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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's the Little Things

As the old song goes "Little Things Mean a Lot." The older I get, the more convinced of it I am. It doesn't take much these days to give me pleasure in the simple joys. I've got lots of little things to share with you today.

These are some wee treasures that arrived in yesterday's mail from Among the Hedgerows.

Lynda tossed in the beautiful old-fashioned shoe tags as an extra, which was such a thoughtful thing to do. I love them! Thank you so much, Lynda! Do you see where I am putting my tags these days? Someplace where I can see them and enjoy them yet they'll be handy when tagging a gift. Look around, but don't look too far. ;>

Yesterday, Alison posted another marvelous list of Puttery Treats. Oh I love Puttery Treats!

What's any worse than seeing this in the laundry?

Well, besides this?

But we can change the first à la Puttery Treats to this:

And a few minutes of folding transforms that nasty pile, too.

(As you can see, I was desperate for a before and after!)

After all of the work on the tea cozy (see yesterday's post), I even made a little change to that. See?

On Monday, Pat gave such a wonderful link behind the scenes in comments for seasoned skillets. So many of you confessed that you didn't own a skillet, but I want everyone in the country to own a good skillet...at least one. So, for your browsing and shopping pleasure, I'm giving you the link to Lodge Manufacturing up front where you can see it.

This is my happy collection of skillets and cast iron pans that I keep seasoned by using edible mineral oil. I also treat wooden handles and my wooden utensils every month or so with the oil. You can use 100% vegetable oil or even shortening, but never use Canola oil or any oil that could go rancid. You can't go wrong to pick up the edible mineral oil as it lasts forever and is far easier to use.

Finally, as extra incentive to get out your cast iron skillet, to purchase one or to beg for one, here's the link to a recipe for corn bread in a skillet. Can you think of any better presentation for the supper table? Believe me, it makes people's eyes light up!

Have a fantastic Wednesday and don't forget to find a Puttery Treat Challenge to call your own! Remember: It's the little things...

Edited to Add: Yet another "Little Thing" as The Farmer's Wife is having a little giveaway and you can play along, too. Do you have a dear hubby who really needs to pay attention and notice things? Well "The Farmer" should pay better attention and that's what the giveaway is all about. Suzanne will be giving away his Farmall some beautiful dishcloths. Check it out!


  1. Hi Vee!
    Oh, thank you for the link on the cast iron skillets. My MIL just gave me one, but I'm not sure I can salvage it. It has some rust, so I have some work to do. Lynda's shop is jsut filled with wonderufl treasures!
    (ps.. I just love the idea of a teacup scoop for the laundry powder!!)

  2. I checked out the cornbread recipe and it looks so good. I am definitely going to buy a cast iron skillet.
    I always thought those skillets were only for frying. Dopey me!

    I like folding clothes! :-)

  3. Omigosh I just love your tea cozy. You are turning into quite the Martha. Since my family hails from southern roots I've always had a cast iron skillet. Don't forget to season them properly.

    And yes, Vee, you can mention my little contest on your blog.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  4. Hi Vee!
    Of course you can use my quote..
    Wow.. I've never had people want to quote me before..

  5. Okay, okay, you and Alton Brown have convinced me that I need a cast iron skillet! But first you have to tell me how to know if mineral oil is safe for eating or if it is only for...I have no idea what it is used for actually. And is this something found in a grocery store?

  6. Alice,


    has a great list of available retailers that sell the product I use...Tree Spirit Mineral Oil. But, yes, I do think that you can find other brands of edible mineral oil in most stores even Wal*Mart.

  7. Vee, such a fun post. I like the laundry segment .. .
    oh and the cast iron skillets. I used to have one and as a new bride promptly destroyed it. I am really considering to get one again. Yours looks wonderful. I do wonder if it's alright to use on a glass top stove.
    I have the enameled cast iron pots that I just love.

  8. What a wonderful idea, Vee!! Adding little pretty touches to everyday things....You are so right about iron skillets!! I have a few myself and love to cook in them. I spray mine with Pam and wipe them out after cleaning. I found my seasoned ones at Cracker Barrel restaurant, they carry the Lodge brand. I love to add a little oil, pop that baby in the oven on about 425 degrees mix up my cornbread, pull the skillet out and pour the batter in and hear it sizzle!! Makes great cornbread!! xxoo, Dawn

  9. Hey Vee, great post! And thanks for the tip on the edible mineral oil. I never knew there was such a thing! I forgot to thank you for my award the other day, which by the way was awfully sweet of you and you wrote very nice things that I appreciate. It is nice to be appreciated and you seem to see very good things in me, which I appreciate also!
    And I still haven'd done my meme thing mostly because I haven't had time to think of clever answers and there are so many posts I want to write, but I will try to do it eventually because they are very interesting and insightful!

