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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Thank you

Thank you all so much for your comments yesterday. I belong to an online community and have for nearly four years so I understand a little bit about being a "newbie" and the concerns of communicating in a forum that is read by many whom we'll never know. As with my other home away from home, I have discovered that many are warm and welcoming and others are more reserved. There's a code to follow in order to earn one's way in any community. I have breached that code many times I am certain. Sometimes I have done it out of sheer ignorance; other times I have been aware even as I was actually in the middle of it. Oh well! Live and learn! And to all of you who comment, again a special thank you. If you do, you do; if you don't, I'm not going to stress about it. No. I am not. :)

(On Good Morning, America, Patricia Cornwall is discussing a cyber stalker as I type this. How awful that she has been stalked in this insidious way. Yuck. Cornwall has turned this into rich subject material for her new book proving that everything can be used.)

Again, I am so glad that the subtitle of this blog is "eclectic." Some fine day, I may come in for a landing since I do believe what John Kennedy said about the value of specificity. But it won't be today. :p

If you are interested in meaty topics in addition to lace and frills, nostalgia or even inspiration, I'd like to commend both Wind Lost and Restyled Home where interesting discussions are ongoing. Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for your kind visit today!

    I'm just blundering into this whole blogging thing & I guess I'll learn the rules as we go along. I'm leaving on vacation on Thursday, so I'll be having a blogging break for a few weeks...unless I sneak in one or two along the way!

  2. I hope you won't bother yourself, about too many of "The Rules," while here in this blog of yours. :-)

    I've been on the World Wide Net for quite a few years, and have been part of all kinds of mailing lists, groups, blogging venues, etc., etc., etc. I've gotten very tired of all "The Rules." And I've broken many and bolted.

    But I also accept human nature, for what it is. And there are certain places, which one may wish to be part of, but which would not *like* our *whole* selves. So, we do what we must, at times.

    But there is always somewhere, to be *the real* person, one is, today. Or even, this particular hour. Sounds like the "3 Faces of Eve" or something, I know. Eeeek! But it's not.

    Everyone has different personnas. Sure we do! We discuss one thing, here. And we discuss another thing, there. It's as simple as that. :-) No 'whoooo-woooo' at all. -grin-

    Oh my! When I comment, it's good for 3! I rattle on so. And here it's nap time! What am I still doing at my computer. ,-)


  3. Today is Friday, but I had to comment on this entry. Been meaning to comment for awhile, finally got the google ok !

    Thank you for hooking me up with your blog, I really enjoy your writing and your take on things.

    I'm new to reading blogs and what I'm liking the most about yours is the whole self ( as smilinsigh wrote ). Thank's again for sharing, Vee.

  4. Oh thanks Vee, I am just catching up on posts I missed! Thanks you sweet gal you!!


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