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Friday, October 5, 2007


In my recurring dream, my great-grandmother Vesta greets me at the door to her home. She says, "You may have anything you desire."

Then the wandering through the rooms of her home begins. (It's not always her home, but you know how dreams are.) Each room is filled with treasures, beautiful things and I touch them and pick them up and gently set them down again. Finally, after a long time of looking, I select just a few things...a picture frame here or some linens there.

And, oddly enough, I never leave her home. That's always where the dream ends...with the selection. (The photo is of Vesta and the cocoa pot that she insisted I remove from her china cupboard and take with me one day long ago. She was so insistent that I didn't dare not to take it. Today, I am grateful that she was certain that she wanted me to have it. The cocoa pot and the memory of that day have been something very special to remember her by.)

Nothing evokes that same sense for me like visiting blogs. Blogs are treasures and I have enjoyed them tremendously. One is greeted at the door and then one waltzes right in, takes a look around, and never leaves empty-handed. It's incredible! (My sincere apologies to those who are now muttering under their collective breaths about my introducing them to this fascinating, but time-consuming world. :))

And I have been most remiss. I'm blaming my lack of formatting skills and my ignorance about how my own blog is set up. But, really, I am without excuse. So without further ado, I am going to be including blogs that I truly visit nearly every single day. They keep calling me back and I am never disappointed in the visit. I hope that you will find them as fascinating as I do.


  1. Vee, thanks for adding me to your list. I am honoured! And thanks for the lovely nostalgic post!
    P.S. It must be gorgeous in New England this time of year - we used to spend a lot of time in NH when I was a kid and sometimes Mass, and it was so beautiful in autumn!

  2. Amazing that you keep getting that dream. I hope it is comforting.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Glad you are enjoying my story. There is much much m ore to come.
    I di dnot visit the Maine Coast but in the 80's I drove through Maine.

  3. I love the vintagey feel of your blog. Well done! What a lovely memento from your grandmother. My grandmother (still living) also forced my mother, sister and me to take some things from her china cabinet. She said it felt better seeing people get her things while she was alive than dead! :-)

  4. I happened to wander over here and found this post! My g-grandmother lived with us during my teenage years. I didn't appreciate her wisdom back then but I now treasure those times with her. How fortunate we both are for knowing our great-grandmothers; many do not have that opportunity! Thanks for the nostalgia!

  5. I agree with Terri, what a wonderful nostalgic post! Your blog is looking lovely as well!


  6. What a beautiful post evoking memories for all of us...Your Grandmother was quite beautiful as is her cocoa pot...
    cherish those memories, tell us more about her!

  7. Lovely dream and lovely cocoa pot. Your great-grandmother, though, sounds like she was the best treasure of all. Thanks for this touching tribute to a woman who loved her great-granddaughter so very much.

  8. That cocoa pot is gorgeous! My mother had one (with the matching cups) but yours is prettier.

    I remember when a dear great-aunt gave me some gorgeous, hand-embroidered white-on-white pillowcases monogrammed with a "T" in a wreath of flowers. She and her sister had made them as a wedding gift for a friend years before and somehow they ended up in her possession again, unused. She made me promise I would USE them! I did use them, but the fabric was so old that they did wear out. However, I cut off the embroidered parts and one day when I find time I will incorporate them into a new project of some sort. Perhaps something worthy of their heirloom quality ...


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