Monday, October 1, 2012

Day Four and That'll Do Thanks

Yes, Day Four of rain though there may be a slight brightening. Perhaps we'll see the sun again after all.

John, that scamp, made a liar out of me and worked right through the rain Saturday morning getting the window in. His reasoning was that he had heard the weather frogs croaking about torrential downpours and he didn't want any water getting in. As it turned out, they were correct.

~new window~

Someday, I'll be sharing the before and afters... We had quite the discussion about this yesterday. It may have become a little heated. He said that the window looked great. I agreed. Then, because I'm like this, I added that, if someone had listened to me, it wouldn't have been like that in the first place. Then the discussion was off like a house on fire! It ended rather brilliantly I thought when I explained that the former windows were like eyebrows positioned at the top of a person's forehead instead of over the eyes where they belonged. Moving on...

Yesterday was so quiet after Saturday... The leaves were falling gently, the rain was pattering down, there was only the soft breathing of two furbabies as they napped. I finally lay down myself and caught a few more zzzzzzs.

The only trouble was that I had recently listened to the warm and wonderful Andy Williams singing ♪Lida Rose♪ with the Osmonds...have you seen that video? Too darling. So, back to my story, the only problem was that I only knew the first four notes of Lida Rose and in my dreams I was trying to sing the song. I'm quite sure that if I knew the entire song I'd not have had to keep restarting from the top. Very strange little nap I had.

Can you imagine a world without Mr. Williams in it? That's how I feel every time we lose someone. (As it happens, Becky of Hospitality Lane was in Branson last week on vacation. She has some wonderful photos to share in a number of posts.)


~all quiet~

It's back to normal whatever that is today...

Was your weekend quiet or busy?

Love Vee


  1. I agree! This *40 days and 40 nights of rain* can stop any time now. Please and thank you!!!


  2. Question... John built this garage, FOR you, in years past, right?

    So why didn't he build it, as you wanted, back then?


  3. The progress on your garage is coming along nicely. Progress here is....s...l...o...w, but some better today. I'll be in touch. Have a great day!

  4. Guess we all have heated discussions now and then and it seems to boil down to the fact that males and females think differently.
    Before and after photos would be nice for final approval from all the women bloggers that read your posts. :-)

  5. It was a quiet weekend here too with the rain and wind. Sunday was really warm though and this morning the sun is starting to peak out but it's still calling for showers later on. I enjoy this view of your living room and the video of a quiet rainy Sunday afternoon. We Skyped with the grand boys last evening which added some brightness to our dull day. Hubby is gone again for the week. :( I hope the sun shines so I can get out to do some leaf peeping.

  6. I am elbows deep in a new production at our local theater, but still trying to keep up with my blog series that Ive been doing.

    A nap with snuggly puppies and softly falling leaves sounds wonderful!

  7. I bet that was a rather spirited discussion! LOL, I guess you could say that the current configuration is like a bindi! I agree that the single window is much preferable to the double version. The double was much too crowded at the tippy-top of the wall face.

    The rain in your video sounds like ours this morning, though not quite as loud! We had a lovely weekend, but rain settled in this morning. We're gradually getting things done around here. I have to help DH hang new photo frames in his office today. Many holes later, I'm sure it will look wonderful, LOL!

  8. My sister and I both enjoyed Andy Williams' voice so much. It is hard to imagine that he is gone. Such a great artist.
    Your home is charming. We, too had rain all Sunday and it was very quiet, just the two of us with the pets. I like days like that occasionally.
    Wishing you a very enjoyable day.

  9. It is raining here as I type this and the house is dark. When it rains here on our mountain top it is also very foggy.

    The window does look better in it's new location.

    Our weekend was pretty quiet. We had dinner with friends at their house on Saturday. That was about it.

  10. I got to enjoy some rain on Sat. as I was in New Mexico. It was wonderful! It's back to the heat of California today...sigh. I love your window and your view...sooo pretty. Enjoy your day!

  11. Is that rain I'm hearing? We haven't had a good rain in awhile. Could use a little...not too much though! Had a great weekend! Your garage is looking great!

