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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Garden Gate

In 1994, I was newly divorced with two teenagers. The three of us all especially loved one feature about the house that I managed to purchase on my teaching salary. That was its private backyard and deck surrounded by an old white fence on the west, the house itself on the north, the forest on the south, and on the east...an old green gate/door. That door was hinged to the house and latched to the old garage.

When the new garage was built the gate came down. I wouldn't allow the contractor to haul it off even though I had no idea what I would ever do with it. Once my sister joined me here, she began to make further changes and one thing she hoped to do was to get rid of my green door. I even saw it stuffed into the trunk of her car one day and promptly rescued it. :)

For the past year, the door has served nobly as a partial skirting for the addition...yeah, well, very partial.

But as of yesterday, I now officially have a green gate, mounted to the old rickety fence...love that thing...and going nowhere. Perfect!

Can't leave you with that picture...here's a better one of yellow leaves and blue, blue sky.


  1. Love your pictures as always! I especially love your attachment to the green gate. I think it looks great. Are those buoys you have hanging off? That's a nice touch!

  2. I love, love, love this entry! And I'm so happy that no one was able to part you from your lovely old green door/gate. {Mmmm, how dare your sister try?!? Harrrumph!}

    Does the forest still exist, on the south of your backyard? I have the feeling that you aren't still that lucky. I feel someone has purchased it, along the years, and built on it. But even if so, you have the memories of when it was near.

    We have a small woods across the street from us and we "guard" it well. Actually, it belongs to the adjoining college and the people who live near it, are always 'on their tale,' of the college, to not cut it down! :-)


  3. I love that you rescued that green door. It looks like it has a lifetime of stories to share with anyone who has an imagination!

  4. Great fence...great door...a lovely pair! Good thing you hung on to your old treasures. I regret parting with many of the things from my past (old doors, glass knobs, wonderful old light fixtures, lanterns...and all the old aprons). It makes a lovely picture.


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