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Saturday, April 5, 2008

An Oversight!

Another of my favorite bloggers was overlooked yesterday: Manuela @ The Feathered Nest. And, just for that oversight, I am presenting Manuela with both awards. Manuela is one of those prolific bloggers who consistently shares her home, her ideas, her recipes, etc. I love visiting her!

Here's that old Saturday snowbank from a slightly different angle, but with the discarded Christmas tree prominently featured. These shots are taken from my viewpoint leaving my humble abode completely out of it. ;> We had some snow yesterday that turned to rain. I think I'll go out later today and attempt to rake some of the dirt off the banking and closer to the street.


  1. That snowbank is looking so dirty I think you need a clean blanket of fresh snow to cover it!

    Oh, I love Feathered Nest, it's one of my daily visits.

  2. I am looking at your snowbank and thinking of the Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch cries, "I'm melting, I'm melting!!!" It really is melting!!! Spring will be sprung before you know it! Happy Saturday Vee!

  3. Just noticed your 'please don't' harvest my photos, etc.

    You can put your name on your photos. No program to install or anything. And if I can do it, anyone can! :-) Want a link to the site?

  4. And... better late than never on the Blog roll on Side Bar question...

    I have never put a Blog Roll on my Sidebar. {Actually, I try to not put much of anything on my Side Bar}

    One of the main reasons I left Live Journal was... their horrid thing of having a 'Friends List.' Horrid!

    No one can remove anyone from it, without everyone knowning, and people's feelings being hurt. Horrid! Oh yes, I said that.

    So.... when I found Blogger and there was no dreaded 'Friends List,' I was super happy.

    I have way too many blogs in my Google Reader, and that's no one's business but my own. :-) I have them in diff folders. Get to them, as I can. Etc. Etc. And really love it that Google Reader shows me, when anyone puts up a new entry. Saves clicking on each one, to find a new entry.

    Annnnnnd yes, I fear I join you in the opinion that... If I often comment in someone's blog... I'd really like them to try to comment now and then in mine. I don't count. -giggles- But if a blogger posts once a month, I drop them. And if a blogger rarely comes to me, I do also. Not so with those rare and lucky bloggers who have a zillllion comments and couldn't possibly get around to all, often.

    But we who are ordinary bloggers... well, I too would like it to not be a one way conversation. :-)

    And those things are my way. No need to have it be anyone else's way.


  5. And one more!!! Yish... lol

    I used to think that with Google Reader, I could only see the printing of an entry. Heavens, that would never do. I want to see the pretty pics and colors and etc.

    But... I can click on it in Google Reader and see the whole dern thing... the whole dern entry with color and pics and all.

    Since I was thus mistaken, for a while... I thought maybe someone else might be. Nope, not just bare printed words. We can see all the goodies if we wish to.


  6. oh boy, I just went and checked my rhubarb to see if there was enough to bake a crisp. . . . there is.
    good luck with your snowbank.

  7. Hopefully spring will be in your corner before you know it!

    Thank you so much for giving me both awards! You are such a sweetie and it's most kind of you to include me!


  8. Have a fabulous weekend!

    kari & kijsa

  9. Well it does indeed look like the snow is melting...I know your neighborhood is beautiful in the spring...just around the corner for sure :)...thank you for so many sweet comments..I wondered what had happened to you..I think I am just a quiet sort of blogger ...too reserved for the blogging community...and all the activities that go on...but thank you for your sweet invitation...Dee Dee

  10. Well now, DeeDee, that's not quite the answer I was hoping for. ;> But as Dr. Phil says, "Never allow my judgement to substitute for your own." I may "forget" you from time to time, but not to worry...I'll remember again and have to zip off to see what you're up to and how you're doing.

  11. Hi Vee! Your snowbank looks like it's shrinking but you've still got a lot there! Ours is almost gone for which I am very thankful.
    I'm so glad you liked the tags ... thank you so much for featuring them in your blog! Since Easter and that dreaded project I'm way behind with reading everyone's blog. I was very interested in how you handle your blogroll ... I gave up trying to keep mine updated on my blog. I use Bloglines which helps to keep me organized ... but I'm still always behind! :) Have a great weekend!

  12. Ahhh...it's melting!! I know you're happy about it, but I've rather enjoyed seeing how it has been progressing the past weeks! LOL


  13. It won't be long (I hope) 'til that snowbank is gone! Love the new header...it's gorgeous.

  14. That snow bank sure is dirty. Hope the rain washed more of it away.
    I can see why you can't wait for spring to arrive at your place.

  15. We must live close to the same zones as my snowbank looks almost the same :). Whoohoo! I love your new header! it's beautiful.


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