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Friday, October 19, 2007

No Lattice Puhlease

Lattice: I hate the stuff. John, the carpenter, says that his mind is all stretched out from trying to figure out how to please my quirky wishes for the addition.

The weather had been so perfectly golden that the outdoor finishing-ups were tugging more strongly than the indoor ones. John needed to do some tidying and one of those items was what to put around the bottom of the stairs and to skirt the addition as well. There are all kinds of skirtings...vinyl and wood ones...and the dreaded, ubiquitous lattice.

"No, no, not that stuff," I had begged when that's just what John first suggested. I stated all my reasons for hating it: 1. it's ugly 2. it allows the leaves to blow in 3. it allows animals to get in 4. kitties use the space for a litter box 5. it's ugly...oh, I said that already.

So John came up with this design. Pressure treated Carolina Pine, offset for ventilation purposes, and backed with screening so bees, skunks, cats, etc., can't get in. I think it came out beautifully. It's wonderful to have someone listen carefully and to follow through.

Since funds are running low, it is questionable whether we'll be able to put the siding on before spring. Anyone have an idea for making typar look charming? :]


  1. You are making progress and itlooks good.
    I don't know what Typar is though!

  2. I think out here ours is called Ty-Vec, or something like that. Just spray paint out the words & it will be white-washed for the winter...just a thought!

    I see you were over for a visit last night...thanks for the comments! I had to laugh when you say ran out of reading material, almost before you began. I've only been blogging for...less than two months. I see you're quite new at this also. Fun, eh? (Now you know for sure I'm Canadian!)

  3. Oh yes... and I'm with you on the lattice! This is WAY better.

  4. Wonderfully creative option to spare you the lattice!

    I have no idea how to make your Typar more attractive. Sorry! You've stumped me there!


  5. Thank you so much for stopping by, and especially, for leaving a comment. We meet so many new, nice people...because of comments. :-)

    Yes, how lucky you are to have a carpenter who does listen and follow your wishes! I hope you make an Apple Pie for him, when he finishes. Betcha' he'll like that, "almost" as much as his pay. :-)


  6. A wonderful alternative to lattice, and the screening is a great idea! Don't worry about your Typar - everyone knows it is a work in progress! And if you spend a few months with it, you will really savour it when it's done!


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