    Not getting around to post comments much these days as I am busy at work and never have time to check blogs any more and seldom have much time in the evenings. This working-for-a-living thing is really cramping my style!

    P.S. I have a cast iron skillet I've used maybe twice. I will have to dig it out and give it a go again!

    xo Terri

  10. You mentioned Lancaster WHitewash. I think I missed the reference...what are you referring to? I like the colour..!

  11. Vee,

    What a great post! Love those shoe tags!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  12. Nicely put... it is indeed the little thing.... like reading a story to a child .... like in your picture on the side bar.... thats what is important in life...

  13. Aren't all these giveaways so fun? I just received my "Pay It Forward" gift from Bumblevee and it absolutely made my day! Hope you're having a good day!

  14. I'm back to catch up on all I've missed! Now I see I need a cast iron frying pan...I got rid of mine a long time ago, seeing I never used it. But now I would like it back! I'm also wondering if they are OK on ceramic cooktops????

    And thanks so much for all your kind words and encouragement during this past week, Vee! I felt at peace despite the circumstances.

  15. I am the world's worst at keeping my iron skillet seasoned. I wash it with soap and water and heat it on the stove top to make sure it doesn't rust, but it needs a good seasoning. Thanks for the link. I will read up on it.

  16. Hey, Vee! It's me - back from the dark side. lol
    Nice post. I have several cast iron skillets that I can't imagine going without. There's one that I cook cornbread in (it's my favorite!). There's one that's the same size as my cornbread one, but the handle is a little different. There's the flat, oval one that I don't think I've ever actually used and there's the ginormous one that I used to fry chicken in at least once a week before I got tired of standing at the stove for an hour and a half at a time. I'm the world's worst about keeping my skillets seasoned...except for that cornbread one. My Grandma would come back to life and smack me around something fierce if I ever let that one get rusty. lol

  17. I love your tags, my Mother collects shoes...well, she collects many things but shoes is just one thing.

    Your cast iron is amazing, you have taken very good care of them. They are something else aren't they, last forever they will.

    If you're finished with all your laundry I have a huge pile you could help me out with :).

    Have a wonderful evening!
    Kathi :)

  18. I'm adding a tea cup to my laundry soap box too. I'm going to have to copy you miss Vee. ;)

    It's just too cute of an idea not to notice!

    Happy Wednesday!!!

  19. Hello Vee...now I love a good cast iron skillet....especially my little spider and my little hoecake baker...you know those skillets bake the best biscuits, too! They're not just for cornbread anymore, lol! And you're right, it's the little things that mean a lot!

  20. Oh Vee! What a wonderful post! So full and fun!

    I'm glad you put the cast iron skillet source "up front" :-) I love Lodge, and their products are the best! Nice recipes on their web site too.

    I blogged about my favorite cookbooks today. I hope you'll be able to tell me what yours are!

    Now I'm going to go find out what Puttery Treats are! :-)


  21. Oh, I love the before and afters! It is the little things that make a difference isn't it? I am feeling a bit guilty about those painted skillets now! Perhaps I will try just one skillet and can handle caring for just one and not a whole set! Is it any consolation that I do use an iron corn muffin pan and do keep it well? I am off to visit all the links and find out some tips and tidbits, thanks!

  22. Oh gosh, Miss Sandy, you probably caught me puttering around again on that old teapot cozy. I added steam yesterday, but couldn't bring myself to recycle yet another picture of that thing in a post about sonnets. LOL!

    Thanks, dear ones, for all your kind comments. They make me grin and I revisit them and grin all over again. Judy, love seeing your comment here today, sweet lady!

    Cast iron has a wonderful quality about it...forgiving, even heat, which can make the plainest fare taste fit for a king. Some have asked about your glass top stoves and whether the cast iron is safe. This forum has some interesting discussion about it, if you're interested in copying and pasting:

  23. After going through a bunch of not cheap frying pans that didn't work out(no more nonstick for me thanks),
    I dragged out my mother in laws old cast iron skillets and have been happy since. I'll try the skillet cornbread for my hubby who LOVES cornbread!


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