  12. Windows - when we designed our home I made the mistake of choosing long narrow windows on each side of where our bed would be. They let in very little light on the north side of the house but good breezes. I argue with myself about that choice I made all the time. I never considered how they'd look on the exterior either. As long as they let in light the windows serve their purpose in my opinion. Looking forward to the before and afters...

  13. No rain here yet - the woods are dry as chips. I had a very busy weekend with company from overseas - just went out the door, and now it's time to go back to work.

  14. Lovely photo at the end of the blog!

    We are enjoying a lovely, quick trip to visit Tim's aunt. She is doing very well! She said she never thought she'd live to be 88!


  15. Our weekend was anything but quiet! It was a whirlwind kind of weekend (beginning with Thursday) where too many events converged to make for one busy series of days. It was lots of fun, but a bit too hectic for my tastes. Ron is on vacation this week and we are taking the week off from school, so this morning I slept in...until 8:30! And it felt good!

    I love your in-the-quiet-house photo. It is lovely, and so peaceful.

    Hope your week is off to a lovely start...and that some sunny days are in your future!

  16. I remember always looking forward to Andy Williams' Christmas Shows. His melodic voice just put me in the spirit. The garage is looking so good--I have a husband that does our taxes and balances the check book, but don't put a hammer in his hand:-)

  17. Saturday was super busy. Sunday was rainy and very mellow. Rainy today so I plan on doing a bit of light cleaning, work on project, watch a movie later, and make some tomato soup for dinner.

  18. Andy Williams was a great artist. He will be missed! I dug out his Christmas album yesterday so I would have it handy.

  19. The new window looks absolutely great. John is amazing!!

    Your window treatment is so perfect for this season.

    We've been to the Andy Williams theater, Moon River, in Branson 4 times. Two of those were for his Christmas shows. Branson won't be the same without him. His music will live on forever, but he will be greatly missed. I'll visit Hospitality Lane. Thank you for sharing the link.

    Autumn rains are a must in the midwest - much wanted, but always arrive when the farmers are harvesting. That didn't happen for us in the northern midwest this year and it just doesn't seem right. Something is definitely missing...rain.

  20. I am confused. Are the windows not where you want them? Don't worry, I am sure it is just me...I like the garage...wish I had one! In fact, I would be happy with a shed! But alas, I have to pay for a storage unit...a itty bitty one and trust me, you couldn't add a feather in it!!

  21. I'm beginning to think my normal is the fact that nothing is normal anymore. Dear will be right on top of those ladders trying to beat the rain as soon as he gets back from Vienna. He still has the soffets to finish if I'm thinking of the right word, probably not spelling it right. He has something to do before he can replace the rain gutters. Hope you have a lovely week. Hats off to John for getting that window in before the torrential rains!!

  22. Hi Vee,
    No rain for us yet, its still hot...I want rain darn it, no more heat. Our weekend was busy and our house is a mess with painting stuff all around, all the new crown and door molding's are being painted so everything is sitting in the middle of every room. I did some sewing and the weekend flew by. I love the photo of your dinning room and beautiful bay window. I could just cuddle up in your window seat and watch the rain. Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  23. Rain. What is that? We have long forgotten...and have another week of sunshine in the forecast.

    Your window debate has me laughing!

    It was busy all weekend...with harvesting corn, celebrating birthdays and organizing a Sunday afternoon tour to a historic spot in the mountains nearby. All good:)

  24. You already know there's no rain out here. And that my weekend wasn't all that quiet.

    I love that you thought of those windows as misplaced eyebrows. I often notice houses that look like faces and it sort of creeps me out.

    Here's hoping the rain lets up soon.

  25. Hi Vee - I absolutely loved the quiet in your video, the rain, the leaves falling, your harvest lights... so cozy indeed - talk about "autumny". :)

    Napping with your furbabies - that sounds like a good nap to me...your video is making me want to nap at my desk this morning...

  26. I wish I could send some our sunshine, and you send us some of your rain! It has been very beautiful weather here lately with the cooler temps. We had a great weekend with a nice dinner Saturday and visiting. A pretty fall drive was taken Sunday. I found a few barns to snap.

    I loved Andy's voice and he will be missed in Branson. I hate it that I never got to see him perform there, but hubby doesn't especially like that type of music and never wanted to go. Grrr. I regret not twisting his arm now!

