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Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Minutiae

This is not pretty craft day; it's practical craft day. I had need of a tote that would hang easily on a hook in my closet. I have many canvas totes, but they're too stiff. Unless placed on the floor, they have little use for my purpose, which was a place to stash extra sewing materials. Besides, I'm all out of floor space in the closet.

I remembered that Judy had made one right *here* and she also gives the link to Martha Stewart's tutorial. All I have to add to this is that I sewed more of the folds to create two outside pockets and I used a fleece pillowcase. The fleece was probably a big mistake and I do not recommend it since it was difficult working with all the added bulk. Nevertheless, in the spirit of using what I have, that's what I decided upon. (Never use a fleece pillow to actually lie on, gals! They create too much friction on the hair and pull it out. Same story with flannel.)

Let's see, what else? Oh, I know, I've decided to give a daily report on the witch of a melting snowbank. Today is Linds' day...not sure...but it could happen.

Someone asked about an electric broom. This is one attached to a machine; ours from the local hardware is attached to a broomstick, which is attached to a human arm. I'm hoping my niece's. ;> (My apologies for not properly sourcing this photo.)

Guess that's it for a lazy Monday...hope that all is well in your world...I'm off to visit my figs here shortly.

Edited to Add: Is anyone else having major problems with Blogger today? Unable to leave comments without incredible delays, etc.? Perhaps it's just my computer, which is a scary, scary thought. (Lots of error messages, too??)

Edited to Add Again: With confidence I can say that Barbara is more than likely going to win. I stayed up until this late hour...4 minutes past midnight to document that snowpile. Wouldn't you know that it was melting like crazy and is now down to this. I didn't dare to go to bed as I thought it might melt between dark and now. It didn't, but oh so close, Linds!

I'll make it official tomorrow morning with plenty of fanfare. :D


  1. Good morning Vee!! I love this pillowcase bag! How cool and easy is that?? I visited the Martha website to get the instructions....I hope you have a great day today!! xxoo, Dawn

  2. Hi Vee...thats neat...I haven't crafted in a few weeks..I need to get my butt in gear. We had snow yesterday...just enough to cover my pansies and now its gone....

  3. Oh the things that come from that creative mind of yours! Love it!
    I'm gonna start crafting soon...yes I am..soon! LOL


  4. OK, I so wanted to comment on your post from yesterday, so I hope you'll forgive me for doing it today. Bev Shea is an amazing person, and I'd Rather Have Jesus is my favorite hymn. It has been for so many years. It just says what's in my heart so well. Thank you for that thoughtful post and for the one today, too.


  5. Good morning Vee! :-)

    Off to work for me today! Would you enjoy a little crafting moment, pretty or not, for me? I'd enjoy it vicariously. Have fun!


  6. Happy Monday Vee!!
    Thanks for the kickstart reminder that I have some practical crafting I need to get done for home too.
    Have a great week!!!!

  7. Happy Monday Vee! Yes! Blogger is being a little difficult today for me too! Whew ... I'm happy it's not just my computer!

    Keep that snow bank going until my day...lol!

    I can imagine fleece is hard to work with, but you bag is turned out nice!

    Hugs, Pat

  8. Melt! Melt!

    I would FAR rather have been crafting at home today, Vee. I can't think of anything better. I love the tote!

  9. Linds, you'd best keep praying...not much left! And there's six hours of melting time left, too!

  10. Hi Vee, I am a bit late in the day visiting as it has been one hectic Monday. I hope I guessed my snowbank melt date right! Great crafting you did today, I'll have to hop over and see the instructions. If you think I've been lurking for too long it is because I forgot to charge my laptop and it went dead during my comment so I lurked until dinner was over and my laptop recharged.

  11. SNOW!!! You still have snow? Oh my goodness.. we turned on our air conditioner tonight....
    You did not tell us about the talk about selling the house... I was praying for you... such a big change
    PS Love the tote

  12. That looks like the kind of bag I would really enjoy. You are so crafty girl.

    I took a minute to listen to "I Rather Have Jesus” Sweet tunes, as my kids would say. Precious eternal message, I would say.

    Thanks for your kind remarks today.
    I think the son is not planning on getting married anytime soon. I do agree he would make a wonderful dad. I have always thought so.

  13. Hi Vee! Oh my, you are such a clever lass! So all your snow is disappearing? Funny, we got snow for the past 2 days in Calgary, but Mom (on the east coast) reports that hers is melting readily. I hope it is all gone when I get there in 3 wks, but I imagine it will be very MUCKY!

    Hope you are well. I am really bad about getting around to read any more. This working for a living is cramping my style. I'd rather be blogging or reading about people's lovely amazing lives.

    ttfn, Terri xo

  14. Hi Vee!
    Your tote turned our great! I am so...not a sewer. I started making drapes yesterday and my sewing machine decided to die on me - I actually was glad - lol...Now I have an excuse not to sew!

  15. Interesting about the fleece and flannel. We actually use flannel pillow cases, and they work great with no hair pulled out.

    How is the snow today?

  16. I actually turned all of our flannel pillowcases into grocery bags. We use flannel sheets probably 8 months of the year, but we like crisp cotton pillowcases to sleep on, so the flannel ones were just taking up space. This was a great solution.


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