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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Perfect Pumpkin

A few weeks ago when I picked up the October issue of Living, I found the best idea on page 78. Instead of using a gourd as suggested, I found the perfect pumpkin.

So this little project became the highlight of my rainy afternoon. My mother had the challenging portion of the project since she was the one looking for the wood burning stylus.

All I had to do was find the font I liked and enlarge my number and Mr. Pumpkin and I were off to the races so to speak. ;>

Here's how it turned out. My hope is to get it to its proper setting before the birthday party ensues this afternoon. It's still too cold and wet to traipse through leaves and there's some raking to be done.

Edited to Add at 12:04 EST:

The day has cleared beautifully and I can tell that it's a perfect day for a party. Oh and I cheated with that photograph for those with eagle eyes...there are no yellow mums actually growing on the left side. There just ought to be. ;)


  1. Hi Vee, I was delighted you stopped by my blog and left such a sweet comment Please visit often. Hope your party goes well this afternoon. We sure could use some of your rain down here. It's been so hot the leaves haven't turned any color at all. They'll probably all just fall off so I'll enjoy your fall instead ~ Happy Party! Lynn

  2. Vee, I love your pumpkin, what a beautiful idea. Have a wonderful party.

  3. Very neat idea! So explain how you cheated with the yellow mums...they look real to me.
    PS I like your fall calendar picture too..is it a Robert Duncan?

  4. Thank you, ladies, for your nice comments. I love it when you stop by!

    The party went well, thanks. My daughter seemed pleased with the five senses idea and she loved her pillows and pillowcases.

    Judy, I cheat using PAINT by just copying and pasting. I promise to always tell you when I cheat. I'm all about looking for the beauty in imperfection, but those daylily braids were a fright and had to be covered! LOL!

  5. OOps! Forgot to answer your question about the calendar, Judy. The paintings are by John Sloane. Lots of them look as if they might have been painted at your farm!


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