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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day Two and Counting

If ever I have wanted to roll over and go back to sleep, it was this morning. Why a day of training had me so exhausted, I really don't know. It's not as if I worked in the woods all day.

I am definitely rethinking my blog timing. And I like Mari-Nanci's idea of "blogging without obligation." The point is, I need time to think; just firing off a post in ten minutes' time is not satisfactory. Perhaps, if I waited until later in the day, I'd actually have a thought or two. Then again...

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  1. Here are some unsolicited words of wisdom. I just gave this advice out to another new blogger. It is the advice I got when I started mine, and it was given to my by one of the most popular bloggers out there so listen up!

    1-Write for yourself (i.e. no pressure, no writing what you think other people will want to read, when they will want to read it, it is for you. We are not always inspired to write every day or every other day, you just write when you feel like it.)

    2-Link where you want to but don't ask for links back (I guess that is blogging etiquette!)

    3-Let people discover you (in other words, don't worry about this aspect of it, in time people of like mind will find you so just let it happen naturally).

    I think blogging can get out of hand (I am new so I am just speculating here!) when you are trying to please everyone, get in the loop, stay in the loop, be on top or have the most comments around.

    I liked the advice I got. I didn't get as many comments at first as some people, I wasn't trying for that, I was just doing my thing and learning the ropes. But eventually people who have discovered you will flow with whatever you do. Just make sure you are doing what WORKS for you! You don't have to be a blogging wonder woman who eventually burns out!

    No pressure on yourself, OK?


  2. Hi Vee, so if I understand correctly you are back at work??? Ugh, that doesn't sounds much fun. I agree, working and blogging don't mix, nor does keeping the house clean and exercising. However, blogging is something I do just for me, to share what's on my mind, and to collect all my odd thoughts in one spot. The only struggle I have is that my blog is home-decor focussed, which sometimes limits what I feel I can write about my personal life and other worries. Still, I put it out there and people are kind and keep coming back. So...be yourself. And you will feel guilty for not getting new posts up. But I just add that to the guilt pile I already have started. :)

    Good luck! Terri xo

  3. Oh I didn't think up "Blogging Without Obligation." I can't take the credit for being so wise. You can find her entry on this issue, here. And if you want to add this button to your own blog, she shows you how.

    But of course, you don't have to do that either. The wonderful, whole idea is to do our blogging as it suits us. And often, it suits us differently, at different times. :-)

    Good luck with the job and don't please do your blogging, in whatever way feels right for you, now.


  4. Blogging and travelling don't mix neither...but I finally found a computer! All the best with your 'new beginnings' & I will wait to hear all about it.

  5. That's such good advice, Melissa. It's so good that it's a shame to bury it here.

    Thanks, Terri! Also good advice. My goal is to write every single day come hell or high water. I've already experienced both. LOL!

    Thanks, Mari, I'll be sure to follow that link soon.

    Well, Judy! Your post just made my day. Hope that you are having a marvelous vacation. Don't stay too attached to that laptop!


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