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Thursday, October 11, 2007

New England Autumn

It has rained all week. All week except for one magnificent day. That day I had shopping to do and my camera in tow. What I discovered was New England in my own hometown. Since a number have remarked how beautiful my corner of the world is in autumn, I am sharing my best photos despite my new concern about the limits of my camera.

Leaving you with this little vignette on my back door steps. I love that white pumpkin; I believe that the farmer's wife called it a "Lumina." A few years ago, I had great success with making a pumpkin pie from a white pumpkin. It was mild and delicious. The farmer's wife also shared that the pumpkin could be saved in a dry place for up to five years.


  1. Hey Vee,
    Thanks for stopping by. It was lovly for you to share your town via photos. I can almost smell the air mmmmmm :>)

  2. I've always heard that new England Autumns are just so beautiful. Your pictures sure agree with the theory.

  3. That may be as close as I ever get to New England in autumn, so thanks for sharing the pic's...they're great!

    PS I'll keep you posted on my dd's birthday gift...I'm working on a pillow today. (And feel free to add my link to your site...I'll add yours to mine also).

  4. I've always wanted to go to New England in the fall, what a beautiful place to be!


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