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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


March 30 - April 5 Decor-a-Tea
Share ideas and pictures that incorporate tea and/or tea themes into home decor. Displays, art, prints, fabrics, and collection all count in this category. Do you use teapots and teacups as a part of your home decor? If so, describe how.

If you're arriving from La Tea Dah's Decor-a-tea, welcome! If you're one of the faithful, thank you for being here! If you just fell through a portal and have no idea how you arrived, April Fool's!

This little tour is going to begin with the sublime and head right down the tubes to the ridiculous with a photo of my medicine cabinet. You'll want to hang in there for that!

My favorite decoration of late with teacups has already been featured earlier (several times :P), but never one to shun the chance to post yet another picture, here it is after Easter. I'm really missing the blooms on the cactus!

All I did was to play off of another blogger's idea by using an empty antique picture frame and tying teacups from the top edge with ribbons.

Before I was displaying the little nest in the apothecary jar, as you see in my header, I often displayed it this way:

Just find your favorite teacup and turn it on its side resting the nest inside. This works very well for taller shelves. If displaying on a tabletop, the teacup could be rightside up for a visual surprise.

Last week, so many of you mentioned Sandy Lynam Clough an artist who collects teacups and teapots herself to create wonderful vignettes to paint. I love her work! Her calendars for 2005 and 2006 are among my favorite things...see, I've even saved the covers.

The calendars themselves are used for crafts and cover-ups. This is a closet door where I hang my necklaces.

And, as promised, the medicine chest where I use tea mugs to store my toothbrush and razors, etc. Whatever fits in!

Thank you for visiting today, feel free to wander about in my blog, I'm sure you'll discover more Decor-a-tea. Don't forget to continue the tour at La Tea Dah's!


  1. You have an abundance of tea-themed displays...thanks for the tour. Lovely!

    Do you have a real medicine cabinet where you keep all your pills & vitamins? I won't diplay ours...bottles of stuff we may one day need! Right now the Cold FX is front & center.

  2. Oh, Vee...can I come to your house for a cup of tea? Your place looks soooo cozy!

  3. Gee, what's wrong with the picture quality? Looked great to me...or were you fishing, you sly boots? I love the visual...and I think that is one jazzy medicine chest...you should see mine...no, you really shouldn't, I guess... Now, this is no April Fool's, I have tagged you...come on over and check out the details...

  4. Oh your blog is so lovely. I love this post, I never thought of using tea cups and mugs for my medicine chest. I love your presentation and the photographs look dreamy to me. What a great idea to take frames and hang teacups. I went into a wonderful Vintage shop the other day and she had teapots and teacups hanging from the ceiling from ribbons like yours. So imaginative. Thank you for stopping by my tea post and leaving such nice comments. Blessings, Karen

  5. Vee, you inspire me! Everything was VERY pretty --- but the frame with the ribboned teacups --- sublime! Oh, and that little birds nest in the teacup --- very sweet! Can you come visit me and help me decorate my house? I love the whimsy you include!!!!!

    Like you I decorate my bathroom with useful tea items! I keep pretty soaps in old fashioned sugar bowls, and make-up in teacups. It's all very useful and pretty to me (we won't ask my husband what he thinks! I keep the tea things on my side of the counter!).

    Enjoy a lovely day!

  6. I love that little nest resting in your beautiful tea cup! I'm glad I stopped by before I did my post as you reminded me of another way I am using a tea themed item that I forgot about!

    I took my photos yesterday but need to retake them today as I didn't dust and the cobweb from the trim to the teacup rim was just not so attractive!

    I love that you papered your medicine cabinet door with a calendar print and your jewelry hanger is lovely, such great ideas, but Is still love the simplicity and beauty of the two teacups hanging in the empty frame!

    Well, I'm off to dust some more and get my post ready, happy Tuesday!

  7. I loved visiting your tea themed displays. The ideas you followed through on are great. I love the closet door idea. Enjoy...

  8. I absolutely loved your post. Your tea displays are so pretty. I have to chuckle because I also use tea mugs to store my toothbrush and other items in my medicine cabinet but I forgot to post them. My husband always teases me about it. He says no one else in the whole world does that. I just can't wait to show him your post. LOL Thanks again for the great post!

