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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Walking and Thinking

Above all do not lose your desire to walk. Every day I walk myself into a state of well being and walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it. But by sitting still, and the more one sits still, the closer one comes to feeling ill...if one keeps on walking everything will be all right. ~Soren Kierkegaard.

So I've been walking and that's been good. Hope that my best thoughts will find me out there one morning soon. So far I have not experienced that, but it is amazing how a little walking makes one feel stronger.

This walking reminds me of those early spring days in childhood when the teachers would allow us to play in the parking lot because the playground was too muddy. Those recesses would be spent skipping rope and we were all so out of shape after a long winter. I was exhausted with the skipping for the first week, but by the second, my strength returned — my lungs and my legs carried me effortlessly through 100 jumps or even more. By then, the swingers were so tired that they began to miss the rhythm and soon I had been sabotaged. Some of the kids were cautious knowing that a stint swinging the rope followed the jumping. I was not that smart and so I am afraid that I was not so great at the rhythm myself for those who followed me. I haven't seen children jumping rope for so long. Do they still?
photo source

Thursday afternoon, I went to the lake and ate my lunch. I had had a job interview and had been dropping off résumés. It was a beautiful, warm day...it's been as warm as 70°!

So I know you're all anxious to see what those kinds of temps have done to the snowbank in front of my house.

As you can see, I've been doing some yard work...all that dirt in the street. The circle of sand ahead of the pile is where the snow was just two short days ago. It's time to get out there again and get sweeping. My hometown niece brought down a rented electric sweeper, which was a huge help. The rest will be done the old-fashioned way.

Enjoy a pleasant and restful weekend, everyone!


  1. Oh Vee - so much on the horizon for you. It seems like all a big jumble. I agree with Kirkegaard that walking and clearing your mind, fresh air and making space for the new things to come into your life.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  2. Instead of going all existential on you I will just ask...what is an electric sweeper? Perhaps it is obvious, just not to me;-).

    And I *do* agree about the walking.


  3. Walking...thinking...it's all good! I'm usually alone with my thoughts as I walk...but I'd love to walk with you one fine day. We'd have a lot to talk about.

    PS Only 11 days left in April for that snowbank to disappear!

  4. A morning with no earthquakes and a new post from my favorite blogger. All is right again with the world!

    PS - Did you ever see the Golden Girls episode where Dorothy had made a Kierkegaard reference and Rose thought the name so hilarious that she kept trying to trick her into repeating it?

  5. Vee,
    I hardly know what to say save I am sorry for all the upheaval in your life right now. I will continue to pray for you.

    Walking does tend to clear my mind and I hope it will do so for you. As far as having best thoughts I would recommend the advice in Philippians 4:8, focusing on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and praise worthy, dwell on these things.

    I haven't thought of jump rope in a very long time! Thanks for bringing back such a sweet memory.

    I am here if you need me, hugs and prayers.

  6. Vee..a portion of an encouraging poem by W.M. Nienhuis...
    A Quiet Heart...O Lord, give me a quiet heart-So oft my heart is filled with fear: I need the peace Thou canst impart; I need to feel that Thou art near. Help me to walk by faith each day. Though shadows hide the path from view; Give me a quiet heart, I pray To trust Thee as Thou bid'st me do....
    I cannot see the journey's end, I know not what lies just ahead; But, oh, I have a Heav'nly Friend Who knows the path my feet must tread... So, be encouraged my little friend...Dee Dee

  7. Dear Vee...
    First, thank you for the sweet words on my blog.
    Second...God has been giving me nudges about the walking thing, and now I read your post. I am going to follow your example and begin.
    Hugs to you, have a good weekend!!

  8. a cold front blew through here last night....it is now -11C.... 6 inches of new snow..... and cold til Wednesday...... bah, humbug!

  9. So according to your comment in my entry, lots of people are back on this old topic again...

    Wonder if I'll bump into them, in blogs I bounce into?

    Wonder how they are doing, with the *dreaded issue*? :-)

    Wonder if you are having to sell and move out of your house, because of how your sister disrupted your life there?


  10. Keep up the walking. Nothing better for keeping fit, praying, meditating, thinking through issues and it helps with the weight and IT'S FREE.

    I see the snow has not gone yet but in those temperatures it can't last much longer.

