make you smile!

    Keep those wonderful posts coming!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  8. I don't have a sitemeter. I know how many page views but haven't a clue how many actual people visit. I just pretend I am talking to my girlfriends and hope there are no creepy unsavory folks reading.

    But even though number of comments doesn't equal a good blog, it is nice when people say they have come by. I comment everywhere. Probably drives everyone nuts. I do feel badly that I can't get everywhere every day though.



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