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Monday, October 15, 2007

Brin's Messy, Thrilling Life

If I had started reading this blog from the beginning, which I didn't, it began back on July 24, 2005. It began simply enough, but with a large enough glimpse to know that this would be an amazing, exceptional blog. Instead, I started with the current date and read backward for a few days.

You know how a blog is...just like the "way leading onto way" that Robert Frost describes in his poem The Road Not Taken. How I stumbled upon My Messy, Thrilling Life is unclear to me now, but stumble I did and grateful I am.

Brin, this young woman (currently on vacation as I am writing this entry), writes a Monday devotional that rivals Streams in the Desert. For those of you who recognize that name, that is high praise. High. Very.

This blogger will have you laughing and crying all within four paragraphs or less. If she isn't thinking about turning this material into a book...even a movie...I can't imagine whyever not. For a while, I had considered including some of my favorite entries, but I think a reader would be better served to wander in as I did and have at it. Be sure that your tissue box is handy, but be prepared to laugh aloud as well. Heck, treat it like the treasure it is and start at the beginning and work your way forward. I've only reached March of this year, after an entire evening of reading, and I am so excited about reading until I am all caught up that I am all grins even as I type up this post. So, unlike the wanderer in Frost's poem, I know that I will be back.

My Messy, Thrilling Life


  1. I just "discovered" Brin's blog, too. I bonded with her because we both lost beloved pets at about the same time. Her writing is wonderful.

    I think one of the greatest pleasures in the blog world is discovering people who are really like US! I also love peeking into how other people decorate. :)

  2. Thanks for the tip...I shall go for a visit.

  3. I wanted to thank you for stopping in to see me and leaving a sweet message for me and Mac (WTHF)...I plan to go over and check out your suggestion, luckily I haven't put my makeup on or dressed for dinner yet, lol...will be back to visit you...

  4. Thanks for the info. Just popped over to Messy thrilling life. Will go back and read more.

  5. She has a wonderful blog, I was lucky enough to find hers early in my blogging career! I felt the same way, I had to share it!

    Come by my blog and pick up your well-deserved award! Even though you are one of 40, you always make me smile and would've been on my list no matter how many I could choose!

  6. Glad you dropped by Vee. Seems like we hang out at some of the same blogs:>)
    I have really enjoyed Brin's blog too, especially her Monday Moments.

  7. How come it's January and I'm just now reading this? :D

    Wow, Vee. I don't know what to say except... well, thank you. You have me all teary and awed that someone would think enough of my messy little world to make a note of it. Thank you. Truly.

    Isn't it funny how blogs can so powerfully influence our day? Our way of looking at things? I just adore them. It's lovely to find someone else who doesn't mind losing an evening or two to one as well!

    Again, thanks. You're a treasure.


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