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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two Thumbs Up

...way up for Sandi's Mama's Angel Biscuits! Six of us ate them last night so that's actually 12 thumbs. ;D

The dough is so easy to work with...

My old can biscuit cutter that used to get tossed into the recycling bin prior to the labeling...

Into the skillet for baking. I had to bake mine longer than Sandi suggested, but that may be because they are bigger. My batch made two dozen and not three as Sandi said. See that ugly one? That's mine! It was soooo yummy. This biscuit is a cross between a biscuit and a roll...so light, so fine.

And now to the table for a rustic presentation.

This recipe is a definite keeper and you can find it right *here.*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What am I going to do when my snowbank is gone? Honestly, what am I going to do? Well I won't worry about that today. Here's the ugly mess. I am determined to keep this real.

What about a little contest hidden nicely here on Saturday's post? Yes! That's just the thing. Leave a comment about when you believe the last vestiges of snow will be gone from this scene and I'll send a little prize (no telling what it might be) to the one who comes the closest. Don't select a date that someone else has already chosen. This could be fun.

Warning: Some people have been known to cheat.

Like this neighbor and that one, too!

Have a great Saturday, everyone. (Hope to catch up with all of you later this evening.)


  1. I predict the snowbank will be gone by the 24th of this month!

    The biscuits look yummy and being a southern girl biscuits are a staple here! I really may have to replace my iron skillet and try these!

    Well, I'm off to check on my grandmother today. She took a nasty fall and isn't feeling well. Handy hubby will do what he does best and do the list of honey do's she is sure to have waiting. Darling daughter, who is bringing her young man along, will snitch my camera and go for a walk around the old home place snapping pictures and telling tales of times past. I will take a little handiwork with me and simply sit with her and listen, learn, laugh, and love every minute of it! I hope you have something wonderful planned!

  2. I can't believe I'm first! I'm going to guess May 2nd. Are you going to have an independent scientific opinion as to when the last molecule of snow is gone?

    Look, you don't understand how important the updates on the snowbank are to me. I anxiously await news of its demise. And then what? What will fill the gap?

  3. OMIGOSH!!! SANDY...what the heck? You snuck in there.

  4. I'm going to say the snowbank will be gone in two weeks on April 26th.

    Those biscuits sure look good!!
    Have a great Saturday!!

  5. The biscuits looked so yummy!! I think the snowbank will be gone by April 19th.
    ps - come enter my 200th post giveaway!

  6. I say the 27th and I am actually going to try the biscuits. Let me tell before hand that I CANNOT bake. I have NEVER been successful with homemade biscuits, rolls, cakes or even cookies. So, wish me luck?

  7. The biscuits look so good!
    I have a biscuit cutter just like that! :)

  8. You did not tell us the air temperature so it really is a guess. I will say 10 days from now so that has to be 22nd April.
    The biscuits look good but not having buttermilk or vegetable shortening I will pass.
    Will look forward to your pics on houses when you get to it.
    It's scarey, you think someone will come running out so just click and run!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The biscuits sound delicious. As for the snow...hmm..I've seen my neighbors cheating and shoveling the remainders of winter in to the street lately, but I still have a patch in the backyard that is hanging on as well. So I will guess April 19th in hopes that mine will be gone by then as well!

  10. snicker .. I looked up New England weather .. .
    .. .not that it helped much.

    I'm going to say .. .judging by the wind velocity and the humidity and the direction of the wind. . .and the tide. . .
    um. . .it looks like it will be gone at 10:23 am on the 23.

    .. . . make sure you have a pedicure the day before ..

  11. I will guess depending on the temps in 8 days the 20th of April. I am going to make those biscuits and lather butter on them for my hubby....mary

  12. Back again....I love the banner!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend.....Mary

  13. I always look forward to the Saturday post about the snow bank...for sanity's sake I hope it all melts soon.

  14. It better be gone before May rolls around...have you ever heard of snow in May? But I won't venture an exact date...since I was the big winner on your last contest, and therefore will disqualify myself!

    Now I see another reason to get myself a cast iron fry pan. I'm bringing back all the old stuff I thought I could live without!

  15. Those biscuits are making me very hungry!!! :)

    Just stopped in to say I hope you are having a great weekend! Love your opening banner pic! Is that the same one you've had? Just lovely! ~Rhonda

  16. Yummy biscuits! I could probably eat all of them in one sitting!

    I'm going to guess your snow bank will be gone on April 25! I don't think anyone choose that date as yet.

    Hugs, Pat

  17. Hi Vee, I'm not as optimistic as the rest...so I am going to guess May 3rd. I can only hope the same will hold true for the piles of snow in my backyard! Maybe I should comfort myself with some of those yummy looking bisquits! I always enjoy your Saturday report. What will you watch when the snow finally disappears? ~Kathy

  18. I'll go with 21st April. But i hope it goes long before then for your sake!

  19. Thus far...

    4/19 — Penny (DI, would you like to make another guess?)

    4/20 — Mary Isabella

    4/21 — Linds

    4/22 — Barbara

    4/23 — Lovella (@10:23 am though I am NOT keeping that close a track...LOL!)

    4/24 — Miss Sandy

    4/25 — Pat

    4/26 — HappyOne

    4/27 — Cyndi

    5/02 — Suzanne

    5/03 — Kathy

    I was shocked to see on my little excursion Saturday that not everyone is having the same snow issues that I am. Check back to see what I mean on Monday.

  20. I am so glad you love them, Vee...I could eat them with honey and have room for nothing else...and if you ever get our way I can show you some beautiful old Antebellum homes in the County. Houses with stories to tell are my favorite.

  21. Oooppps, Looks like I need to change my guess, how about April 28th? Looks our last little bit of snow may actually melt into oblivion tomorrow!! Hurray! Hsd our first spring time BBQ n the back today after church with a warm breeze and everything!

  22. I have faith, I think it will all melt away April 18th by the end of the day :).

    You could start a compost pile...we could check in on that unless the turkey buzzards will be attracted to a compost pile, that would be interesting... LOL!

  23. Thanks for the recipe! I'll have to give it a try!
    God bless.


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