  11. I used to walk all the time. Every morning I walked 5 miles. I dropped weight so fast!!! The more I walked, the more I wanted to walk. I felt younger and healthier. Then I moved out here and I tried walking. I even got up to 5 miles a day again...but then the heat set in and walking 5 miles on a treadmill just does not have the same theraputic value as walking outside does! : ) So I stopped...and the pounds came back and the youth and health seemed to fade away! At least in my mind. I'm still really quite young, you know! LOL!!!
    Ooooh, that pile of snow is almost gone!!! You're gonna miss...admit it! LOL!


  12. I love to walk. However, I'm still getting over bronchitis and haven't felt strong enough. I really miss it and look forward to getting back into it. Walking's the best.

  13. I love to walk. However, I'm still getting over bronchitis and haven't felt strong enough. I really miss it and look forward to getting back into it. Walking's the best.

  14. Well, shoot! Since I picked the Apr 19th and you still have snow, I lost :-(...

    I love going on walks...Especially in all of the wonderful forests we have here in NC...

  15. Now that the weather has broke here in Pa., I have begun walking most everyday. I thought I was doing it for my dogs but realized it was doing me as much or more good than them. Wonderful blog you have. I am on Periwinkle Punch with Vee, (Canada) and found you from there.

  16. I love walking, and especially around the garden and yard. It builds the strength in my legs and I enjoy seeing what needs to be done around the place. I used to love jumprope...remember "cinderella dressed in yella gave some kisses to her fella how many kisses did she share? and the count began...takes me back, my good friend...takes me back

  17. I enjoy walking and art journaling and soaking in the tub for a respite from stress. Glad Spring is making an appearance!!!

  18. Hi, Vee. I am a little confused. I can't figure out where to leave a comment on your post about George Beverly Shea, and I am wondering if that is what, "(no comments — enjoy your Sunday!)". I hope I am not doing something here you did not want. I wanted to comment on that post.

    In a world that has gone to so many praise choruses, which I do enjoy, we see and sing so little of the old beloved hymns. I'd Rather Have Jesus is one of my all time favorites. I am humming it now and probably will all day. Billy Graham, and therefore George Beverly Shea, have been household names for me since... well I don't remember not hearing them. What dear men, and how wonderful and what a testimony that Mr. Shea, is still singing! I often wonder how Billy Graham, is doing.

    Nice Sunday, morning blessing. Thank you.

  19. Jumping rope is still alive and well. E takes his jump rope along when we walk the dogs and many of the girls at his school spend their recess time jumping rope and singing the rhymes that were around when we were girls.

  20. No one has to sell me on walking. As you probably know I walk every single day and average over 6 miles and have devoted a whole blog to it. :-)
    I can't even imagine not walking!!
    Glad you are finally getting some nice warm weather!!

  21. Vee... I've been enjoying your recent tour of your neighborhood. It brought so many memories back from my little town of Stoughton MA where I was born, such wonderful photo's.

    Funny you should post about walking...I've been walking for years, but just last Spring my walking turned into "prayer walking". Such an intimate time with the Lord, and a time to really listen to His voice. It didn't take long for my prayer requests to turn into more of me listening to Him and hearing the Lord tell me how much He truly loves me just the way I am, in all my life situations, and in all worries & concerns.

    Be encouraged and know you are loved by your Heavenly Father and He will always be there for you.

  22. Hi Vee!

    Thinking of you,and hoping all will be well.

    Thanks for the beautiful hymn lyrics and the video link to hear George Beverly Shea singing it.
    I watched the Pope today, as all of his activities were on NY television stations almost all day.
    It is so uplifting to see such spiritual men.

    Walking is very therapeutic, both mentally and physically. I walk a few miles in a local park with friends every morning, and it gives me both energy and peace.

    Hope you will have a good week!


  23. Not sure why your comments are disabled on yur George Beverley Shea post so I will comment here instead. Thank you for this post. I have loved this man's singing since I first heard him at a rally in the early 60's but did not know that he is still alive let alone still singing. He and Cliff Barrows - certainly does bring back some memories, especially of hearing them on US radio when I was on the ocean.

  24. Hi Vee! I'm BACK! Please stop by. Thank you for the great quote on walking. It's a challenge for me to get those sneakers on and outside. Yet it's one of the goals for me with a wedding fast approaching and a desire to look (and feel) my best. Resumes, eh? You are in a time of change then. I'll be praying for you. It's good to know that He is watching and guiding us each STEP of the way. ~Kathy

  25. Beautiful post Vee :)...I too love to walk and especially this time of the year. Job interviews and resumes, I'll be praying for God's hands to be on the right one :). That snowbank! it will probably be there in June, LOL!


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