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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Looking for a Silver Lining

...but all I have, so far, are silver shards.

That, my friends, is the mirror that crashed off my sister's bedroom wall last night and shattered. What a racket! The cat and I both woke with a start and sank back down with a groan. I never even got up to check it out. This morning, I had that vague memory of something going boom in the night and went on a proper search. It's a very good thing that I am not superstitious.

Now when life hands one lemons, one makes lemonade and when life hands one a broken mirror, one ______________? Yes, that is the question of the day!

This afternoon, I am supposed to be meeting with my sister to discuss the sale of the house. It's not going to be easy and I am hoping that those of you who are praying folk might keep us in mind today.



  1. I never get up to investigate crashes in the middle of the night either. I just cover my head with the blanket and hope "it" goes away. :)

    I will keep you in my prayers today, Vee. Selling a home, even under the best circumstances is traumatic. I hope you and your sister can agree easily on how to make everything work for both of you.

  2. Hello Vee... I am a new reader and love your blog.

    Family stuff can be tough at times...know that my prayers are with you today.

    Debbie www.fromacreativeheart.blogspot.com

  3. I know, pick me! When life gives you shattered glass you piece it back together in a different form and make a beautiful mosaic! It is something new and different but equally as beautiful! (I mean more than the mirror.)

    Vee, your at the top of my kneeling list. Praying all goes well.

    Strength and hugs for the day,
    Miss Sandy

  4. Yes, when life hands you a broken mirror, see your life from many different vantage points...then pick the one that fits the day

  5. Good morning Vee- I just said a prayer for you and your sister. Hope all goes well with that and that you girls can make good decisions.
    When life gives you a shattered mirror, you get a kaleidoscope of infinite color to brighten your day! Big hug to you today! Vickie

  6. When life hands you a broken mirror, you taken those broken pieces and form them into something absolutely fabulous! I know you will come up with some marvelous idea that we all will envy! : )
    You are always in my prayers sweetie...but I'll say an extra special one today for you!

  7. When a mirror breaks into a thousand pieces there is opportunity. You carefully put the pieces back together, one by one. As Miss Sandy said, they fit together in a different pattern, a stronger form.

    I've had to do this myself Vee. It's not easy but as I've told many, many people ......you would walk through broken glass (or mirror) to get what's on the other side. What's that you ask?

    You'll see.

    My prayers will surround you in protection.

  8. I always get up to inspect noises or at least my husband does. I don't usually wake up!!

    I will say that prayer for you.
    When selling a house, there is always the next house to look forward to. I think it's fun to move into a new place.

  9. I can't think of much to do with sharp, broken shards of mirror except to carefully pick up and toss the mess into a labelled box to protect the garbage men. Wear thick rubber gloves for the large pieces and vacuum the rest... be careful....

    Buy a new one (for new beginnings) in a new place...oh, and according to Feng Shui rules... don't hang it facing a doorway...

  10. You are in my prayers this day, Vee, as you are every day! I'm sending extra prayers up, however, and sending you much love and positive vibes!!

    Thank goodness it wasn't a window being shattered by a burglar when the mirror crashed to the floor!!! You and Fiore are much braver than I! Lol! Wonder what prompted that mirror to take that tumble?

    Btw, was it grandson 1 or grandson 2 who had the haircut in yesterday's blog?

    Have a blessed day, even amid the tension!


  11. I will remember you both in prayer today...sounds like a difficult subject for you Vee--


  12. That crashing sound in the night would give me a heart attack. I'd have to investigate.

    As far as the possible move, oh, I've been in that place under so many different circumstances. It is never an easy undertaking or decision.

    Many prayers for you,

  13. Prayers for you and your sister today, Vee.

  14. I know that sound or at least similar.
    We had a very large picture fall off my dining room wall in the middle of the night. Guess who got up to investigate. Me, gingerly stepping downstairs. Hubby fast asleep.

  15. Prayers here as well...and thanks for calling me an optimist. That is a first in its self! wink

  16. Vee. thinking of you today ..

    Um. . when someone hands you a broken mirror. . . say. . well, I guess I don't have to fret about putting on my face .. or doing my hair .. I can't see it so it won't bother me a speck ..

  17. I have been and will continue to pray for you and your sister. If there is anything more I can do please e-mail me. ..........Mary

  18. Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog post, Vee! Here you are going through something difficult, and yet you are giving encouraging words to others. That is really sweet of you!
    Maybe the shattered mirror is a sign of out with the old and in with newer better days?
    I will certainly send up many prayers for you and your sister that all will be well.

    Hugs, Pat

  19. Hi Vee...I will say prayers for you and your sister as well..

    A hug does not require words. In fact, there is no word that can replace the emotion of a hug..

    I'm sending you a hug Vee along with prayers ...God bless...Dee Dee

  20. Vee,
    Just wanted to pop in a let you know that this is a little knee mail ~ praying God will give you peace for your shattered pieces! Much love and I'll be back for a real visit later.

  21. All of these beautiful comments just bless my socks off. Thank you for the prayers...they certainly helped me get through the day. I was able to speak with my sister without being upset and that is a breakthrough. I did ask for more time to gather my thoughts and set intentions to which she agreed. We'll do this all over again next Thursday, but don't fear, I won't be blogging about it.

  22. Dropping by a little late...sounds like you could still use our prayers. I do pray for God's creativity and grace to be in the midst of your circumstances.

    I will continue to praying sweet Vee. You know you are loved by many of us here. Your visits always extend such warmth and cheer. Let all that you have given, come back to you now.

  23. Oh Vee...I'm so sad about the house sale option. Hubby and I discussed it at length...we are praying for you on this one! Also praying that something beautiful can come from all those broken pieces.

  24. Prayers for the sale of your home. I am disgusted with all forms of real estate at the moment. :(

  25. Still thinking of you Vee, and sending up little arrow prayers for you whenever you cross my mind. I hope I can give back to you what you have given to me - Vickie

  26. "I am supposed to be meeting with my sister to discuss the sale of the house. It's not going to be easy..."

    The sale of your precious house? Which you love? To a new owner? And you will no longer be living there?

    I won't write out my comment, completely. But anyone may attempt to figure it out... It begins with a 'D' and ends with 'n' and has 4 letters.

    And if you remember the film version of 'My Fair Lady,' Rex Harrison employed this expletive a number of times, before beginning to sing 'Why Can't A Woman Be More Like A Man?'



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