    Looking forward to the before and after photos of the garage! I'm sure John (and you) will be happy when it's all finished.

    Enjoy your day, in spite of the rain!

  27. Hi Vee,

    Hey, when you get a song in your head just head on over to YouTube and there is a GREAT chance you will find it there.

    I had never heard of this, so this was my first time seeing it. And those little boys are so danged CUTE - stayed cute, too! Wow when I was in the 3rd grade my entire bedroom was plastered with Donny Osmond posters. I kissed him goodnight every night for the longest time.....haha. Good times.

    Here is the url to the song of your recent dreams:

  28. We were supposed to have 3 straight days but somehow they didn't materialize here. I had a quiet weekend, didn't accomplish all I needed to, but tomorrow is another day! (Said every procrastinator, always). xo

  29. Our weekends are rarely quiet. I get my quiet time during the week when Ken's at work. : )

  30. The weekend? Yes, it was quiet. Some rain, but off and on.
    Today was supposed to be cloudy and overcast, but it is a glorious fall day, instead.

  31. Dry as a bone here! I'm concerned winter is going to be our pay-back time with lots of snow.

    You've gotta love the guy for working in the rain - even with heated discussions ;)

  32. Rainy and gray here today. Somehow I'm thinking your house looks like a cozier place to be on such a day. I enlarged the picture on your video and found it peaceful, especially when that one little leaf fell from the tree near the end.
    I did see the Andy Williams/Osmond video at Susan Branch's. So sweet! Andy Williams will be missed.

  33. I loved that video. That family was just talented - no doubt about it. Amazing.

  34. I like the part about napping to the sound of the rain and snuggling with the furbabies.
    The garage will be beautiful when the siding is done.

  35. Sorry about all that rain, we would gladly take some for you!
    "It may have gotten a little heated." Made me smile :)

  36. I love your sense of humour!! The sound of rain is the most soothing sound there is - too bad you've been getting too much however. The garage looks great and I can't wait to see the before and after pictures. Your last picture looks like a warm and welcoming place to be!!! My weekend was crazy busy - once again! The farmer and his college buddies was gone fishing for a few days, I had tickets for the Stratford production of The Pirates of Penzance with my sisters-in-law, my home town had their annual Fall Festival, a ladies salad luncheon at church on Sunday afternoon, and dinner out with the fishermen's wives - eek! I need to get back on my diet plan sooooon. It was a fab weekend indeed!

  37. Men if they would only listen! The window looks beautiful! Sunshine tomorrow!

  38. Well, that's definitely a downpour, Vee.Your dining area looks like an inviting place to cozy in with a good book while it rains outside.
    We had a beautiful and sunny weekend here. We went for a fall colors drive-it was gorgeous.
    BTW, your garage is looking great.

  39. I'm sorry you have so MUCH rain and we don't have ENUF. That's the way the cookie crumbles, tho. :)

    You dining room is so cozy and nice...
    excuse me, now, while I go put some lights on MY mantel.......

    O, and thanks for putting my giveaway on your side......:)good luck

  40. You have had MORE than your share of rain so I would be about crazy with it if I were you. Here, we're still low in the water table because of years of drought, but after even a few days of rain, though needed, I just need a sunshine break.

    I'm sorry to giggle about the window thing. I just loved the way you wrote it and could imagine a similar little discussion around this place. Giggling again as I type this.

    And NO. I can't imagine a world without Andy Williams in it. Not only did he have one of the most beautiful voices, he was just an all around beautiful person. What a loss.

  41. I'm back to commenting....ahhh that feels good. For the most part I allowed myself to just read posts while we were away. It was quite special to be in Branson and feel the impact of the loss of Mr. Williams. We were walking through Silver Dollar City when we passed some men chatting. One was informing the other of his could sense that it was more than just talking about the weather.

    Thanks for the blog link....

    I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for your heated discussion. :-) Glad you are past it now.

  42. your window looks wonderful! way to go, john!

    when i was a little girl (5 or 6) i used to mimic
    andy williams on every song from the born free
    album. my dream was to imitate him perfectly,
    and i thought i was. he was incredible.


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