  9. Hi Vee,
    Great idea on the frame and the hanging mini Tea Cups. Soooo cute.
    I loved that tiny nest and egg in the other Tea Cup.....I might have to try that one. HA!
    I've heard that we should be saving our old calendars for crafty things...and I've saved mine but never know what to do with them. Sooo.....now I have a few thoughts.
    I thought your photo quality was really good actually. I am SO not the photographer. HA!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Tea Decor...
    Have a blessed day.

  10. You are just full of inspiration, aren't you!?! The little bird's nest is adorable. I'm afraid I just don't think outside the box enough. I never would have considered using tea cups in the medicine cabinet! Good for you!


  11. Ohhh.....I just looked again. I guess that FRAME is bigger than I realized since those aren't miniture Tea Cups! HA! Thanks for letting me know. :~)

  12. What a beautiful blog you have! I love all the tea things you have shared with us today, I see some new ideas! The little nest and egg in the tea cup is darling!

    Isn't this blog-a-thon fun!


  13. Love the little nest in the tea cup! Nancy

  14. Thanks for visiting me. I love your blog! I'll be coming here often. Such homey, delightful ideas!

  15. I love all your display ideas...thanks for the inspiration! I also enjoyed seeing your home and tea things.


  16. Hi !!! What great ideas you have !!! Love your medicine cabinet!!!
    Thanks for the tour.

  17. I had dark pictures, too. Yours looked fine. Beautiful!

  18. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! As a new blogger, I get so excited when someone visits! :) Thanks for the kind comments, also! I enjoyed looking over your site! You are a talented, insightful writer! I love your tea cups tied in the frame...how sweet! Might just have to "borrow" that idea myself! :) Hope you will come by again! Rhonda

    P.S. Forgot to mention how nice your opening blog picture is! Very striking and the cake looks scrumptious!!!

  19. What clever ideas you have for displaying the things you love! Thank you for sharing this lovely post with us! You have some very beautiful tea things indeed.
    Enjoy a lovely Spring week!

  20. Don't forget to remind me to take out the nice china when you show up some day for tea and scones ..or cake..or biscotti...or whatever we have on the go.

    I love baking fresh bread...maybe it is another of the the new "old" therapies......it is very relaxing....smells soooo good and the taste..well...

  21. No, Vee, I didn't get locked up again today, just a busy day and nice thumpy headache to go with it so I took a nap instead of doing my post! Darling daughter's young man came over this afternoon and I spent time making homemade pizzas and now I am just blog surfing!

  22. A delight, as always, Vee! I'm glad you showed the great photo of the tea cups hanging in the frame. That post of "before and after" a few weeks ago inspired me to consider the top of my hutch. You are a gem. ~Kathy

  23. What creative ways to use teacups! And to think I just drink tea out of mine...

    Love that nest idea!

  24. Wow, what great ways to decorate! I love the mugs in the medicine cabinet - very creative. :)


  25. What lovely things you have! Thanks for sharing both the sublime and the ridiculous! I enjoyed my tour of your decor-a-tea!

  26. I love all your tea cup ideas Vee! You have an amazing collection. I think I need to find some pretty tea cups and throw away my battered ugly mugs. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Hugs, Pat

  27. I love the nest inside the teacup...I have quite a few nests so I'll have to try that!

  28. I love all of your little tea themed things!! So clever, especailly the nest!
    Jen R

  29. Oh my Vee, I know I stopped by days ago to tell you how wonderful your decor-a-tea was but I'm not sure what happened to my post...blog black hole I guess :). Haha.

    I love the picture frame with teacups hanging from it, I will have to borrow your idea one of these fine days.

    Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful things.

    Have a wonderful evening!
    Kathi :)

  30. It was nice to see your delightful tea decor.

  31. Oh I am going to be in so much trouble You all have some wonderful ideas for decorating and collecting tea items I find myself constantly search the net for things to buy!!! Your home displays are truly lovely Vee

  32. I love the name of your blog! Home should be a haven from the rest of the world. You have so many beautiful tea displays. I particularly love the bird nest in the tea cup!

  33. What wonderful ideas you have! I love the nest in the teacup... I'll be borrowing that one. Thank you for coming by my blog to visit!

  34. Love the little nest in the teacup.

  35. Love all your pretty ideas for decorating with tea things!

  36. Adorable tea cup ideas!

    Soooo sweet!! Thank you for sharing with us!



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