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Thursday, October 18, 2007

An Open Door

Yesterday afternoon, after I had approved a project that the carpenter was working on...more about that tomorrow...I noticed how beautiful the light was through the open door. Since the camera was in hand for taking pictures of the project, I took a few more pics of the way the leaves were highlighted and what's left of the back deck. (It got eaten by the addition.)

It made me think about my perpetual search for an open door. A way through whatever it is that I am trying to work out. Namely, it is this: what shall I do with the remainder of my life? Now, for some of us, it's a given. You shall do whatever it is that you are now doing. For me, it's not as simple. I am single. I am starting a new, but temporary, job in a week and a half. I am in transition.

But this I do believe, there is a way through and it will be better there than it is here. And, no, I am NOT talking about pie in the sky by and by. I am talking about the future right here stretched before me in the next few months. So stay tuned, this could prove interesting.

ETA: Look at this great pancake! Judy over at My Front Porch posted an apple pancake recipe yesterday and my carpenter and I enjoyed some for breakfast this morning. I feel better already! :)


  1. Vee, what a great post! I wanted to read more to find out what you are struggling with in your life right now. I am struggling too, and with exactly the same question you posed about "what to do with my life". I've been wanting to post on that subject for a while, but held off, as readers seemed more inclined to the happy bits about decorating, but the more I open up about my life, the more people want to read, so maybe I will post on this soon. I am curious to learn more about what you are struggling with. It is impossible to know the right path. And many of us don't have the luxury of following our hearts - the finances don't allow, or responsibilities don't, or even our own fears don't allow it. And it is hard to know which direction, if there are several things you love. Or what if there is nothing you LOVE enough...? So complicated, life.

    But, at least the view out your back door is heavenly! I will be back soon...I will add you to my links soon, when I am next in Blogger!

  2. Despite what's weighing so heavily on your mind these days, I love that you are so positive! You see the open door, rather than all those that have closed behind you. Your attitude will take you a long ways! I always believe that God works through the opening and closing of doors...so keep walking and let Him lead the way.

    Blessings, Judy

    PS Glad you enjoyed the pancakes!

  3. open doors...I think we all like an open door for the light to flow through, for the breeze to blow away the cobwebs, too. That apple pancake looked so good I went in and made a pot of decaf coffee...now all I have to do is remind myself it's only a picture of a pancake lol

  4. Oh I am so very glad you happened by my blog. I LUV to hear you saying the following sentiment!...

    "And, no, I am NOT talking about pie in the sky by and by. I am talking about the future right here stretched before me in the next few months."

    Go 'You'!!! And I look forward to coming along with you, on your journey, via your blog...



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