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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Fabric Heart

Believe it or not, there's a whole lot going on in my world. Do I appear ever calm and unflappable? I am neither. Some fine day I'll blog about it. Wish that I were still "invisible" even if only in my own thinking. What wonderful freedom that was!

This morning finds me juggling a few things including blog posts. The promise of showing my dd's bedroom before and afters is floating about, but I still haven't gained permission so I'll have to put that off for a bit.

In lieu of that, I'll show the craft project that I was going to do on Monday. Plus I have a very special before and after dear to this nonni's heart at the end of my post.

You've all seen these creations at so many blogs. Kim at Daisy Cottage has been sharing many fabric hearts that have been created for her; each one is so delightful and unique. If you haven't seen the little bird that Cindy created for Kim, you must check it out. It's simply fantastic.

The creation that I fell in love with was found at With a Grateful Heart . You won't be able to miss it among the other treasures at the marketplace.

Trying to remember what I've gleaned from so many crafty blogs, I deconstructed some truly ratty old linens. I assuaged my guilt by assuring myself that I was rescuing the embroidery. The fabric around the embroidery was still strong, but elsewhere there were holes and tears.

I am pleased with the design; I like the aroma that I tucked in...star anise; and the heart hanging on the patio door handle looks nice. Two more embroidered posies remain like the one in the first photograph. Not much fabric left around them, though, and this has left me wondering what to do. Needless to say, I'll be hanging out at Dawn's looking for inspiration.

Now for my favorite before and after!

What a difference a fresh haircut makes. Speaking of which, I'll be checking in at Jan's today for sure! ;>


  1. The shape of that heart is so cute, it inspires me to create one of my own! I love the old fabric.

    What a difference a haircut makes, he is so handsome.
    Hugs, DebraK

  2. I love the heart! I have quite a collection of ratty-tatty linens myself. Perhaps I will have to create one or two for the Mother's Day Tea I have planned. I hope the day brings you peace. And, I love seeing the fresh face at the bottom of the post. ~Kathy

  3. What a sweetie little pie he is and he looks so proud of his new haircut. It really does show off his beautiful eyes but he looks like such a big boy now. I say but only because they grow up so fast. I miss having little boys in my family; they are all young men now.

  4. Such a pretty little heart.

    He appears to really like his new haircut and how handsome he is, though he was adorable even before the haircut!! :-)

  5. The heart is adorable. I always hold my breath when cutting into old linens or cutter quilts. Somehow it just seems sacraligeous. (sp??)

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  6. OMIGOSH VEE - I forgot to tell you how adorable that kid is....those huge eyes and apple cheeks which are perfect for pinching.

  7. What a beautiful heart, it almost matches the beauty of your real one! And what a cutie at the end of this post! Perhaps I will send gorgeous grandson to your barber! His parents can't seem to let go of that little dutch boy look he has going on right now! While it is cute he is often mistaken for a girl!!! It is time for a haircut! Keeping him still will be the real challenge! Well, I'm off to take pictures of my head for my blog! See ya tomorrow!

  8. V - your little grandson is adorable! I'm jealous - I want one. All my friends are getting them and it looks like it's going to be a few years before I get any. Hope they still have a few left by the time it's my turn!

    How did the actual haircut go? I used to bribe my boys with M&M's to sit still while they got a trim. I always cut my guys' hair - even the hubby's. Still do...

    Love your little posie heart, too. One thing about all that ice and snow - you've really kept yourself busy being creative! Take care - Vickie

  9. I love your heart Vee!!!! It's just precious, and what a wonderful shaped heart too...Thank you for mentioning me, you are always sweet to cheer me on in my creative ventures, Miss Sandy is too! Maybe you can put those other smaller embroidered fragments in several small frames?? Hope you have a wonderful day and by the way, your little sweetie is just adorable with his new haircut! xxoo, Dawn

  10. Oh I love that fabric idea Vee.
    Your little fella is darling. . love his haircut.

    I was thinking about what you alluded to about what goes on that we all don't see. . .isn't that true for all of us?


  11. He is so precious!!! A quick question, I know your busy and you know I am new...but...how do I get the lettering for my headline to be centered and on my title picture?
    I cant figure that one out.

  12. Thank you so much Vee, your a sweetheart.

  13. Absolutley adorable little person!
    And you did a wonderful job on the heart. Doesn't it just bring such satisfaction when we get these projects done?

  14. Adorable! The heart and the sweet boy with the new haircut!

  15. I am always bursting with energy to create when I vist you Vee...Love the little hearts..I hope I can work in a little time to make some of my own..I have all the ingredients, but time it seems...What a darling little grandson...brought a big ole smile to my heart..Dee Dee

  16. what a sweet heart you've created!!! Good for you! Someday I'm going to be just as talented as you are! HA!!
    Ohhh...he has a before and after haircut too!!! I believe he is 100 times cuter than mine will be when I finally post it! : ) Thanks so much for sharing!!


  17. Hi Vee
    Thanks for stopping by to say hello and leave a comment. I am always excited when someone new takes the time to write something. The little heart you made is precious! I'm going to look through all my old linens and see if anything is shabby enough to cut up and make one!
    Your little guy is adorable. I love his big eyes.
    Please stop by again and I'll make us a cup of tea.
    Rhondi xo

  18. I love you little heart. What a cute shape.

    What a cutie pie with his new haircut!



  19. Thanks for stopping by, Vee. It's like a breath of fresh air visiting here at your place!

  20. I thought I'd drop back in an answer your question ~ no vacation plans as of yet. I think I am just sea sick, not in the real sense of the word but longing for our annual trek to the sea shore. Memories were being stirred of past visits and my walks on the beach. I think God could have planted me a little closer to the shore! I long to move there but then the thought of my impish little grandson pops up and what is a Hannah to do but stay put at only 15 minutes distance and not 10 hours away!

    The food was a distraction for the boring post on what I'd really wear!

    You most certainly can come to tea anytime you are in my neck of the woods. Wouldn't that be so much fun?

    AND the whole front of my face IS on my blog, in a post, somewhere in the past! (Only in that picture my hair is shorter as it was taken late last summer and I grew it out some over the winter months, but I still look the same!) Today was not about faces but hair!

  21. Vee:

    Can I just tell you that you leave the sweetest comments.

    Thank you so much for your loyalty and thoughtful messages.

    And your heart is adorable.

    Lisa xo
    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  22. What a lovely heart. Perhaps you could applique the other snippets onto a base fabric for another project. Little one's haircut is adorable...what a heartbreaker!

    The snow we got on Monday was merely "flurries". It didn't stick, but it was depressing to see. So glad the weather is much nicer now.

  23. I adore that before and after!! How cute!!!

    I love that heart too...very pretty Vee!

  24. Oh Vee! Your grandson is so adorable! He looks so big boy handsome now with his new haircut!

    I love the heart you made from salvaged cloth. I think I have to look around and see if I can find something to make one with too.

    Hugs, Pat

  25. You're all so kind...really! It is fun to "rescue" something that is abandoned or falling apart. If any of you try this out, please let me know so that I can see it. I'm so nosy like that.

  26. What a CUTIE PIE!

    And your heart is cute too!


  27. He's cute and his hair looks good. Does he like it I wonder!

  28. That little face is the sweetest... what lovely eyes he has..


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