Saturday, September 18, 2010

And Sometimes this Blogger Answers Questions

Two questions come to mind from comments this week. There are probably more. I'm not so good with the answering of questions actually... Oh, sure, sometimes I answer questions in comments, but not on a consistent basis.

*Sue* asked what this flower, featured in my most recent mosaic, is. I didn't know, but yesterday afternoon John and I went sleuthing. It's a Sweet Autumn Clematis. It has a wonderful fragrance evocative of vanilla. (John thought lilac, but he needs a new nose.) It blooms in late summer and early autumn, can be invasive, and does well on pergolas and fences. It creates a wonderful snowy (showy, too) appearance like this...

And *Aunt Amelia* asked me how I dust all that stuff in the living room. I usually dust every single day. Are you shocked? It takes me about five minutes for the entire first floor and I don't think that too much dust can be found here. (Unless you're looking in the sewing machine.) I use a marvelous tool that I lve and am never giving up. I bought it *here.* I've never regretted it and I've had it for six or more years. The end. (Well, not quite the end, this is not a paid advertisement.)

Gee, I'm on a roll with two responses under my belt...have any questions you want answered? :D

Have a terrific weekend, my friend!

Edited to Add: John thought you needed to see my duster. It has a sixteen-inch handle that helps me get to those high places. The feathers extend fifteen inches and are so soft and flexible that I never worry about breaking anything, even the most delicate objects. Hmmm, wonder if I could sell cars for a living.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pat's Story, Et Cetera

Did Pat's story send a collective chill up our spines? It sure sent a chill up mine and sent me scurrying to export my blog where I have it saved on my computer, minus the pictures, of course, and all the extras. Phew! I hate to think that this kind of thing can happen to any of us! I do wish Pat of Back Porch Musings all the best at her new home. Blogdom would not be the same without her!

I spent my Thursday in quiet pursuits. I have three projects going for three different blogging buddies and so I need to be cracking. At some point, I decided that yesterday would be a great day to clean the sewing machine and oil it. What a fright! I'm quite certain that this has not been done in a very, very long time. My biggest problem is that I am not mechanically inclined whatsoever so to think that I took the machine all apart and managed to get it all back together amazes me. Not that I put it back together correctly the first time. Nor the second. Dare I say that it was still not together the third and that, in addition, it was spitting oil on my new project? Ai yi yi.

Seems as if my mother is going to be visiting for a few days between her former home and her new home. I'll need to clean a bit and spruce things up a bit for her. She sure deserves to have things nice. This is only the third time that she has spent any overnights with me since I was first married in the 70s. She spent a week with me in Arizona in 1977 and she spent a night with us after that dreaded GPS adventure, and now she'll spend a few in between days. I think it will be fun. That's the joy of having family who live away — you get to spend more time with them when they do visit.

Off to get some of that sprucing done... What are you going to be doing today?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Garden in Late Summer/Early Autumn

A little change of pace as I've been so wordy lately. Some pretty pictures for you of our local garden, Mc*Laughlin Garden.

That last photo of leaves with copper edges is my favorite tree. It's called a tri-colored beech and through the summer it has pink edges until the pinks turn to copper in autumn.

Isn't it lovely?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sessions Clock or For the Birds

Good thing that the clock comes with directions. Well, some directions. It doesn't say a thing about oiling it so we've been watching You Tube videos about how to oil antique clocks.

John took a good look at the clock and noticed a few things right away. First, someone has been fiddleflipping with it causing a number of problems. Namely, the face no longer sits fair on its pins causing quite a bit of drag as the mechanisms chafe against the housings.  What the entire family thought was some weather gizmo attached to the front is actually the oil applicator. We won't be using the oil in the applicator because it's dirty. There's an old bottle of clock oil from 1937 inside the clock and I'm pretty sure that we'll not be using that either. For now, the clock sits on the shelf above the tv. I think that this really helps to disguise the television much better than the oil lamps, which I showed you earlier in the month.
 A little closer view and, since we're counting birds and nests today, you can see that we've added another in this gold crane painted on the inside of the glass door. Do you see the oil applicator on the left? The measure stick beside it is for determining the swing of the pendulum and there is a thermometer on the right side, broken after all these years.

Okay, let's be off to count the birds. Though I wanted to place them in a mosaic, PhotoScape crops the photo and some of my birds hit the cutting room floor. I can't have that!

See how beautifully the Sessions clock disguises the big tv? Right? Right?!

(Blast! What's that stool doing there?)

1. gold crane on Sessions clock door
2. clear glass swan on window ledge...kinda hard to see
3. & 4. swan salt and pepper shakers declaring everlasting love
6. log cabin birdhouse formerly on coat hook, but John has put the coat hook back to its original purpose
7. giant green swan basket filled with all manner of stuff: remotes, cloth ball, devotionals, pens, pencils, sudoku books...

Did you notice that I even decorated John's radio? I can't move it. He loves it there for the perfect reception and right by his spot on the sofa. Sometimes a gal's just gotta do it his way.

Now for the east side of the room...

8. a swan
9.–20. bird images from The Feathered Nest and using Dawn's idea (I've talked about this several times over the past year.)
21. little black bird in upper window, a gift from Robin (Gosh, even my friends are birds.)
22. an owl from my daughter
23. little yellow bird
24. nest

There's more...

