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Monday, April 28, 2008

Tidy Little Package

If you sew all weekend and don't finish your projects, you, too, could wake to this kind of a mess on your dining room table! How I long for a sewing/craft room; maybe some fine day.

When my sister took her Christmas cactus last Thursday (wasn't it lovely that I got to enjoy all those blooms one more time?), she discovered that the center of the crocheted table topper had rotted completely away. It was nasty! She might have tossed it, but I rescued it and told her that I'd see what I could do.

This is what I could do...

It's a linen inset instead of a crocheted piece. I hope that she'll like it.

(Thanks, Teresa, for the suggestion to appliqué the embroidered pieces I was quizzing you all about here. The thought remained as you can see!)

Don't you love it when things all ultimately come together in a neat and tidy package?

Now I wish that I could say that I was spending my time on this charming, quaint porch (that would be quite a feat since it's not mine... ;>), but it's back to the sewing machine for me.

(allowed to stand)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Once again you have amazed us with your brilliant innovation! What a great idea!
    That porch is perfect and I sure wish it was mine! One can keep on dreaming!



  2. How talented you are!!
    I love porches too. I would like this one at the back of my house, but I prefer open front porches. I like talking to the people walking by.

  3. Hey Vee!! I am going to look into that C.S. Lewis quote that you mentioned a few posts down...that interests me as I am a faithful Stephen King fan and a Christian..thanks for bringing that to my attention..loved your post too....I agree with you 100%.

  4. Great project for saving a damaged linen! It turned out really pretty and I am sure your sister will like it.

    I'd love to be on that porch too, it is so inviting looking. Happy sewing!

  5. Good job on re-inventing the crocheted table topper!

    Sitting at the sewing machine sounds like a fine way to spend the day...even 'finer' if you could be sewing on that porch!

    Nope...I have not yet figured out the scent in the package you sent me. Is it the lovely paper at the bottom of the box?

  6. What a brillant idea! It looks really pretty!

    Love that porch! I'm starting on mine and am thinking of painting my floor.


  7. Oh it looks like you are doing a wonderful job of your craft. Oh I would love to sit on that porch .. let's find it and meet there. . all of us.

    Oh and I appreciate your warning about spam comments, I'll add a warning to mine too. I made the mistake of opening one up. . how dumb, I should know better.

  8. Very nice idea to salvage that pretty table topper, Vee!

    I'd love to sit on that porch too!
    I always wished I had a front porch with a swing. Let's pretend we can sit together and have a glass of lemonade and chat.

    Hugs, Pat

  9. well, darn it anyway.... we need to find out who it belongs to then. It could be a cute little B & B.... we all might want to go for a week and hang out on their porch...

    that cloth was beautifully (and might I add, cleverly?) saved..

    ..and who cares if you don't have a craft room yet...I am older than you and I just got my special area last year....

  10. okay... didn't mean that to sound rude..hahhah....but when I re-read it it..kinda did. Hope you know how I meant it....

  11. I have no idea what you're talking about, Vee. None whatsoever! ;>

  12. I used to have a nice craft room. Now my behemoth computer and all its friends take up my work table and the room is strewn with cookbooks and papers instead of fabric and patterns.

  13. You rescued the 'gone-gone-gone' crocheted table topper! You are amazing, Vee. My hat goes off to you.


  14. Hi Vee! Just popping in to get caught up with you. I see you are busy as ever. I love me a good front porch...if you lived near me, we could have a cup of tea and a swing and a good ol' chat!!

    Take care!

  15. Ah yes, I too love it when a plan comes together...you are a genius my dear Vee...a genius I say...could I borrow that lovely porch for my spring tea?

  16. Smart as a whip you are! I wish I could sew (or that you were close and I could con you into sewing me something...).

    The painting turned out okay - the colour is lovely, beautiful and subtle, but a bit too light. I am never using BM again! Another coat tomorrow...while I am at work, David will stay home to babysit the painters...

    Have a great week! Hope spring is springing in your neck of the woods. Trees are breaking bud here. I will be just east of you in NB in 2.5 wks. Might fly right over your house. I will wave hello!!

    xoxo Terri

  17. Awwww, the glory of sewing! You did a lovely job! And I'd love to have a cup of hot tea on your imaginary porch just prior to my sewing lesson.

  18. How wonderful you could save that pretty table cloth for your sister.

  19. Hi Vee:

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, but I've been under the weather. By all means, please add me to your blogroll.

    And thanks again for the pillowslip link.

    Lisa xo
    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy


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