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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tomato Addiction

This tomato knife from Pampered Chef is my favorite new kitchen tool. It slices through tomatoes like butter.

I'm on a tomato kick right now. Here in the Northeast, fresh produce is a rarity for months at a time. For ten months out of the year, I eat tomatoes that could pass for cardboard. In fact, I refuse to eat them. That's why September and October are such fantastic tomato months and I can't get enough! My favorite way to eat a fresh, ripe, juicy tomato is to slice it, sprinkle sea salt over it, and drizzle with olive oil. Perfectly delicious!


  1. Hello Vee...I followed you here, from Amber's Blue Mango. I've enjoyed reading your blog, this morning.

    I love tomatoes, too. The "real" ones, not the "store bought" kind.


  2. Hi Vee,

    I've been looking for the author of the song "tomorrow we'll go to the fair" for two years...you seem to be the only other person on the planet that knows it. Do you have any idea? I sing it every night to my baby.


  3. Hi, Pat, thanks for trailing me over here as it's always nice to have another visitor. I'll be sure to run over to your blog as soon as I can. Company coming for supper and I'm behind!

    Awww, Jill, I'm sorry that I don't know who wrote that. My dear friend Christin shared it with me. Apparently, it was something that she sang to her son when he was a wee one. He's in college now and she still remembers it so the melody must be special. I'd love to hear it myself!

  4. Hi I found your blog through windlost, I too love tomatoes, they are nice with mozzarella cheese.

    Racheal x

  5. Hi Vee, thanks for visiting my blog, I would love to see a photo of the spot on the river near you.

    The tomatoes and mozzarella are just as they come, no cooking, just slice them, put them on a plate and enjoy. It's a popular starter in this part of france.

    Racheal x

  6. Jill -
    I found the author of "Tomorrow We'll Go to the Fair". It's Tonya Goodman (Sykes).
    It's from a CD called "A Child's Gift of Lullabyes"
    Amazon has them for sale.

    When my son was little, we sang along with them every night. I just loved them all, but especially the two by Tonya.
    There's something really special and peaceful about them, and hearing them again takes me back to a very special time nineteen years ago. I've got them put away somewhere and now after talking about them and listening to the clips again, I'm going to go see if I can find them.

    Nice to hear about another mother and child enjoying them, too!

  7. Thank you, Christin, for following up with that information! I'll let Jill know on her site, too, once I get over being a blubbering mess from listening to Tanya (Goodman Sykes) sing "Look for Me" over on You Tube. :)

  8. Accckk, perhaps Jill will return. I saw the highlighted name and assumed.

  9. Vee! I simply love a good, fresh tomato!! When I was growing up, we had sliced tomatoes at almost every supper! My parents grew fresh tomatoes each year! My favorite way to eat tomatoes is to slice them and add a tad of salt and a ton of black pepper! Just the way I love my corn on the cob, too! Corn must have butter, however!! Olive oil and mozzarella cheese both sound delicious on tomato slices!



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