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Friday, April 11, 2008

Backyard Treasures

My Rhubarb Patch is Down There Somewhere

Have you seen the rhubarb growing in Lovella's garden? The thought of rhubarb already grown to that size made my head spin and it also made me wonder how my own was faring out in that Siberian wasteland I'm calling my backyard.

Yes! There is Life After the Long Winter

Covering it all back up again, I even prayed for it to thrive so that I might harvest enough for a pie. It's only been planted for two years and that means I'm not supposed to be harvesting a lot. I harvested nothing from it last year.

Then I turned my attention to the creek, which is flowing nicely...

and the gray birch that make me nervous since they don't appear to be as well established as I'd like; nevertheless, there they remain. I call them my sentinels.

Lastly, the deck, which is now in desperate need of paint. It's still laden with sheets of ice.

I can't take it anymore...let me just help this mess along...chop. chop. chop.

Oh my! Who knew that I had diamonds in the snow?


  1. I am glad to see that you are starting to thaw out in that frozen tundra you live in! I've never had rhubarb before.

    Vee, you are a teacher, it is ok to correct me. I cracked up when I reread the email I sent you yesterday. I meant Autobahn not Audubon! One is for cars and the other is for the birds! So silly!

    Gorgeous grandson will arrive any minute now for a play date. He will be here until lunchtime, then I can get to my tea post for the week, better late than never!

    Have a great Friday!

  2. Mmmmm, rhubarb pie! Even better, strawberry-rhubard pie! I hope you are able to harvest enough to make one this year. I haven't seen any rhubarb in my store yet so I'm waiting patiently too.

  3. Hi Vee...I am never disappointed when I read your post...always brings a smile to my face...you have such a way with your descriptive words..Siberian wasteland...I call them my sentinels...I love it :) I do hope the rhubarb comes up and you get your pie..I wish for you sunshine today...Dee Dee

  4. Slowly, but surely, Vee! I see a rhubarb pie in your future...

  5. Hello my sweet-as-a-cupcake friend Vee! I always love it when you leave me a comment! To answer your question about the date on my blog...I did post it yesterday but I started working on it two days before. I don't know how to change the post date to make it current do you? I had hoped to get it posted sooner but we had thunder storms and I had to keep the computer off in case we had a lightning strike (like last year!). Also, this post took me more time than usual. Now, about that Rhubarb! I am so ready to make a Rhubarb pie! A few weeks ago when I was in California, the grocery store there had the most gorgeous Rhubarb! Bold, red and bountiful! But here in southwest Missouri....we have it in the store but it's a bit scrawny and pale. I will have to wait a little longer! I hope your Rhubarb patch is abundant this year! And please post a picture of that pie! You know how I love me some pie! Thank the Lord warm weather is just around the corner! God Bless you today Vee!
    Warm Pie Happy Home

  6. Looks like home...yep, looks like home. Unfortunately, my deck is in the same condition. We're going to have to exchange tips and commiserate over the re-painting/staining/whatever.

  7. get out your magnifying glass! who knows? one of those could be a giant rock! I always like to go walking after the winter snows melt.. looking for just that... and coins..etc...
    Who knows? somebody could have dropped a precious something in the snow and.... by the time I find it... finders keepers. Not much luck this year... I only found one thin dime...
    Our new snow is now crunchy after half melting yesterday..but it is going to warm enough for more melting again today and +20C by Sunday... we are clinging to that hope. My yard looks about the same.... dead brown wasteland littered with a million tiny cones from the neighbour's spruce trees. Plenty of leaves in my garden areas..but way too early to move them yet... the ladybugs are hiding under them for protection and I don't want to disturb their slumber.

  8. Vee - thanks for stopping by! I miss all my blogging buddies, too, especially this lady named Vee. I may be laying low, but you can be sure that I'm keeping up with your blog. I like your new header, and do I see some new pics of your precious little family on the side??? They are SO cute!

    It looks like you may be starting to thaw out up there in the north. Isn't it a great feeling! I've never had rhubarb pie - never seen it much around here in Texas - maybe it's too hot??? Don't know. I've seen it in the grocery store, but never knew what to do with it - it's kinda pretty tho. I'll have to try it out sometime - I'll be waiting to see your pie!