25. Can't forget my white bird from Kari
26. Or the bird on the tag discussed yesterday

And even though these birds are in the open living area, they don't count because they're not on the south side of the sofa. Do not question my logic! :D

Leaving you with Karen's image and a neat scripture...

Pat at Mille Fiori Favoriti is the gal who wins the surprise gift for participating in my little game. Though she came in a little low with a guess of a dozen, she wins by virtue of being the only gal to play. Congrats, Pat, and I have your addy already. Look for it by next week.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Blogger Takes Tips

This is the tag that I made for my altered sewing machine drawer. (The one I've been showing over the past two weeks.) It proved to be too much and so, not wanting to waste my efforts, I tossed it on the knob of the medicine chest cabinet by the door where we keep all of our keys...more on this at the end.

As you can see, I am still having trouble with the dreaded Distress Ink. I coffee stained the tag itself, but it's not as deep a hue as I wanted. I used old tissue paper under the scripture verse (Matthew 6:26). Thank you, Cheryl! I visited Quill Cottage and found enough inspiration to create a little nest out of scraps. I wanted blue eggs, but without any, used pearls on blue sequins for a bit of color. (There's no way that I was going to paint pistachio nuts the way Miss Sandy does. :} ) I had some oak leaf and acorn stamps and I used the bird pattern from the gift that my Aunt Ess gave me. The fringe along the bottom is a bit of scrap that I would've ordinarily tossed. Still a rank amateur, but thought that I'd document my progress, if I progress. ;> (Hope that that last sentence doesn't make you stumble.)

When my readers comment, I listen! Thanks to Dawn for suggesting the twig and acorns...I ran right out to the yard and found acorn caps still on the twig. That worked. Thanks to Life in Red Shoes for suggesting a nest and some eggs. (I have lots of found nests around here and this one was already being displayed. Blessed me, John had brought me yet another nest this summer and all I had to do was find it. John's nest was much too big so it went where this one had been and all was resolved.) The eggs added some much-needed color as before the interior was so dark that everything went  away. (I can see that the color is distorted in this photo because the two blue eggs on the bottom are showing up as off-white or gray.)

I used my own sheet music (The Swan's Song) with *this image* from Graphics Fairy printed on it. Then, because of a gap at the top, I used a bird image from A Scrapbook of Inspiration found on the post I've sent you to. I added the word "Soar."  A bit of lace sewed, using my machine, right onto the paper and that was that. I wrapped a piece of poster board with the paper instead of adhering it to the back (bottom) of the drawer because I don't trust myself and I'm afraid that I won't like it forever. Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions, which you can find in comments on the post titled Waiting for Morning Light. I have them filed away for future reference. A good suggestion is worth so very much!

I really like the pediment of oak leaves and acorns on the top. You may remember that this is an old drawer pull. It also reminds me of spread wings. The little bird that John gave me is a natural for the top as he sits on his own acorn and also adds a little bit more color.

Oh, Linds! I took your tip, too.
Now for the medicine chest news... I've been telling Dawn at The Feathered Nest that she has already painted her entire new home while I fiddleflipped around with one little medicine chest. And that is not gross exaggeration either. I'm slower than cold molasses running uphill in January. A quick before and after...

I really like how John added that extra strip of molding beneath the hook row to protect the paint from the keys. This color is not reading true either, it's a pale blue and, while we're discussing color, my dining room ceiling isn't green either!

Tomorrow, I'm going to talk more about birds/nests because I've inherited (just for a season) an old family heirloom—a Sessions mantel clock and I'd like to share it with you. Then we're going to count the birds/nests. You already know about four. Any guesses how many I have displayed? (You do know how much I love guessing games, right? *hint* *hint* *hint*)

Edited to Add: 9/15/2010
Because this was a contest, (oh I know how vague I am even with the *hint* *hint* *hint*), comments are now closed. Thank you for each and every one!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Off to School~Mosaic Monday

Please indulge a grandmother on Grandparents' Day for sharing more photos of her grandson's first day of school. He was so happy. So excited. No mama; no papa this time. He climbed the stairs of that bus like an old pro.

Hmmmm, I do believe I know why. Check the backpack; check the name of that bus.

Right there by the 16...THOMAS! Who knew that Thomas the Train was also Thomas the Schoolbus?

Thanks for visiting... It's so much fun to connect with the Mosaic Monday bloggers again!

Big Thanks to Mary at Little Red School House!

ETA: 10/28/2010
Thank you for not using any of these images without asking my permission. It is unethical to use children's photos gleaned from GOOGLE images or any other place on the www. Again, thank you.

A Matter of Love

How much would you have to hate somebody not to proselytize, to believe everlasting life was possible, and not tell them that? ~ Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette is a self-professed atheist and he gets it. I am i.m.p.r.e.s.s.e.d. Sometimes one finds support in the most unlikely places.

I'm sending you to read an article entitled *The American Christian: A Believer Among the Dismissers*  by Francis Porretto. It's where I found Jillette's quote and a lot of other interesting things.

God bless your day...

Comments are closed on Sundays. (This is not meant to be mean. This is meant so that you can scoot along quickly and spend more time with your family.)