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Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Vardo for Me

Vardo was an unfamiliar word for me. Perhaps "gypsy wagon/waggon" is better recognized. While at the fair Tuesday, we went to an old wagon museum and there in the middle of the display was the most magnificent creation! It had been restored to its former glory and was a vision of burgundy, vivid yellow gigantic wheels, and even gold leaf. Now if I could travel in something that exquisitely decorated, I might take to the highway. Of course, it would require a modern engine and Goodyear tires. ;>

If you Google the word, you'll find all sorts of interesting tidbits about the gypsy life and Vardos. I once took a quiz to determine my decorating style and I came up as Bohemian. Maybe that is why I am so attracted to these colors and these decorations. Sure looks cozy to me!


  1. Vee, those look beautiful! And very interesting, I might have to do a little google search!

    Thanks for the pictures, very fun!

  2. Vee, thanks for visiting my blog and your thoughtful post. I have flagged you and will be back to catch up on your posts when I get back from holiday. I love discovering new blogs and yours looks so interesting. :)

  3. Look beautifuk . Ilove that post , looks so gipsy


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