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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Barbara Wins the Demise of the Snowpile Contest

And Barbara wins! That little spot in the picture is no larger than my palm; right now the wee bit of ice is no larger than my thumb. I'm jumping the gun; however, with the temp already in the 60s, I know I'm safe. Congratulations, Barbara! Can we chat about betting on horses? (Barbara wins so many of these contests that I am amazed!)

Off to do my official happy dance...


  1. Well congratulations to me! I am amazed and yet not, I did feel confident in my prediction. Thank you for this little bit of fun. Quite a fun idea.

  2. Congrats to Barbara! That old snow pile just couldn't wait a few days could it? This was silly fun!

  3. The cocoa dreams look yummy! Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

  4. Congratulations Barbara! Thank you Vee for all the joy this snowbank has brought to each one of us....I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next! :)

  5. Shoot!! there is always next year. (snicker)

  6. Congratulations Barbara!

    I am so glad your snow is gone.

    I think your weather is warmer than ours these days. We are having a very delayed spring brrrrr.

  7. You are so funny. -giggles- What an idea! Dueling melting snow piles! ,-)



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