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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Turkey Feathers

Some of you already know where I am going with this, beyond the fact that I actually found a turkey feather a few days ago, which reminds me that I must get it out and present it to my niece just home from Boston last night because she loves to collect nature's ephemera since she is an artist and I do hope that someday she'll allow me to post more about that on my little blog here. (Yes, I do adore a run-on sentence, don't I?!)

This is for all of you who love embroidery and you know who you are! Yes, I'm looking directly at you, Mrs. G. I think that this is what you may have been thinking about all along. I know that I am tickled silly to find it.

So have a pleasant visit to Turkey Feathers because there's a whole lot to see! And don't miss this: Free Flower of the Month.


  1. You know, embroidery is the one craft I haven't learned yet :( It looks so beautiful though but I keep feeling so intimidated about it, I know it's silly. I love the turkey feather pattern though...

  2. I LOVE Turkey Feathers! And embroidery. Seldom have time to pick it up, but love it.


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