    I'm playing catch-up at work this week, and each day's getting a little bit easier to cope. I hope to go the farm this weekend and hopefully will have some new pictures. My blog has gotten pretty stale lately. Sorry - take care dear friend - Vickie

  9. oh that ice is so sad. I can hardly believe you are still sitting in the deep freeze.
    Here is one big big piece of advice. As soon as the thaw is for real . .. locate a cicken coop and haul home a big shovel full of the "black gold" and plop it on top of your rhubarb plant . .give it plenty of water . .. and run into the house and start to pull out your recipes and pans . . preheat the oven and run back as fast as you can with a plastic bag to carry all the rhubarb to the house. Seriously
    Oh and I have my Canadian Living Magazine open right now to a lovely recipe of Rhubarb Strawberry tarts. . .

  10. I'm learning all kinds of good things about rhubarb...not sure I quite get Lovella's recommendation though! And I've likely destroyed my rhubarb plants, since I had no idea I wasn't supposed to harvest any for the first two years. I stood out there and waited for those first stalks...and then carried them off into the kitchen.

    Your Siberian wasteland wioll soon have new life!

  11. I prefer cream on my rhubarb.. over the "black gold"...... lol.... wash it well okay?

    hey...finally got my award up today... along with my latest bunny...
    tx for my pretty plaque Vee... I do appreciate it.... it's great to have a friend with a similar sense of humour... I see pot shots coming out of your camp on occasion as well..... so I know I am in good company.

  12. LOL, Judy! I know...what IS Lovella saying?! To put chicken manure all over the rhubarb!! Seems counterintuitive, doesn't it? I mean, we're going to EAT that stuff. %D

  13. I see that BumbleVee is having similar troubles imagining such a thing! Ha!

  14. Hi Vee!
    I am trying to catch up with all of my blogging friends...ohhh I love rhubarb pie!

  15. I believe Spring has finally crept into NY this week, so It can't be far behind for New England ... have faith Vee! :-) I'm glad your rhubarb is still alive and begining to grow. I have a raspberry bush I'm not too sure about -- it is all brown and dry looking. :-(

    Thanks for commenting about you favorite cookbook. My husband would *shiver* if he knew someone thought Olive Garden food was thought of as good Italian food, but I've eaten there with friends and I liked it too! The "all you can eat" soup, salad and breadsticks deal was very nice!

    Have a good weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. Yay...Vee you can see dirt! Ta-Da!

    I just know Spring is going to arrive soon in Boston...my poor relatives, they've had it too!

    Happy Friday....

  17. Hi Vee!
    Oh, i spent most of yesterday outside (it was the nicest day so far this spring!) chopping at the ice on our walkway and decks. Isn't it ridiculous? We are just now getting some of the gardens to melt back but there is still so much to go!
    Pray for warmth this weekend!

  18. Oh I love rhubarb and in fact I just bought some to grow in my yard. I thought they were bulbs but they look just like roots to plant.
    I guess I'll have to wait a few years to be able to eat any. My favorite way to eat it is in a Rhubarb Cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

  19. I love growing rhubarb, not only for the fruit but the leaves are so beautiful. It doesn't take long for it to take off and soon you will have such a huge rhubarb patch you'll be splitting it to give away :).

    Ice chipping...I grabbed my shovel this morning on my way to work...I just can't believe it's April 11th and I'm shoveling! I would make a snowman but we didn't get that much snow...fortunately :).

    Have a wonderful Friday Vee!

  20. Happy weekend, dear Vee! Mmmm, I would love some rhubarb pie about now!


  21. you know I have never tasted rhubarb before in my life..and I live in Florida too!!..ha. but I certainly love strawberries though..just have never ever tasted rhubarb.
    Yes I love yellow..and my kitchen i a pale yellow as is my master bedroom ...I aim to paint my kitchen a brighter cheerier yellow soon though.
    I fell in love with those little tea cups and plates the moment I saw them. I've been on the look out lately for things with little roses on them..so I quickly scooped those up the moment I saw them.
    definitely one of my most recent favorite finds.wanted to say thank you so much for visiting my blog. always enjoy your visits. hope you'll stop by often.
    have a lovely week! ~Tina

  22. BUt it all looks so lovely, Vee...but like you I am ready for Spring to stay for awhile...we're looking for a frost Wednesday morning, so will be out there covering tomato plants, drat it all! Wish I had some Rhubard, love rhubard and strawberry pie...yummmy...gets to hot though...hugs


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